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June 29, 2015
by derpbutt
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While I wouldn’t call myself a computer ”expert”, I spend a good chunk everyday watching stuff on YouTube and playing PC games and. Because of this, many think I’m very “anti-social”. I still have friends, sure. I just don’t hang out with them outside of my computer screen. But, it wasn’t until recently I noticed this. My name is Mike, and I am writing this story in the hopes that someone will help me and help others trapped as well. But, it may not, and that’s what scares me.

It was a normal day, like any other old day. I was sitting in my room using my laptop. I was playing one of those “artistic games” that claim to have deeper meaning. It was about long distance relationships. And I realized something. This may sound weird, but I thought about myself and about MY relationships. Why haven’t I had a relationship? Most of my friends are (or at least were) in some kind of relationship. Was I doing something wrong? I’m I not a good enough person? I just let these thoughts consume me as I sat in my bed looking at my fan. I finally snapped out of it and decided to do something about it. I did what most stupid, lonely people do: Try online dating.

Looking back at typing “Online Dating Site” into Google, I still feel stupid for doing it. But nevertheless, I did. I looked at all the sites like “E-Harmony” and tons of other things. When one caught my eye, called “Date.Love”. I clicked on it, laughing until I was left gasping for air. The title was so stupid; I couldn’t help but look into it. It took me to a website with a pink background and a heart at the top. Inside the heart read, “Find your lover!” It was nice to see how unoriginal the site was. I looked at the text below that heart. In bold pink letters, it read:

“Welcome to! We hope you find the love of your life using our site. We already have many lovers active. We hope you we become one of them <3”

I was surprised how short it was. Not telling you anything about the website, just some random junk about how I should join the site and find love. I didn’t trust anything, so I went back to Google on a separate window. I searched “” into the search, but I got few things related to the site. First was the site itself, the second was a YouTube video called “Thanks <3. I went to the video made by an account named “FunLove4U2”.

The video was a video from a crappy camcorder. It was a married couple talking about how much the site helped them find each other. It was 8 minutes of just this. Then they stopped talking for a few moments, and then the women reached out and turned off the camera. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try the site. I went back and clicked the button labeled “Become a lover”. I filled out a survey asking usual questions like age, gender, phone number, email, height, and address. But that was it. No asking what interests you have, or what kind of person you are looking for. I found this very odd, but (of course) I didn’t really care. Then it asked for a user name, but clearly said, “Do not use real name”. This was when I noticed something weird with the website.
I went back to Google and researched the site’s name. I still couldn’t find anything new, just articles with the words “Date” and “Love”. I went back to the site and entered the user name I use for all my sites (YoshiKoopa) and then it asked for a profile picture. So I took a picture from my album of me at a convention. A text box popped up saying,

“Thank you new lover. A lover for you will be here shortly. Enjoy your day <3”.

I sat there looking at the screen for a few moments staring at the text. What was with this site? Why did it keep saying “lovers”? I finally got up and turned on the TV in the living room.

The next day, I was playing “The Impossible Quiz”, a game I played a ton but never actually beat. But I got an email from Date.Love telling me “Someone has asked you out!” And it gave me a link to my profile. I clicked it since I had closed the window in the morning. I looked at a pull down bar labeled “SonicDashR4”. I clicked it and it dropped down to reveal the message sent by the person.

SonicDashR4: I like Yoshi too; he is one of my favorite Mario characters! You look cute too!

I was flattered that someone said such a nice compliment, even if it was “you’re cute”. I wrote back as nice as I could:

YoshiKoopa: Thanks, Sonic is awesome too.

SonicDashR4: Do you want to meet up? I like fast food places!

YoshiKoopa: Sure! There’s a T.G.I Fridays near by. We could meet tomorrow at 3. That sounds cool?

SonicDashR4: Yeah! Sounds good! Where is it?

I went to her profile and saw her profile picture. She was a nice looking girl with red hair. She was standing next to a Sonic Adventure 2 poster in what I believe is her room. That’s all I could see since it was a face shot and not a full body shot. I looked at her address and saw she also lived close by to both the restaurant and my house as well.

YoshiKoopa954: Go straight and take right near Turtle Lake, you should find it.

SonicDashR4: Wait! I know where that one is! See ya there!

I got ready the next day and went early. I was just so excited. Yet, while I was driving to Friday’s, I remembered how weird the site was. With the title, the way it talked. It was just so creepy. Was this girl creepy too? Was she some demon sent to kill me or something stupid like that? But, I got rid of all worry just in case she was a normal person.

When I got there, I sat in the seat inside waiting for her. When I looked out the window, saw her come out of her car, and she walked in. She looked over and saw me and said, “Hey, you must be YoshiKoopa!” I replied with “Yeah! And your SonicDash?” We got a table and talked for a bit and discussed some stuff. Her real name was Maggie, and she was saying how she felt weird with the site like it did. Apparently she was a big Sonic fan, hence her user name, and also liked the Kirby games. Mostly Kirby’s Epic Yarn, which was one of her favorite games. Then she said she had to go somewhere and didn’t realize she would be here so long. She paid her half of the bill, and said how she would be happy to do this again sometime. I finished my lunch and paid the rest of the bill.

We went on a few more dates over the next few months and became great friends. We even went to a video game contest held by a local fair. It was tons of fun!

Then one day, I was talking to my friend, PJ, on a chat room.

YoshiKoopa: Hey dude!
LinktothePJ: Sup, where have you been? We havent chatted in a while.
YoshiKoopa: Sorry, been on some dates with someone. Her name is Maggie
LinktothePJ: WHAT?! Phhh! Plz!
YoshiKoopa: No, not joking. I found her on a Dating website
LinktothePJ: Any dating website matching you is a work of GOD! XD
YoshiKoopa: Here’s a link: Http//www.Date.Love
LinktothePJ: :O wow, its real. Maybe I should try?
YoshiKoopa: XD THANK YOU! Maybe you should!

Then I heard the doorbell ring. I went to the door and opened it. There was Maggie, looking a bit scared. She told me, “Someone is stalking me.”

I stood there in silence, not knowing what to say. Was she joking? She looked scared I said, “Why do you think-“

She interrupted me, “I saw a face in the window and he was staring at me while I stared at him. Then he left like nothing happened.” I was shocked and stood there quiet. I finally said, stumbling, “Do you…need help?” She looked at me, like I was crazy. There was another silence, until she finally said, “Thank you! I knew you would help!”

She quickly ran into my apartment and went to my computer on the coffee table. She clicked my Date.Love window. I said, “Um, what are you-“ She interrupted me again and said, “It must have something to do with the website. Ever since this we started going out, I felt like someone is always…” she paused. “Wait.” She clicked the “Help” section at the top bar on the screen. It was another drop down window, this time saying “Date.lovehelp”. So we sat and started a chat with the help user. The weird part was how fast the user would answer, like Cleaverbot.

YoshiKoopa: Are you stalking SonicDashR4?

Date.lovehelp: What do you mean?

YoshiKoopa: She said someone is watching her.

Date.lovehelp: I am sorry. We are not. Very sorry <3

YoshiKoopa: Who is “we”?

Date.lovehelp: Who is WE?

YoshiKoopa: You said, “We are not”

Date.lovehelp: So I have! “We” is the other lovers!

YoshiKoopa: Stop saying lovers! What does it mean!

Date.lovehelp: lovers are our users, we are sorry to disturb you, Mike.

I stopped. And so did Maggie. I looked at the screen in shock.


Date.lovehelp: You told us your name, YoshiKoopa.


Date.lovehelp: I was happy to help! Have a nice day with other lovers! <3

YoshiKoopa: WE ARENT DONE!

We waited for “them” to post again, but after 5 minutes, there was no reply. Maggie said, “I’m going to go. Want to try again tomorrow?” I slowly nodded and she left the apartment to leave me staring at the chat.

I eventually went to bed, and woke up the next day. I had a waffle and some milk and went to the laptop. Still no reply from the help user. But that’s when I remembered the chat room PJ and me started before Maggie came. I went back to see what he posted.

LinktothePJ: Dude, I made one XD no joke! Link2thePJ is now a “lover”
LinktothePJ: Hey, you still on? Random date with your new lady? Ton of luck!
LinktothePJ: I guess you really are! :( You didn’t even leave the chat!
LinktothePJ has left the chat
LinktothePJ has entered the chat
LinktothePJ: Know you’re gone, but some girl asked me out! XD
YoshiKoopa: Sorry, you were right Maggie came over for something
LinktothePJ: Say no more! Going on date now. See ya!
LinktothePJ has left the chat
YoshiKoopa has left the chat

Maggie came back and she told me she searched every Search engine she could to look for more about the website. All she found was the same video I did. So we both watched it again, still as cheesy I remember.

She scrolled down to the comments, something I didn’t do. No comments. The video had 300 views, which isn’t a lot. And the channel had 3 subscribers. We clicked the Funlove4U2 channel logo and looked at the videos they made. Only three. One was the mentioned video. One was a fireworks show at Epcot. The Description said they went there on vacation.

The last one was a weird update. It was a thumb over the camera. And the woman was talking. She kept saying how her husband was on a business trip, so he wouldn’t be back for a week. But the video was posted a year ago, so this didn’t matter.

But, at one point she said, “Yeah. Anyways, the site is a joke. Date.Love, I mean. It was a pretty dumb site…yeah…umm. Sorry, I didn’t know at the time, I was stupid. It…freaked…freaked me out. My husband, and me…um…we love each other, sure but…umm. Huh? (Leaves room for a moment) Oh sorry, something moved….yeah…” Then she went back to talking nonsense. After the video, Maggie said, “She said the site was freaky. What does she mean?” I couldn’t answer. That was until I heard something on the computer. It was an alert, meaning someone went in my chat room, so I clicked the chat room.

LinktothePJ has entered the chat
YoshiKoopa has entered the chat
YoshiKoopa: Yeah dude what happened?

Maggie said, “Who’s Link to the PJ?” I answered, “My friend PJ. He got an account, too.” I showed her the other posts in the chat room and she understood. Then we checked PJ’s new post.

LinktothePJ: I went on my date and the girl never came but this dude came and he told me stuff like “She couldn’t make it but its ok!” but he was so weird! He was like a normal guy and he always smiled! Its like he was scared of me! But then I said who he was and he left the place and started running into the woods. I followed him and he started to run faster and I couldn’t keep up, so I lost him and came back. But I keep seeing stuff move and it’s freaking me out!!
YoshiKoopa: What was he wearing? Like a t-shirt?
LinktothePJ: Blue tee with a heart. Why?
YoshiKoopa: Anything else?
LinktothePJ: I’ve told you everything that happened! That’s it, nothing else.
YoshiKoopa: sorry dude, its just me and Maggie think something’s up.

We waited. No response

YoshiKoopa: Dude?
YoshiKoopa: PJ?
Lover 3689 has left the chat

I sat there. Staring in silence. Maggie was about to say something when her phone beeped. I looked over at the text. It was a notice that her garage door opened at her house. She ran out of the apartment only saying “Sorry I have to go! We get to the bottom of this tomorrow! Sorry, but someone might be breaking in!” I once again found myself staring at the computer. Looking at the post. Confused.

I woke up lying on the couch, with the computer still on. It was still dark out, but I didn’t bother to check the time. There was still nothing from PJ. Or whoever left the chat. I tried to think of what to do. I thought of one option. I walked back to my room and put the laptop on the desk. I went back to the website and click the help option again:

YoshiKoopa: Hello?

Date.lovehelp: Yes?

YoshiKoopa: What happened to PJ?

Date.lovehelp: Who? No lover has that name!

YoshiKoopa: Save it, I know you know his name. Like how you know my name!

Date.lovehelp: I’m sorry! We do not know a lover with that name!

YoshiKoopa: What happened to Link2thePJ?

Date.lovehelp: He was a very elite lover. We made a new league for him. With other elite lovers. Would you care to be one? We wanted to ask first! <3

YoshiKoopa: I’m not playing your game. Where is he?

Date.lovehelp: Our elite lover location! Would you like to be an elite lover?


Date.lovehelp: Well Mike, I see you won’t give up. Would you really like to know? We will tell you.

YoshiKoopa: Yes I would. And again with this we! Just tell me, you sick demon!

Date.lovehelp: How about we show you? Much more fun right?

YoshiKoopa: No just tell me!

Date.lovehelp: Thank you for using Date.Love. Have a nice day! <3

That’s when I was to frighten to type. He was doing it again, ending the conversation before it was done. What do I say? Will he respond? I got myself together and typed:

YoshiKoopa: Yes, show me.

Date.lovehelp: Great!

My screen went black, and then I blacked out. I woke up with my head lying on my keyboard. The light from my window shined through my dreary eyes. I looked over at my alarm clock near my bed. It said 0:00, which is what it says when I reset it. This made me jump and run towards it. I checked the back of it. It was still plugged in, and no matter what I tried it wouldn’t turn on. The doorbell then rang. I slowly walked to my apartment door, and I opened the door. There was a person standing with Maggie. He was wearing a green shirt with a pink heart. She said, “Welcome to Date.Love’s Elite location! We hope you and your lover enjoy your new life.” She left and left Maggie and me alone. She looked at me, smiling.

After a few moments of silence, I said, “Maggie? Do you know what’s going on?”

She stared at me, and then smiled. She said, “Who cares? We are finally together! No more conspiracies, no more anything!” She hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek. And I hugged her back

We now lived together, in my apartment. With other people who used the site right next door in the houses they live in. or, used to. I even saw PJ, and his date he found. But, this place isn’t what it seems. You might think it’s a dream come true, but its not. It is perfect, but in the worst way. It may not even be bad. it just doesn’t feel right. Please, if you find this website, get to the bottom of it. Don’t fail like I have. For all I know, I’m typing this on a computer that wont even reach anyone in the real world. And that’s what I’m afraid of…

Credit To – Braden .O/ The author

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June 29, 2015
by derpbutt
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The Funeral Home

I used to work as a funeral director for forty years before I retired. I was basically living in a funeral home. In those forty years I’ve seen so many things that most people wouldn’t believe if I told them. I’ve heard things, I’ve seen things and I’ve even felt things. I was admittedly horrified at first, but I slowly got used to it. Seeing and hearing unexplainable things pretty much came with the job. I don’t know why I ever expected anything else.

One night, in my first decade of funeral directing, I had this weird experience with one of my patients. I was in the basement, which was basically the morgue and the area where I dressed the deceased ones, getting them ready for their funerals. It was just before midnight and I had just put Mrs. Darma into her coffin, getting her ready for her funeral that was the very next day. I would never forget her face because it was damaged to the point that it was irreparable. She was only forty two.

I started working on the next deceased person. It was a male and I was getting him into the outfit that he’d be buried in when I heard a loud noise coming from upstairs. I was used to those types of sounds, but they still kind of frightened because they always happened so unexpectedly.

I entered the displaying area where I had just put Mrs. Darma into her coffin. The pot of flowers that I had on top was knocked down. I heard footsteps echoing through the room. I turned around, but I didn’t see anybody. It was cold though, I knew that somebody was there with me.

I swept up the dirt from the floor and replaced the pot of flowers. I don’t know what it was but something made me open the coffin, just to make sure that Mrs. Darma was still in there, sleeping peacefully. I was horrified to see that she was not. She was wandering the house and…I had to find her. It was my job, I didn’t know what else to do. I heard her, she was down in the basement, yelling for someone who I assumed was her husband.

“George!” She yelled, her voice echoing from the basement. “What’s going on, George?

I quickly ran down there, I heard her as she were sobbing. Well…trying to actually. She was standing at the side of the man I was just working on. My heart was knocking on my chest as I got closer.

“He’s dead,” she said, looking at me. “George is dead.”

I took a deep breath, no matter how many times these things happened, I always felt very uneasy. “You need to get back in your coffin, Mrs. Darma,” I told her. “You’re funeral is tomorrow and you need to look your best.”

She looked at me and it was easy to see that she was scared. “But I’m not dead.”

“Mrs. Darma, you are as dead as can be.”

“But I don’t remember dying. If I were dead why am I walking?”

“You were shot at point blank range by your husband,” I explained to her. “He then turned the gun on himself.”

“But that can’t be so…I feel very much alive.” I got closer to her and I put my hand on her shoulder.

“Mrs. Darma, I can see right through your eye,” I said. “Now do you really feel alive?”

She placed her hand on her left eye, feeling the emptiness. “I…I guess your right.”

I stretched my hand out to her. “Now come along, you’ve got a big day ahead of you.” She took my hand and I guided her back upstairs to her coffin. I helped her inside, said Goodnight and then closed the coffin. She never woke up again.

Credit To – Jake Engel

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June 29, 2015
by derpbutt
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Hypochondriac. That’s what everyone calls me. I always feel like something is wrong with me but everyone never believe’s me. I tell them all the things wrong with me and they just shut me out. All my mum or dad needed to do is take me to the doctor or to check me up or something! I should probably tell you when it all started.

My hypochondriac fears have been coming and going for many years now. It started when I was 12 when in the middle of the night I started to struggle to breathe. I decided to tell my mum that because I couldn’t sleep because of it. She just told me to go back to bed as I got more and more worried about myself.

These happened months on end usually during holidays. These always happened until one day it just stopped until I was 15.

At 15 it got a lot worst. I was fearing that I had Cancer or Ebola or something like that because of all the news about it. Especially because one of the people in my class was suspected of having Ebola that got me really freaked out. I kept on trying to rationalize and kept thinking that It was just insomnia because of the lack of sleep I was getting but this made it worst as I kept on thinking about disease and I was only digging myself into a deeper grave.

The Ebola craze stopped and I was sure that my mental health might not be as good condition as it used to be. Sorry to sound a little melodramatic its just that, that was honestly how I felt at the time.

It kept on coming and going as I said until I became 18. I didn’t move out immediately but as soon as I got a job good enough so that I could buy a house I left so I could have my own rules. I would even sometimes deliberately get myself “injured” at work so I could go home early and still get pay. Yes I know it was lazy but working my job (I wish to not state my job) is pretty boring after the first week or so.

My hypochondriac self kept on going and it kept me awake at night with things that seem silly to you now but I would find out later to be perfectly fine. By that time it was 2018 and Ebola had come back into the news but I wasn’t scared of the Ebola getting me. I was like the other 80% of British people who didn’t give a fuck and just made jokes about it.

I went to the doctors so I could finally get some sleep. You are probably thinking that I got a new disease or something like that right? well no I never got a disease but I was told to come back in 2 week periods for a while. He never told me why but he was the doctor so I just went along with it. I got injected with liquids every time I went there. A lot of diseases had popped up by then and I was told that it was to combat those diseases.

A terrorist attack destroyed the doctors that I went to. As you may have remembered England and the US of A were in a war agents Scotland and Russia. As you may remember from 2014 Scotland had an independence election. It was later found out to be a fraud out come and war started. I don’t need to go into details since a lot of people know the rest of the story. It was suspected that a Russian terrorist destroyed it but to this day it is still unclear.

With my old doctors destroyed I went to another doctors and found out that instead of being injected with things to combat disease I was injected with things that gave me new diseases. To this day I am not sure why I was injected with a disease. It could have been another MK ultra like event since I wasn’t the only case reported in the country. I don’t know if the doctor was also a terrorist who wanted to distract Britain from the war momentarily.

I just want to say that you should be careful about your doctors and sometimes Hypochondriac’s are right. Best of luck in the war.

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June 29, 2015
by derpbutt
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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern,

I was working at a pizza joint delivering pies late in the summer of 2013. Over time, a few of my friends had joined me at my job, becoming cooks or drivers. A good friend of mine, Richard, that I’d known since the seventh grade, became a cook and all was well.

This continued until he showed me a new website he had found for picking up girls. I was engaged at the time but my friend was always on the prowl. He had a crazy amount of stories from all of the girls he had met online or through a mutual friend.

The site was called Plenty of Fish or POF. The light blue backgrounds and endless pictures of women didn’t interest me when he brought it up on his phone.

“All of these girls have kids, man,” Richard would say. “I’m just trying to find a girl that’s not fat.”

“That’s why you don’t meet girls on the internet,” I said. “What about the girl you met at the school library.”

“I still don’t have her number,” said Richard. “I’ll get it soon.”

I laughed it off as it was Richard and he was always saying stuff like that. I continued my deliveries and he went back to the pizza ovens. This went on for a little while.

It was a few weeks later, on one of my nights off, when this story really begins. I sat mesmerized behind a glowing computer screen in the basement of my home. Outside, it rained hard and flashes of lightning blinked through the tiny window above my bed. I was playing league of legends, as usual. Garen at top lane to be exact.

The game was getting intense. I was 5/0 with a good amount of CS. This is when a Facebook message popped up on my second monitor. I glanced to the right, seeing that it was Richard who had sent it, and continued my game. Richard and I had to communicate through Facebook messenger as our phones would not receive each others texts. The reason for this was unknown.

The other team on league of legends quickly fell apart. With the help from my teammates we managed to get them to surrender at 20 minutes into the game. I closed out and proceeded to read Richard’s message:

Richard [Hey, I think I found a girl on POF]

Me [Yeah? What’s she like?]

Richard [PICTURE FILE] – (The picture was a close up on a blond-haired, blue-eyed girl. She wore glasses and winked at the camera. The picture looked to be taken from her phone.)

Me [So are you going to hang out with her or]

Richard [Yeah I think so.]
[and she doesn’t have any kids!]

Me [well look at you]

I started to search for a new match on league. I received similar messages almost every other week from Rich. He was always telling me about the next girl he was going to meet. Another messaged popped-up:

Richard [she wants to hang out dude. I think shes going to come over]

Dennis [That fast? Well, let me know how it goes.]

My league match trudged along. I almost just left the game as my team didn’t want to surrender. Another message popped up about an hour later when I was still fighting to defend my base. I lost the match and closed out of the game, frustrated.

Richard [im sorry]

I stared at the message for a few seconds, not sure of what it meant. What could he be sorry for?

Me [what?]

No answer.

I went to check his profile and he had posted a status from 28 minutes ago: im sorry.

Thunder clashed outside. It sent a tiny shiver down my spine. I sent Rich another message.

Me [Hey, what are you sorry for?]
[you there??]

No answer.

I grabbed my phone and found his name to call. Although our texts didn’t work, phone calls always did. The phone picked up before the first ring even had a chance to start.

“Hey,” I said, “You there?”

The soft hushes of breathing could be heard on the line. Almost like someone sleeping with a phone to their mouth.

“Richard, helloooo,” I said, louder this time.

Still nothing but breathing on the other end. I sat and pressed my ear against the speaker. The sound of someone walking was faint but present. I was about to hang up when someone finally spoke.

“I’m so sorry. Come over,” said someone on the other line, but with an extremely strange tone. The high pitched voice shocked me when it spoke. Then the call ended. They had hung up.

A crash of thunder brought my attention to the window above my bed. I moved the curtains and saw that the rain had picked up even harder. Richard lived on the north side of town, and I, the south. But this was too strange. I couldn’t “not check out” what was going on.

I put on a sweater and hat and took off in my toyota through puddles of water. My wipers were going as fast as I could make them and barely kept up with the rain. I tried calling again a few times on the way but no one answered. The last time it went straight to voicemail. His phone was off.

I arrived at his house about 25 minutes later. The rain continued to obscure my vision but I parked in front on the street. The only streetlight on the entire block towered over my car.

My window was full of rain droplets and I couldn’t see much. I rolled it down to get a better look. I could see Richard’s car in the driveway -a blue jeep. But my eye immediately caught movement at the front of the house. The door swung open, to and fro, in the frigid winds. Not a light could be seen within any window or the doorway.

My heart quickened. My underarms became damp with sweat. My hands shook as I picked up my phone once again, called Richard, and received his voicemail message. I debated calling the police, but I knew Richard could have some illegal substances that he had already gotten in trouble for. If it was all coincidence or Richard was playing a prank, then me calling the police would be a horrible thing to do. So I decided against it.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and remembered the golf clubs I had in my trunk. I wouldn’t be one of those gawking idiots who just walk into danger with no sense of self preservation. I retrieved a 9 iron and ran to the entryway of Richard’s home. The short trip had soaked my clothes thoroughly.

The room was silent. I was surprised to see that Richard’s dog, Shelby, didn’t come running up to me as she usually did. I shut the door behind me to stop its swinging and to warm up. The floor near the door was soggy with water.

The first light switch I hit didn’t work. Nor did the second or third. In fact, any of the switches upstairs that I tried did nothing. I pulled out my phone and turned it on. Its illuminated screen gave me a tiny orb of light in which to see. The upstairs checked out okay -nothing unusual.

A peculiar sound came from somewhere in the basement. The sound was guttural and wet. It traveled throughout the house in one long tone. Was it a burp? Was it human? The sound happened again but lower in volume this time. I readied my golf club in one hand and my phone in my other, then started down the basement steps.

Still, no light existed from the depths of the lower level. My hand rattled uncontrollably causing the light from my phone to flutter against the walls and floors. My shoes left a track of mud on the carpeted stairs but at this point I didn’t care.

Again, the thick burp blared out, this time closer than I was comfortable with. I reached the bottom of the steps and turned the corner down their hallway. I could see a faint glow in the far room and quickly turned off my phone as to not give away my position.

As I approached the faint, luminous area my stomach turned sour. The pungent stench of decaying flesh and sulfur burned my nostrils. And then I felt the breathing. I couldn’t distinguish the origin of the horrific pulsations but every few seconds a breeze of damp air would brush against my face.

My immediate thought was to run; run as fast as I could, back to my car and call the police. But my curiosity had taken too firm a grip. Warm air continued to wheeze in and out as if the walls themselves were alive, gasping for oxygen. I gripped my golf club tightly, turning my knuckles white.

Candles were set in random locations across the floors, on the couches, and on shelves. They flickered, dimly lighting the large room.

A woman sat before me, her legs crossed; her gaze, blank; her mouth, chewing. I recognized her. This was the woman Rich had shown to me earlier in the night on facebook. Her hair was blond and she wore the same glasses as the girl in the picture. She belched and giggled.

Something about the way her mouth moved twisted my stomach into knots. It rapidly gnawed then stopped for a few seconds before gnawing once again.

“Where’s Richard?” I managed to yell. The sound of my own voice in the silence surprised me but my adrenaline was pumping. “Who are you?”

“I’m just a wittle baby!” she said in a tiny voice. She giggled and burped. “Oops!”

I lost my breath and heaved trying to gain it back. My arms and legs wouldn’t move. I was paralyzed by fear. It was then that I could make out the crimson dried stains on her shirt and around her mouth.

“P-p-please,” was all I could muster.

As my eyes adjusted to the low lighting I could see a pile of bones in the corner behind her. She picked one up and threw it across the room, dissatisfied.

Then the sound of a whisper came from behind me. I turned around to see Richard’s face. His eyes were frozen wide open as he stared at the woman in horror. He was tied to a chair by his arms. Half of his body was missing from the waste down where a tangled mess of innards lay on the chair, holding him up. He didn’t move.

I will never forget his giant eyes with his eyelids peeled open.

“What did you do to him?” I yelled. Somehow I had gained my ability to move.

“I’m just a wittle baby,” shrieked the woman. She sobbed into her hands.

I ran up to her and began to beat her about the head and shoulders with my golf club. The built up tension and adrenaline I had rushed through my veins as I let it all out. Blood splattered onto the walls and my clothes but nothing could stop me. This woman was sick and I was afraid for my life. Before long I ran out of breath and fell to the ground, her body now a lifeless mass of pulp. Then I fell into a deep sleep.


And now I sit here, writing this letter. A story that no one will believe. A tale so strange that not even my own family accepts it as truth. But as I listen to this god forsaken news channel, I know that they will seek the death penalty. I can only hope that the truth, this story, will reach someone who can help me before I am put to death.

TV NEWS CHANNEL 6: [ A warning to parents: if you have children in the room, you may want to change the channel now. A man was found early this morning sleeping next to the bloodied body of an infant that had been beaten to death with a golf club. The child has not yet been identified. But it doesn’t end there, because the body of twenty-four year old, Richard (censored) was also found within the home, tied to a chair. His legs and torso had apparently been eaten by the suspect and his bones were found scattered throughout the room. Even more disturbing, it seems that the infant had been force fed pieces of the victim’s flesh. What kind of sick person would do such a thing to a child and one of his good friends? At the moment we are told that the suspect denies all allegations. What a sad day for our community. I’m Connie Lark with Channel 6 News. Goodnight. ]

Credit To – Dennis Mikula Jr.

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June 29, 2015
by derpbutt

The Witching Hour

I find tales such as these to be most curious, youth dabbling in matters of perils they could not in their wildest nocturnal nightmares contemplate. Could they not understand when they summoned her it was not about surviving? For they were already dead.

I live just on the edge of a small town called Lock’s Keep. The summer heat waves are warm and can be seen rising as the sun sets across the valleys, and in the winter’s life is usually bleak with drab skies and frequent thunder storms. The town itself is famous for the old fishing port which is where most of the men work. Aside from a few family run businesses the town was largely untouched, almost isolated from the rest of the world. The last time the world took notice of our little town was almost two decades ago regarding the cabins in the forest that the kids use to play in, but since the ‘disappearances’ people don’t like to talk too much about them. Overall sixteen kids just up and vanished, gone like that. People up and vanishing into thin air was enough to catch any media attention, but what freaked people out most of all was the time-span…one night. In just one night they all vanished, there was speculation that a serial killer was running rampant and as a result a curfew was held which lasted over six months. When that theory dried up there was talks of kidnapping, but it was all dead ends…all that was reported was that the kids went and played in one of the cabins throwing a party…and then they were gone.

My name’s Adam Forest, my family have lived here for the last six generations. Despite being well established as a family name here we weren’t actually fishermen but rather farmers. To some extent that made us visibly wealthier but we shared it enough with community projects that we earned their friendship rather than hostility. That day I had just finished school, the heat waves were in full swing and the crickets could be heard chirping as the sun settled. I usually walked home which were a few miles at least but I was use to it. I was about to head out when I felt a nudge on my back, “There’s a party going on in the woods tonight.” It was Carl Welder, we’d been best friends for years and he was always a good guy to rely on. We actually met through a school yard fight where I was found fighting two of the local bullies Sebastian Kettle and Darcy Uma to which Carl broke Darcy’s nose helping me. When I asked him why he helped me after those two scattered he simply smiled, spitting out blood saying “Why not?” After that we hung out nearly every day.
I smiled, “You’re just hoping to get laid with Stacy again.” Carl grinned nodding, “She does give a mean blowjob.” We both laughed and I asked curiously “So you looking for something more serious with her?” Carl shrugged, “I dunno, I mean she seems like a cool girl it’s just her and Johnson are always on and off. Half the time we’re banging I get the vibe it’s to make him jealous.” I shook my head, “Ain’t that a shame…so where’s this party to exactly?” Stephen pulled out a small can and opened it taking a sip, “The old cabin site.”

I felt uneasy when he said that, all of the town folks for years told us to stay away from that place. It wasn’t that it was haunted, that would be too easy an explanation. When I asked my father about that sight, the strange reports of weird things happening down there he didn’t wanna talk about it for years…none of the adults did. One day, on my thirteenth birthday I pushed him for information, and after he had just finished his bottle of whiskey he looked to me with a kind of fear in his eyes a young man could never forget and said “It’s an evil fucking place.” The adults banned us from going near that site, but now times passed and the wounds have healed with this generation. The old remember the scars, the new have yet to open them. I smiled sheepishly, “Oh…you sure you wanna go buddy?” Carl nodded, “You’re goddamn right I do! Come on, you don’t think the ghosts are gonna get you do you?” I didn’t want to show fear, you could never show fear in school or else you’d be the social outcast, the coward, the loser. My friend would never let it down and I didn’t want to let him go alone anyway, we were friends till the end. “Don’t be stupid Carl, of course I’m coming, who is else gonna stand next to you and look pretty to bring people over!”

We arrived at the cabin not three hours later, the sun had set and as we found our way through the thickness of the forest the branches seemed to twist and contort, almost as if they were trying to strangle us. The blue moon hung high above us, and here there branches seemed to snap to which we’d shine a light on. The discomfort ended shortly though, as the sounds of rock music grew louder and we stumbled into the old cabin campsite. A great fire was lit as the center piece with some chairs placed around the flames bright glow, to which the eager group sat. There were eight in total, ten adding me and Carl and enough booze for twenty so we were sorted.

About an hour into the party we were all half drunk, Stacy sat on Carl’s lap as they pressed gentle kisses onto each other and I sat there talking to Gwen, another girl in my class who had a crush on me for a while now. Drunkenly I asked, “So what’s in the cabin anyway?” Gwen shrugged, “I dunno, the police cleared everything out so it’s just empty…why?” I smiled at the thought, and while no one was noticing in the haze of noise I ran my hand up her thigh pressing a kiss onto her. Hey Carl wasn’t the only one gonna have some fun! I smiled as I took her hand and some eyes followed us briefly but once I pushed her through the cabin door closing it behind everyone resumed the usual drunken antics.
Between the passionate kisses I pressed my hand onto her chest, and as the heavy petting continued my eyes rolled left. The whole cabin was indeed empty, just old creaking wood and one dirty glass window…except for one small black present box neatly wrapped with a small red bow tie on it. I groaned, “I thought you said this cabin was empty?” She brushed her hair back as she stepped over towards the old box. “It was…the place was cleared out.” I called in the others and we soon gathered around the box discussing what to do.

Carl chimed in asking who left in there, and the first initial thoughts it was a prank were quickly dismissed by the confused worried faces. When I moved closer to the box I lifted the small tag on it, signed with a smiley face it had scrawled on it ‘Wanna play Mister?’ There was some mild protest from the group but once I undid the bow tie on the box it fell apart. It was weird, inside there was a small knife, a blank piece of paper, a old book of little red riding hood, a mirror, a small candle and lighter, and a feather. Beside it, on one of the fallen down sides to the box it had instructions sprawled onto it. Gwen’s arms were folded, there a chill in the room that seemed to envelop everyone. “What does it say?” She asked.
Hello, do you wanna play with me?
– Step one, taking a piece of white paper write ‘Eva can we save them?’ using your blood. Only one person’s blood may be used, no other blood is allowed.
– Step two, the paper must be taken and placed onto a table with a mirror facing it, it cannot be moved for the rest of the ritual or else the game ends.
– Step three, all of the lights must be turned off; if any lights are turned on I don’t wanna play.
– Step four, a children’s book must be opened for reading. I like the brothers Grimm.
– Step five, light a candle and place it on-top of the sheet and don’t move it.
– Step six, open your front door and step outside with a lit lighter or another candle and I’ll sing for you.

-I will follow you and chase you, kinda like a game of tag. I like it when you run, there’s no fun when they just let me win. If you want to stop playing though just out the lit candle in your house or destroy the sheet.
– Light scares me; I might out it if you try use it.
-You might see things but its okay because I’ve seen things too and we can see things together.

Our game can only last an hour and we gotta play at midnight. Please play with me, I’m all alone here in the darkness…all these things want to hurt me there, I’m not safe here. Please help me, I need to see you.

Love, the Witch

There was uneasiness in the cabin. Half of the group wanted to walk away, Gwen especially protested at the notion of playing the game. “The writing is so childish…a game of tag?” The notion that the spirit wanted to ‘play’ was not as unnerving as the actual writing. Carl chuckled “I’ve seen things?” His hand slapped onto Stacy’s backside “I’ve seen things too!” and Stacy groaned “Ouch cut it out!” Carl folded his arms, “Its bullshit is what this is. Someone’s obviously just fucking with us.” Gwen stepped closer to inspect the items, the blade was smooth edged and glimmered in the light. “What if she really is trapped?” The room seemed to passively grow colder, “What do you mean?” A voice from the back asked, and Gwen looked up to face them, “I mean what if this girl really does need our help?” Stacy shook her head, “No no, let’s not play with it. What if she is the reason those kids disappeared?” I smiled, “What you actually believe the stories that a ‘witch’ took those kids? Come on.” The group broke into argument before one of the girls from the back; a shy one named Katelyn who use to get picked on in school crouched down and took the knife. “Alright alright let’s just leave it and- Katelyn what the fuck are you doing?” Carl cried.

Katelyn pressed the knife onto her palm, and clenched her fist to let the blood drip down.”Jesus Christ!” Stacy cried, “You freak!” Katelyn looked back, blowing back a stray black hair strand “It’s just a game bitch relax, like an Ouija board.” Taking the feather pen Katelyn dipped it in her blood and began to write the letter out. As she scrawled the words across the page Carl himself began to feel queasy, “Katelyn stop…nobody wants to play the stupid game.” Katelyn moved over to drag the table towards the center of the room and placed the paper onto the table. “Look nothing will happen. You’re all being pussies about this, I want to play.” She warned, “If anyone doesn’t want to play just leave already, it’s nearly midnight so you still have time.” Nobody moved as she placed the mirror to face the piece of paper.

Gently placing the book she rested it by the page, and I contemplated in that moment leaving…something was wrong, the air was becomingly sickly thick and the smell of something rotten filled the air. Taking the candle she placed it on top of the sheet lighting it. The ritual near complete, I began to feel the blood draining from my skin, I must have looked ghostly white and outside the trees swayed gently in the cold breeze, the shadow outlines of their branches like fingers against the blue moon. We all wanted to leave now, but we had gone so far with it we had to continue…how could we have risked embarrassment like that and showed fear? They’d never let it down. When Katelyn moved closer, towards the door of the cabin she pulled the switch and the single dangling light bulb of the cabin dimed. She looked behind with a kind of nervousness yet determination to continue…she had built all this momentum now she couldn’t stop could she? “Everybody ready?” She muttered. There was an uncertain ease of nods for her to continue, and as she opened the door she trembling pulled out the lighter. Weakly I croaked, “Katelyn!” She glanced back towards me, “Please…Don’t do it” I muttered. Katelyn pressed her fingers over the lighter, and after one click lit the flame.
After the first few seconds nothing happened, and Katelyn smiled triumphantly to everyone’s relief “See? Nothing happened!” Then it happened, the flame erupted into a flickering blue light and across the mirror in red it had written across ‘You can’t save them’ dripping down. There was panic across the room, “End the game now!” Gwen cried. I reached out to out the candle when suddenly like a flash it happened. Blackness, it was too late.

I awoke alone, face pressed onto the cold concrete of the street. For a few seconds my eyes to wander freely, and as I lifted myself to my feet the cold breeze made my shiver. Glancing around I was surrounded by the same familiar buildings, old Mr Peterson’s grocery store, the library down the road, the post office and behind me the towering town hall which was a dark and lifeless as the rest. Where was everyone? What was I doing in the middle of town? I cried out for someone, anyone to answer me but only the piercing cold wind could be heard through the leaves of the trees. I had to find someone, anyone.
As I moved through the street, shaking from the cold that seemed to pierce through my thin clothes, I glanced into Mr Petersons store knocking on the window. It was dark inside, and I pressed my face onto the glass to look closer. The lights were off inside, Mr Peterson lived upstairs from the shop, he was an old man but he liked me because I usually worked for him on the weekends for a little extra cash and him and dad would sometimes go out drinking. It was unusual, surely it wasn’t that late? Glancing down at my clock the handles spun wildly and refused to stop puzzlingly. Glancing back up a blackened figure moved past heading up the stairs. When I tapped wildly on the window the figure didn’t even glance my way. I cried out but the intense cold made my voice almost break, when did it get so cold?

Heading down the alleyway I tried to open the back door, and on shaking it found it was locked. I banged on it a few times crying out to no answer. Was this whole town dead? Where was everyone? When I glanced back the way I came a brick wall faced me instead of the opening into the street. As I headed over it I pressed my hands on the bricks, they were cold and wet, almost repugnant with the odd smell of putrid rotting flesh and blackened seeming to rot away. As I turned to run down and take the next corner another wall faced me where an exit should be with written on it in red dripping substance ‘You can’t escape’.

I moved between the two blockages, it had to be a mistake these were openings into the street! I felt like I was going crazy, and as a feverish kind of fear consumed me my chest tightened as thought it was being crushed, I started to feel more and more like a caged animal. Every time I moved between the walls the gap seemed to grow smaller and smaller, till finally both walls were pressed onto my back and stomach. Is this the end? Am I to be crushed by an impossible scenario? I closed my eyes screaming…and I was back in the street again.

Was it an illusion? Did I just dream that? Glancing around the town was still as lifeless as before only now as I glanced around me I found myself surrounded my clothes…empty clothes, just lying on the street. It was as if people just vanished suddenly. As I looked closer though, the clothes seemed so familiar…they were my friends’ clothes, all of them as if they had vanished and this is all that remained of them.

Then I remembered, the game…oh my God the game was real. I had to get back to the cabin; something compelled me I had to get back there. I had to out the candle and end this nightmare. Fumbling through the clothes off my friends I found one of their lighters and clicked it on. The flickering orange flame was perhaps the only comfort from the all consuming darkness that had even consumed the stars.

As I tremblingly wandered through the streets suddenly the flickering blue street lights dimmed to nothing. My heart raced, pressing against my rib-cage ready to burst as my hands unsteadily held the lighter trembling from the cold. All that remained was one flickering light, over by the bus stop. Sat underneath it was a motionless figure, another shadow. Behind me, from the old convenience store suddenly the old radio began blaring out an old song with the static blurred voice of a young girl.

‘Bla bla black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full! One for the master, one for the Dame, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane.’

The song continued to play as I stepped closer towards the flickering light. As I called out to the figure he didn’t answer, I gulped stepping closer again towards him. His face was shrouded by the black coat he wore with his hood hung up. “Sir are you okay?” I asked. The figure didn’t answer, and as my hands reached out again towards his hood I gently pulled it back braced for the worst…he was a mannequin. I stepped back confused, and as I turned the faint outline of a shadow could be seen watching me through the darkness. Hat tip pointed the figures whose body could not be seen beyond that watched and waited. I held the light closer to my face, and the figure glided back into darkness. The song continued to play as carelessly, and as intrusively as before.

‘None for the master, none for the dame, non for the little boy who lives down the lane. Baa Baa black sheep, have you any wool? No sir, no sir’ the voice suddenly began to blur away into static ‘no…sir…no…sir…no bags…f-” The radio blurred off into loud incoherent growls and static before it cut off into perfect silence.

Petrified, hands refusing to move, I glanced back and the mannequin was now stood up with a red smile painted across his dull lips and his eyes had been painted a deep black. Who or how he was moved I don’t know, but as I was about to sprint off just then the headlights of the bus pulled around the corner.

When the bus moved and stopped in front of me the doors swung open automatically. Inside though, nobody was behind the wheel! As I stepped forward, I moved closer to inspect the bus. The lights were off but from the outlines I could see it was deserted. As I stepped closer onto it, the doors suddenly closed and the bus pulled away! I moved towards the front but the steering wheel turned itself freely! The bus was taking me somewhere, and there was nothing I could do. As I glanced back, the empty seats were now filled with mannequins that sat motionless, each face painted with the same red and black markings across them and dressed up in different clothes, it had almost appeared they were all smiling at me…waiting.

Tremblingly I moved past them, I was stuck here, trapped with them. As I took the only available seat on the back I felt as I sat down that I had sat on something. As I reached under I pulled out what appeared to be an old tape recorder, as my fingers reached over the red button marked ‘play’ I pressed down onto it.

*Static noise in background* “She’s….she’s done terrible things.”
It was a man’s voice, broken and discarded as if the tape was barely coherent but from my guess he was in his fifties at least.
“We thought we could contain her, higher chain of command…they all thought they could use her. It’s our fault she’s here, we needed her and now we’re playing the price.”
I kept staring down at the recording, watching as the wheels inside of it spun around. I was terrified, petrified. I still held my flickering lighter firmly with my shaking hands, any moment I felt my heart would burst out of my chest or that by some miracle I would wake from this nightmare, had one too many at the party and collapsed. That dream never came though; I was stuck here in a real nightmare.

“If she calls you don’t listen to her…she’s a liar, she…she took my friends. She took all of my friends, all that remained was their clothes on the floor of the lab…don’t let her touch you, don’t follow the voices. This is her world, bits of her memory and our world and becoming twisted and infused. Whatever you do, do not let your light go out…find the candle, end the game.” *Noises in the background* “Oh my God she’s here…” The sound of glass breaking, a low pitched growling reaching intensity and running can be heard before the tape finally ceases.

The wheel stopped spinning, and when I glanced back up the Mannequins were all turned facing me. Their faces appeared to have been dissolved by acid, dripping down their putrid warped faces that appeared to have been slashed by a knife usually with only one eye remaining. They sat motionless again with almost horrific expressions of disfigurement and blankness. I almost fumblingly dropped the lighter in panic when the bus suddenly grinded to a halt, and I pushed my way past to get off the bus. As I stepped off, the buses doors closed. As the wheels turned again as the bus passed the faces of the mannequins were now turned to watch me from the window as the bus drove by into darkness.
I wasn’t far from the cabin now, I knew the way from here. As I moved as quickly as I could through the woods I felt the witch’s shadow on me, watching, and waiting. As I took into near sprint desperately trying to keep the light to ward her off I felt her gliding behind me…growing faster and faster I couldn’t outrun her, and the tangle of branches and trees made it feel like an endless nightmarish maze. When I finally broke through I saw the cabin door. Light s beacon in the dark the lights out the window guided me in. As I drew closer, almost feeling her cold breath on my neck, the touch of her finger nails touching the hairs on the back of my neck I pushed the door open…and was back on the street again.

I screamed…I screamed and screamed again nearly curling myself over with fear. It was all bullshit; she made my run all the way back to the cabin just to make me start it over. We would keep playing till my light went out, this was her world and she made the rules. If I could only go back, I could have done so much more to stop the game from happening. Tears stung my eyes; my cheeks blushed red from the cold numbness that had consumed my body…cold, fear, the harsh reality sinking in was unbearable.

On the town hall doors, it had written on it stained with blood ‘save them’ written on it. As I moved towards the door I pushed through and inside the sound of repeated clicking could be heard. The candle, flickering over the sheet on the same small table was placed in the center of the hall. Behind it and the rows and rows of empty seats was a small type writer with a single sheet in it gently sliding across and re-adjusting itself to type the message.
When I stepped over and pulled the sheet out, it had written on it rows and rows of the same damn thing…
‘Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them? Why won’t you save them?
But to my horror, it was the final single line that was so different, so simple in its red ink instead of black like the rest of it…yet so haunting.

I see you…

When I turned back the shadow glided towards me, the eyes a kind of lifeless blackness to them except for the dim shining yellow outer rim of the pupils that seemed to pierce through me. As she passed flickering lights a grin stretched across the pale white face so unnatural to reveal the jagged teeth and with only those glimpses as she past closer so steadily the lights would explode behind her…and the darkness drew near me. Straw strands of her thin hair that like the rest of her refused to sway with the movement and as I rushed over her hand so close to touching my face stretched out from the shadows…and I blew out the candle.

My eyes tore open, tired as the sun beamed through the blinds. The fan gently rotating above my head, the computer lodged away in the corner of my room…yes this was familiar, this was safe. I had made it home and the nightmare, real or not, was over. My phone buzzed when I answered it weakly, “Hey Adam where the fuck are you? Lesson’s starting in like fifteen minutes.” I gulped his name, “…Carl.” He answered casually “Yeah?” and I just broke down with relief but hide it beneath pretending I was okay. “I’m just so glad to hear from you…I thought…never mind, I’ll be there in a minute.”

When I rushed downstairs, I had quickly through on my uniform and probably looked like utter shit but in that moment. Riding my bike through the warm morning breeze, sun shining as I took a left turn past Mr Peterson’s and he waved at me on my way to school I felt so relieved it was extraordinary. That moment felt like the greatest feeling in the world to me.

When I finally got to the school, Carl was waiting for me impatiently. “Took you time!” He laughed, and as I walked beside him I laughed to myself, “You won’t believe the dream I had.” Carl nodded, “I don’t wanna hear about your wet dreams!” Dick, if he only knew.
When we sat in class, the casual bicker before any lesson normally starts I told Carl about the dream, about the game. “Jesus man that sounds like a crazy dream, sure you weren’t on crack or something?” I shook my head, if all that was a nightmare it was the most surreal terrifying nightmare I had ever experienced. Carl assured me though, we had never gone to the Cabin for a party or that he’d never even heard of a game like that.

When the teacher entered the room, and closed the door he turned to us, and seemed to look towards me and said cheerfully. “Are you ready to continue?” I paused, that was an odd thing to say, I mean to what? Continue the lesson? God no but I’d rather it than…than…
Their mouths weren’t moving…in fact none of them were moving. The classroom wall paper had deteriorated, fallen apart and as I glanced over to Carl he was one of them. They were all Mannequins, just sat motionless with their painted smiles and black eyes. The noise could still be heard, the sound of casual chatter and as I looked over on one of the desks was a tape recorder looping the sounds of voices. When I hit stop the room was utterly silent again…standing up, I headed over to the board where what was my teacher was standing and pulled down the board. Written on it, in bright red…

I see you…

When the lights of the room suddenly exploded, the room expunged in darkness I felt the cold breeze on me once again…I was back on the street square. It was over; I couldn’t believe it, my thoughts numbed. I wanted to scream but I was nothing but an empty trembling shell. I felt sick, I felt weak, but most of all I felt afraid. Looking ahead, the black outlined figure glided towards me with those piercing golden eyes watching me. inches away from the flickering light she waited, there was no sound…everything was quiet. Utter silence…and gently she leaned closer, the pale lower half of her face just barely touched by the light, and her black lips pressed together…and blew out the light.

“Once again the little town of Lock’s Keep has been plunged into another serious disappearance investigation. The Night Hunter division and GHOST have jointly been working with local county authorities on the mass disappearance. Some sources have stated there were rumors that the young adults were heading off for a party in the woods and have not been seen now for the last three days. The investigation will be expanded into the outer regions of the town but currently there is no CCTV evidence or witnesses stepping forward to declare any sightings of the young adults.”
Credit To – Conner Owen

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