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I Keep Getting Cold In The Shower

I live in a small, quiet apartment in the city. Although I like how uneventful the area is, the apartment itself is quite rundown and requires a lot of maintenance. I would rent a better one, but it seems that I’m nineteen and right in the middle of the period of my life where I’m switching from not having any money to not having any time. One of the rundown aspects of the place is the shower.
The shower isn’t much short of poor and the same can be said about the amount of hot water I can afford. Its walls and floor are made of white, granite tiles which extend to the ceiling. Some of these tiles are partially torn off and others are just gone altogether. Moreover, there are a couple tiny holes in the shower including one which connects to my kitchen and another which connects to a neighboring apartment which has been vacant for the entirety of my stay. Because of these holes, I often get chills during my showers and limit their time.
Despite all this, a mundane shower can feel great after a particularly soul-crushing day of work. This is what I had in mind when I came home a few nights ago. So, I slipped off my clothes and entered the shower with a strange sensation of uneasiness. Regardless of this feeling, I turned on the shower head and was covered with warm water. I remained still as the water glided along my body for a long time before starting to clean myself.
Nearing the end of my shower, I heard something at one of the holes. It sounded like breathing. After hearing this, a cold sweat fell upon me. Filled with nervousness and curiosity, I slowly lowered my head to inspect the hole. Upon doing so, I was peered back at by another eye on the opposite side of the hole! Instantly, I screamed and fell backwards in a horrified shuffle. I ascended to my feet and tore open the shower curtain to reach for my phone.
After dialing 911, the police arrived to the apartment building and found nothing in the vacant room adjacent to mine. It was as if the man on the other end had just vanished as there wasn’t even a trace of squatting or any remanence of food. The police told me that they thought he bolted and didn’t think it was likely he would return. To ensure my safety and comfort, they still left a couple of officers in the building in case anything was to happen.
Since this event, I’ve started to reflect on what has occurred. I’ve recently been running out of food more quickly than usual and it sometimes just goes missing. I also remember hearing strange noises in the bathroom and throughout the apartment on other occasions now that I think about it. Moreover, the eye that I saw was to the left of me while I was facing forward. That would mean it was coming from the hole which connects to my kitchen.

Credit: Tyler Beatty

The False Reunion

The story that you are about to hear really happened to me on September 5th 2012, at 3:40a.m., about four months after my mother unexpectedly succumbed to a bout of pneumonia at the raw age of 45. I will never forget the time nor date of the horrifying experience for which I am about to share.
My Mother had always had numerous health issues in the years before her death. I was always bringing her to and from various doctors’ appointments, treatment centers, and hospitals. I was happy and willing to do this, because not only did I love her because she was my Mother, I loved her because she was my best friend, someone that I could talk to for hours and tell anything and everything to. The very last time that I took her to the hospital on June 5th of 2012 I was in complete denial. I was in denial despite my mother complaining of how hard it was for her to breath, I was in denial despite the fact that her normally beautiful bright and lively green eyes were dull, dark and glazed, and I know now that I was in blinding denial when my Mother turned to me as we were just arriving to the emergency room and said to me in a disturbingly labored whisper, “Amber, I’m really scared.” I never fathomed that that would be the final thing that she would say to me. I now know what someone looks like when they realize that they are about to die, and those final words and her petrified expression will forever haunt me.
Honestly, the next couple of months for me following my Mother’s death were a blur, almost nonexistent. The viewing, funeral, and condolences from friends, family and strangers did not seem real or surreal, as weird as that sounds. I numbed my aching pain as so many other grievers tend to do. I drank a lot of alcohol, I ate opiates and benzos like skittles, and I wallowed in my own self-pity and depression. Most days my husband would come home to find all of the blinds drawn and me, locked away in my bathroom, sometimes days at a time in complete darkness. My family let me grieve in my own way for a little while and then decided that it was time to intervene. I am grateful that they did because I sometimes wonder how long I would have remained in that dark sort of limbo, being neither here nor there, simply wasting away into bitterness and grief.
It was at the very beginning of September when I finally started to breathe again. I guess I was just starting the beginning stages of the healing process after losing someone so unexpectedly, after losing a piece of myself which I knew, and had come to accept I would never get back. During this time my husband had to travel for business for a couple of days. He was very reluctant to leave me, but I reassured him that I would be fine. Anyways, I secretly wanted a little time to myself. I was excited to settle down that night with a bottle of che blanc chardonnay, a good book, and a scorching hot bath. After these much needed indulgences I decided that it was time to retire for the evening, it was, after all already 2 in the morning and I remember having a slight, yet bothersome headache. I hated going to bed because it always seemed like as soon as I laid down, thoughts of her would begin to flood my brain. Her face, her voice, her laughter, her smile, anything and everything having to do with her always, always tormented me at night. On This particular night, however, it seemed a lot worse than usual. I battled with myself as to whether I should pop one of my prescribed sleeping pills. I tossed and turned, turned and tossed. That night no matter what I did, or how hard I prayed for peace, Peace just would not come.
I still wonder, no actually prey that on that night I was actually asleep and that it was all just a horribly vivid nightmare. I try to justify my experience with these hopes, but, I tell you my friends, what happened that night seemed very, very real. I specifically remember looking at my bedside clock which read 3:44a.m. and wondering when, if ever, would I actually fall asleep? I turned my attention away from the clock to the television and in that moment began to smell something like a burnt match, sulfuric, which I thought odd. Before I began debating to myself whether I should get up to see where the smell was coming from, I began to have a very strange, almost pleasant tingling sensation in my feet, lower legs and thighs. This sensation then began to travel up to my pelvic area, lower abdomen, and chest. Seconds after questioning the smell and the physical sensations my bedside alarm clock began to blare, 3:44 blinking at me furiously in bright red. This, of course startled me and as I reached over to turn of the alarm, I was literally pushed into my mattress with such a force that I was unable to move any part of my body. The mattress literally began to sink in around me, as if I were as heavy as a block of cement. The worst part was that I could not even scream. I was paralyzed from head to toe. The only thing that I could move were my eyes, yet I could not close them. Suddenly an even stranger feeling came over me. My entire body began to literally vibrate; I could even hear this vibration in my ears. The sound was almost deafening. Terrified, I looked around and then suddenly saw my Mother. She was straddling my body, wearing a white hospital gown with little blue shapes all over it; I am sure you know what I am talking about, it is the same gown that any hospital provides to admitted patients. The very same type of gown she was wearing when the fluid in her lungs continued to build, the very gown she wore when she was removed from life support, and as silly as it sounds this is one thing I have always remembered about her death, her final moments spent in that dirty fucking hospital gown. She was straddling me but she was not facing me, she was facing away from me in the opposite direction, facing my television which was still on just like it was before. I could not see her face because her dark curly brown hair hung loosely in a tangled mess, covering it up on all sides. On top of my t.v. I could see the time on the table box clearly, proclaiming it was 3:45a.m. The span of one minute truly felt like an eternity. I knew without a doubt that whatever this was, was pure evil and it was trying to impersonate my Mother. The terror that I felt began to well up in my throat, yet I could not make a sound. The vibrations got stronger as it slowly began to turn its head, its’ neck cracking violently as it did so, to face me. In my head I began to say the Lord’s prayer and beg for whatever this thing was to leave me in the name of Jesus Christ. After repeating this several times in my head there was a strange whooshing/popping noise and the vibrations ceased. I sprung up in bed gasping for air and clutching my throat. Sweat and tears rolled down my face. Needless to say I did not sleep at all that night or for the next couple of weeks.
I love and miss my Mother dearly. I know that if she ever decided to come to me in spirit, it would be a beautiful experience. That is why I know that whatever that thing was that came to visit me that night was not my Mother at all, but I do know that it was pure evil, I can say this because I felt it. I felt the evil just like you can feel or touch any tangible object, it was there. I still have nightmares about this experience. I hope and pray that I never again have a false reunion.

Credit: Amber Starr Banks

Fear, Reflected

Before I go into great detail of the worst nightmare I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to star in, I need to explain from where it stemmed. The roots of that horrible night are embedded in my mind, and to understand it, you must understand its origin.

Mirrors are curious things; I’ve always maintained an odd sort of fascination with them, given their silent role in humanity’s daily processes. They’re one of the first things we see when we wake up, barely able to greet the world, and almost always the last thing we look into before we take the plunge into darkness known as sleep.

They see us at our best; get that promotion you’ve been waiting for and I guarantee that you’ll pass by a mirror, surprised at the happiness that is reflected back.

They also see us at our worst; lose a loved one, get your heart ripped from your chest by a cheating lover, you’ll need only glance in the mirror to witness the hollows of your cheeks, your sunken red eyes, to realize just how broken you really are.

There is a near feeling of intimacy when you make eye contact with another person in a mirror; it is as if the window to the soul really exists, and you’re looking right at it.

Seven years bad luck if one breaks, never look into one while near candlelight; superstitions abound, and yet they show us not who we pretend to be, but who we really are in the harsh light of day. It was all of this idle musing that paved the road to hell for me that night.

I stood before a mirror, as I had done countless times before, staring deeply into my own eyes.
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,” I joked, smirking at how ridiculous I probably sounded, and happy that I was, at that moment, alone. It was when I glanced up that I realized my reflection wasn’t smiling back. In fact, I had never seen myself look so ragged, so tortured. To please that cruel god known as curiosity, I leaned forward, meeting my eyes in a way I had never done before.

And then my mirror self spoke, the surprise being mine alone.
The voice was wretched, presenting as wet, violent gagging sounds; scratchy from what could have only been from years of misuse, it was as if my eardrums were being run through with barbed wire. My skin crawled, my stomach lurched. The only response my body could properly muster was the slight prickling of tears as I mourned involuntarily for this pitiful creature. I strained to hear what was being said, placing my ear against the glass. And then it began, in spurts and gasps.

“You’re too curious. You’re getting too close.”

I pulled away, my eyebrows knitting together tightly in confusion. The look of desperation that I was met with was enough to force my ear to the glass once more.

“I’m on this side to save you, to keep you from walking through. You don’t want to be on this side. Stay where you are, curb your curiosity. Unless you’re interested in a taste of this side? Flames licking at your feet, blisters and sores on every inch of your body. The lashings that cause blood to flow and skin to peel. Is that what you want?”

“What—what is this? No, I don’t want any part of it!” I backed up quickly, my face, the face reflected back, contorted into a look of sheer terror, enough to rip a scream right from my throat.

And that’s how I woke up; a scream lodged in my throat, a sheen of sweat covering my body. I kicked away the sheets and stood up, a meager attempt to catch my breath and collect my bearings.

A nightmare. That was all. A ridiculous nightmare brought on by idle musings. I walked robotically towards the bathroom and flicked the light switch. My reflection was there, but it was without a doubt the real me. I chuckled nervously, ignoring the slight hitch, and leaned forward onto the sink. A nightmare, a series of dream images; it wasn’t real. I had made the entire thing up, of that much I was sure.

Until I heard the screams.
Until I felt the flames.
Until I watched my reflection leave the room.

Credit: Justine Ward

Give a Little, Take a Little

Do you have something you want? Something you wish for, but simply cannot find or are too embarrassed to go out and get? Or something that’s simply illegal to acquire in your country?
There is a website, titled “givealittletakealittle”, located somewhere within the depths of the internet, that can help you, friend. But there is no real easily-accessible link to it, you must find it on your own. It’s well worth it, though.
Most of who have visited it say they found it on what is called “The Deep Web,” the unindexed part of the internet, but there have been reports of it being found on popular websites and forums.
If you want to attempt to visit the website, you’re going to have to know of it’s existence. Then, you must make an active search. No finding it by chance. The link can usually be found on websites dealing with buying and selling, so auction websites, warehouse sites (such as Amazon.com, but better chances come with lesser-known sites, as corporations usually delete the link when it surfaces), and even product review websites. The link will most likely be located in the comments sections, under an anonymous poster, or hidden within the website’s interface, archives, or just the fine print.
You’ll know the link when you’ve found it. Click on it, and it will probably redirect you through a few other websites first. The website itself varies in appearance, some have described a nearly blank, bare-bones site, while others say it was more decorated and stylized, with pictures usually revolving around barter and trade. One individual described it as all the text written through jpg’s of letters, as though it was a ransom note.
Though, every single report shares the same basic features: a title reading “give a little, take a little.”, 2 text boxes, one blank, one titled “specifications”, an address/zip code form, and a “submit” button. Now, once you arrive, you may place the name of any item you desire in the text box. There are some restrictions, though.
1: The item must be able to fit on your property. It can fit on your front porch, lawn, mailbox, or even your living room.
2: The item must exist. It cannot be a cure for cancer or a philosopher’s stone.
3: The item cannot be living.
4: The item must be reasonable to transport and deliver. (e.g., no asking for a piece of the sun.) A good rule of thumb is that if it is not deliverable via a van or towing service, it is not viable for delivery.
5: The item must not be unique. You cannot ask for the original Mona Lisa.
6: The item cannot cause major disturbances. You cannot ask for the entirety for the contents of Fort Knox.
Tl;dr: don’t ask for stupid shit.
So knowing your parameters, enter your item and the address of delivery. Put any specifications about delivery or about the item in the “specifications” box.
Once you are done, press “submit” and then exit the website. Then, simply wait a few business days. Make sure to leave your door unlocked if you asked it to be delivered into your home, or the gate unlocked if you wanted it on your lawn.
The item you requested will arrive, as long as you didn’t ask for something not allowed by the above rules or made it impossible to deliver. But don’t be surprised if something else goes missing, especially if it was of equal value as the thing you got. It could be a few dollars from your wallet, some jewelry, or even more expensive things like computers, TV’s, and in one extreme case, a car. It might take longer to happen if you ordered the item to a P.O. box.. Don’t try and stop it, and don’t think it won’t happen. You entered your address, remember?
After all, it’s give a little, take a little, right?

Credit: Gabe Henry

The Fog

“And from the Fog they come, to find the souls of children to claim…”

The eldritch words of my grandfather, Ullus, which are part of a lullaby he often sang to me before I would fall asleep as a child still echo through my mind from time to time. I still find it hard to forget the story, that of which the lullaby tells; especially around a certain time of year. The particular part of the year in which the nights grow cold and the frost clings to the fallen leaves of trees. The time of year that the Fog rolls in and encloses around everything in your sight until you feel as if you are trapped in your own miniscule world; no matter where you go.

Though I am a man of over two score years today, I still remember in full sense what a haunting feeling the Fog would bring to me as a child each year. In fact, I don’t think any number of aging years would allow for this fear that I still retain to subside one bit. The Fog is still a horrific sight to me, and I still find it hard to get a good night’s sleep during the frigid winter months of each passing year.

I reside still in the house I was raised in. It is a farmhouse of three stories that sits in the center of the rural property of ten acres that has been passed down by my family through many generations since my ancestors’ immigration to this country. The house itself is connected to the nearest public road by a long, dusty gravel driveway.

Since I was a young lad, I have since noticed more and more that there is a strange ambiance about the acres of orchards that surround my home. Something eerily strange and utterly weird that I still have not yet come to understand about the nature of things around this place. The trees are the same as I was a child, as is the vegetation that grows throughout. Even the birds I see fluttering about, as well as the critters I see scurrying along the ground, are all strangely familiar in appearance to those of which I witnessed as a child. It is as if everything here is undying or is un-altered by time itself.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to believe such an unnatural concept such as this, and I have a hard time wrapping my head around it as well. Hell, if I hadn’t cared to research the place of my residence throughout my years of life here I probably wouldn’t have even noticed. What I’ve come to know about the grounds on which my house was built and the property surrounding is frightening. It does however give me some insight on the strange family lullaby Ullus used to sing to me.

It has been a family tradition (by a dozen generations past) that the grandfather of the eldest born son of his own son must sing to the child the lullaby so that the grandchild will then sing it for his siblings and eventually his own grandson. The tradition is an odd one to explain to others, yes, but I once remember Ullus telling me of the importance of the song. The lullaby itself is supposed to put the child to sleep (as most lullabies are intended to do) as well as protect the sleeping child’s dreams. The latter of course made no sense to me as a child, though its importance is clear to me now.
The song itself goes exactly like this:
“Little one. Fall Asleep,
If you want your soul to keep.
If not, then they will knock,
Not once but twice,
Softly in the foggy night.
For from the fog they come, to find the souls of children to claim.”
Those words, coupled with the melody is what makes the lullaby complete and the magic real. I say magic because it is truly a spell that enchants the children of my family and allows for them to fall into deep, peaceful slumbers; protecting their innocent souls. This song must be sung, lest their souls be stolen by the force of supernatural entities – daemons.

It does sound crazy, yes, but it has been learnt to me out of my free will to learn that the house in which I live today was erected atop an archaic burial ground of a primitive people of old. The acres surrounding housing the lost spirits of fallen warriors from battles old and forgotten to most recorded history. Though thanks to the globalizing phenomenon that is the internet, I was able to shed some light on the history of not only my own heritage, but of the lands on which my family has resided for generations!

This has given me answers of a great many questions I have pondered over the course of my life. It explains the trees that do not die, the shadows and shapes that sometimes seem to shift and obscure before my eyes as if I am a schizophrenic, and the two raspy knocks on my window I once heard as a child the night that Ullus had died, as no lullaby was sung to me that night. Daemons at my window that I dared not open at all that dreadful foggy night.

I have never nor will I ever speak to anyone of the knocks I once heard in my bed as a wee one. For I fear (though I do not know for certain of course) that doing so will break such a grounded tradition and shatter the ritual of my family that keeps our own children safe. For I wish not for any children of my family in the present or future to ever witness the horrible knocking on their windowpane. It was a traumatic experience for myself and has its effects to this day, as I accredit most blame for my insomnia during the winter months to that one uncanny occurrence.

I often find myself cursing such daemons in my mind as I lay in bed on cold nights. How much praying will it take to save my poor soul before I die. I will surely never know.

Credit: Dylan Rose

Mr. Charlie

Clearriver community> Parent-to-parent forum>
Issues and concerns

Subject: Jeers/Cheers for staff

Mom_Mel wrote: Creepy bus driver?

Alright so I don’t know where to put this, because honestly I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble. My five year old daughter just started 1st grade so you know how it is, new year, new school, new teachers, etc.. But I can’t help but feel uneasy about her new bus driver. I think I’m being paranoid, so I don’t want to name any names, but he gave me an odd vibe when I saw him. Has anybody else had this experience?

Re: creepy bus driver
Deigo1146 wrote:
Are you talking about the old guy with the glass eye that drives route 56?

Mom_mel replied:
Yes! That’s the one! You know I don’t even know the poor man’s name. But I just don’t want my daughter scared to go to school.

Re: creepy bus driver
RobinandJames wrote:

Hey momma Mel, I noticed your concern and just wanted to give you a heads up, I’m sure you are just over thinking it; my son rides his route and hasn’t ever complained about it. Of course he did just start this week too, but when I walked him to the bus everybody on there looked asleep to me.

Re: creepy bus driver
Diego1146 wrote:
My son told me his name is Mr.Charlie, sounds friendly I suppose. But I got a better look at him today, I can see why he creeps you out. The burns on his face and right side of his body would probably give me nightmares if I was a kid.

Mom_mel replied:
As it turns out Chloe has been having a few restless nights since she started school. I thought it was just new school jitters, but what if you’re right?

RobinandJames replied:

Guys, I think you are both twisting this out of proportion. I know when I was younger I had a few teachers that scared me, but my parents told me that everybody was a person no matter what they look like on the outside

Re: creepy bus driver
Diego1146 wrote:
Ok, so after reading what Robin wrote I felt bad and decided to go up to the bus and talk to Mr Charlie, but I didnt get very far! Why you ask? Something on there stunk, and I mean bad! Like an animal had died or something. After I got over that, I tried to chat him up but didn’t get much out of him until the afternoon. He turned to me and asked casually, “Is your child riding tomorrow?”

I’m not sure why. But I didn’t like the way he said it.

Alex2011 replied:

I am so glad somebody else said something! I know this is just the first week of school but I’m a single mom, and my son is scared of the building already. After he saw this bus driver he bit his tongue so hard it caused him to bleed in his mouth! I instantly made him a car rider. It’s a few more minutes out of my day. But that guy seriously has problems

Re: creepy bus driver

Mom_mel wrote:
Okay, now I’m really concerned Chloe hasn’t gotten much sleep at all this week and she is walking around almost in a catatonic state. I took her to the doctor and he said it was like she had experienced some kind of trauma! I’m going to talk to the school and complain.

RobinandJames replied:

I feel sorry for him and all of you who fail to see he is just a senior citizen that is trying to eek out a living. Probably a Vietnam vet that deserves our respect. Y’all should be ashamed.

Alex2016 replied:
We’re just concerned about our children and their health, is that a crime?

RobinandJames replied:
I’m just saying leave it be and teach your kids to respect elderly one’s and disabled people

Re: creepy bus driver

Mom_mel wrote:
I left a message for the office, but I got a better look at the bus driver today. Maybe I was seeing things. But I’m almost positive when I saw his reflection in the mirror his face looked more like a skull. I think after this week is up I’m going to make Chloe a car rider too.

Devin1146 replied:

So I just needed to get on here right away and post this. I got a curious email from the school today.

To the parent(s) of Jeffrey Tomlinson,

We are sending you this message out of concern for your son’s absence at school since the beginning of the semester. We hope all is well, and trust that if you have any issues or concerns you will send a private message to our secretary or to the principal. If you need anything please let us know,

So… I know for a fact Jeff gets on the bus every morning…. I walk him there.

RobinandJames replied:

I got this email too. Odd. I see my boy get on everyday… so. Where is the bus dropping them off at??

Re: creepy bus driver

Mom_mel wrote:

Its almost six and Chloe isn’t home yet, I have been sitting at the bus stop for hours. I called the cops and they gave me the usual BS. Runaway blah blah. I’m like, she’s five! Jesus! Please somebody tell me their kid is okay.

RobinandJames replied:
Nick didn’t come home either. I called the school. They told me they didn’t have a bus driver that worked there by that name.

Devin1146 replied:
Jeffrey isn’t home. Guys, PM me, lets get to the police together maybe they will do something.

Re: creepy bus driver

OffDutyFrank wrote:

Evening everyone, Im a retired officer up in Newton, and in my spare time I try to tackle unsolved cases.
This may be just coincidence but your story reminded me of an incident we had back in 58.
A bus crashed on the side of the road and tipped over with 12 kids inside it. All 12 managed to get out though, and there was only one casualty: the driver.

The burns made it near impossible to recognize his body, but there was one distinguishing characterestic: he had a glass eye.

Mom_mel replied:

I waited for twelve hours. Maybe it was even longer than that. It was the dead of night. I was just about to give up, go home and cry my eyes out. Maybe do more than that. And then the air felt so still.
I saw the bus arrive, the headlights piercing the fog. I ran up to it, I don’t know what I was thinking, I saw the children still trapped onboard sitting there staring blank eyed and unmoving. I begged him, I must have been on my knees. Please, take me instead.
That got his attention, he turned toward me, and had a look on his face that will haunt me for the rest of my days.
“I’m sorry, we’re all full right now,” Mr. Charlie told me, and then smiled and asked, “But do you have any other children at home?”

Encounters: Kelpie

On cold and clear Sunday night’s I often find myself meandering to a body of water on the outermost reaches of civilization. For this is the best way to catch a glimpse of a water spirit that has grown rarer with the spread of man. If you should wish to see it too then you should heed my warning. Find a river or stream surrounded by dense woodlands and observe from a distance. The creature itself may seem unstartled at your presence and may very well be friendly but it likely does not understand the danger that it poses to you.

I must elaborate on my first encounter with one of these fantastic creatures which occurred some time ago. A night which I had stumbled across a small village in the northern most reaches of the country. In a clearing not far from the village, what appeared to be every man, woman and child who resided there was gathered at a lake. There were all kinds of accusations being thrown and the whole ordeal seemed very much like a trial. Not wanting to upset these villagers or to get involved in their affairs I turned to take my leave. However I was halted by a sound somewhat similar to hooves. I dared to creep ever closer and hid behind the tree closest to the crowd. There I saw the magnificent black beast standing like a proud horse with a mane of snakes. It trotted so casually through the crowd of villagers and each of them backed away. When it had reached the center of the clearing the village folk pushed a young girl towards the animal. They urged her to climb upon the horses back. The girl refused. She was obviously scared, I couldn’t help but wonder why. In an instant two burly men separated themselves from the crowd and lifted the girl up onto the horse being cautious to not touch the creature themselves. She screamed. The men backed away. For a moment the being upon whose back she was placed seemed confused. It stood there, head held proudly. A calm fell upon the girl and the crowd. Then without warning the creature bolted towards the lake and both were gone. The girl didn’t even have time to scream, the last noise she made being a gurgling one.

Once the villagers had dispersed I picked up my courage and approached the lake to investigate. I crept up to the edge of the water and peered into the darkened depths. I could see neither the animal nor the girl. I doubt I was staring into the lake for very long or with much concentration but I suddenly felt like I was being watched. That was when I heard what sounded like hooves hitting the ground behind me. I spun round to see the beast staring at me tapping what looked like a reverse hooved foot on the floor. Upon seeing it at such a close distance I could tell clearly that it was a black stallion not much bigger than a regular cart pulling horse. Its eyes were somehow magical, black in colouring but there was a depth and shine to them which seemed it would pierce a man’s soul. The mane of the creature was not snakes as I had initially thought but rather some form of water weed that floated as if the air was water. Its face was so close and in all it appeared to mean me no harm. If anything the stallion appeared lonely, I use this word only because I could not find another that described the solemn air about it. The more I drank in its features the more curious and charmed I became with this fantastical beast. I had resisted until then to reach out and touch the beast but I could fight the urge no longer. Slowly I raised my hand. As my hand came up the horse like creature displayed the side of its neck. I stretched the tip of my fingers and gently brushed against its fur, if that really is what it was. To my surprise it felt like no fur I’d ever touched before, not exactly soft or wet but something entirely different. Quickly the horse head rose up back to its proud position. I jerked my arm away only to find that the water weed mane had encircled my arm. I was trapped to the beast. It turned towards the water. I pulled away. The mane tightened. I realised instantly that I was to end up like the girl before me. My survival instincts kicked in. I pulled the blade from its place on my belt. The creature began to pull. Sinking my heels into the floor I tried to slow the movement while I attempted to cut the weed. Both efforts were useless. My prospects were looking bleak. As hope appeared to thinning I quickly severed my hand. Then I merely watched as the beast literally disappeared into the lake.

The next morning, after a somewhat restless night and doing my best to hide my arm, I approached the lakes edge once more. The water was crystal clear but there was nothing living in the lake aside from a few aquatic plants. Upon the shore near to me I discovered a mess of clothes and water weed, which had been washed up there at some point. As I pulled them free from the lake I believed I recognised them. They looked similar to what the young girl was wearing the previous night. That was when a young boy approached me. He looked at me with sad eyes and said something that would haunt me.
“They belonged to my sister. Everyone thought she was guilty. So they brought her here to be judged by the kelpie…”

The Madness of Joan Blake

Joan Blake lay fast asleep in her bed. The dust from the early sunset floated around the room, being penetrated through the scarlet curtains. She awoke at 6.20am, rolled out of bed and pulled the curtains open. The sun rested just above the houses on the street opposite. Joan seized the opportunity for a photo. She threw on some clothes, walked down the stairs, grabbed her disposable camera from the table at the bottom of the stairs and walked out of the front door.

Her house being at the beginning of the road, she was in the perfect position to get a good snap at the sunrise. Looking through the lens, she saw the empty pavement, the houses on the opposite street and a gorgeous sunset. With no-one around, she took the pictures with no interruption.

Walking back into the house, she fed her dog, dusted the mantelpieces and then decided to get the photos developed. With still nobody around, she put a coat on and left for the local printing shop.

Walking home, she held the envelope with the photos in her hand, wanting to know how they had turned out. Greeted by her dog at the front door, she walked over to the table and grabbed her gold letter opener. She lifted out the photos and looked at them in horror. The picture was the photo that she had taken- the sunrise. However, at the end of the road, where there should have been nothing, like there was when the picture had been taken, Joan Blake saw herself. Saw herself standing at the end of the road with gnarled arms and hands and an eerie artificial smile. She stared at the picture with utter terror, not knowing what to do. She looked at the other pictures. They were the same. The same sinister smile and arms that every small child makes when they want to scare someone- arched just below shoulder length with gnarled bent fingers. Joan Blake, perplexed, walked upstairs, went to bed and never woke up. A peaceful end to a life tinged with murderous rage.

Nighttime Twitches

Do you ever lie awake at night, trying desperately to fall asleep? And when it seems that you’re finally going to pass into the world of dreams one of your limbs jerks a bit without your permission? It means that you’re lucky.

You may be thinking “How can I be lucky if sleep evaded me?” Well, you don’t have to believe me, but you are. You see, our world isn’t the only ‘world’. Most people can’t see, let alone comprehend it, but there are different planes surrounding us. You can think of it as there being different levels, or layers if you will to existence. There could be someone occupying the very same space as you are right now.

I know that this doesn’t make a lot of sense to you right now, so just let me finish. These layers of existence overlap in certain ways. Have you ever put down something in a certain spot and then when you want it again, it’s moved? Or maybe it’s gone completely and you never see it again. That doesn’t matter too much, but the point it wasn’t you that moved it. You can blame this phenomenon on a lot of things, but only one explanation is really true. Something on another plane moved it.

It could be you from another point in time, or an alien creature. But I’m not here to explain why your favorite shirt is suddenly gone. No, this is a lot more serious than that. Those alien creatures I mentioned? Some of them don’t know that we’re here too, and some of them just don’t care, but there are others. Others that want to take what we have. Others that want to enslave us.

At this point you probably think that I’m batshit crazy. I promise you that there is a reason for this though. Every time one of those involuntary twitches occur, it’s them. They’re trying to come through to our plane. That twitch was them trying to take control of your body. Fortunately for you, their timing was off just a bit. You were still awake and that little twitch alerted your brain that something was wrong. They have to wait until you’re asleep because your brain can’t fight back.

If you had been asleep, well to put it simply, you wouldn’t wake up. Your body will, and it will go about your day as usual. It will get up, eat breakfast, go to work or school, and do whatever you would. It copies your routine so well that no one, not even your friends and family, will notice that something is amiss. They might think you’re acting a bit distant, but they probably won’t bother with it too much. But make no mistake, this isn’t you. This is your body being taken over by one of them. And during all this you’re helpless and can’t do anything than watch while you’re confined to a dark recess of your mind.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what they’re doing or what they want or why. But believe me when I say you’re lucky. You’re awake now and we can’t get to you.

Did I say we? I obviously meant they. You believe me, right? I’m not one of them, I’m really not. Why would I be telling you the process for how they operate if I was one of them? That would be a rather silly mistake for me to make, don’t you think?

Oh well, it doesn’t really matter now, so I guess I’ll drop the act. Are you surprised? Although that doesn’t matter either, now does it? Just be seeing this you’ve opened your mind to the possibility of the different planes and that means we can come through.

How does it feel, knowing that you’re being hunted, that your demise is inevitable, and that no one would believe you if you asked for help? And even if they did, they couldn’t do anything to save you. Are you in denial? Unnerved? Scared? Terrified? I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.

It might be right now, tonight, tomorrow, next week, but never forget: we’re coming.

Credit: Quuentong

Through the Window

My dad has always been a nice person, making a living for my mom and I by painting houses, with the occasional construction work. However, it recently became a difficulty after he had a heart attack a month ago due to him always using to eat junk food. As a result, he tends to be around the house more, as his doctor recommended. He is a very nice man, always being able to make people laugh, minus the occasional stubbornness. But he always had a weird quirk that he did since we moved into our house.

Every day, right before it complete gets dark outside, he always looks out my window. See, we live in a house where the woods of New York is our backyard, and my room happens to have a window showing a perfect view of the woods. So if you want to see the woods, you need to look out of my window. So each evening, I am greeted by my father looking out of it. He never tells me why though, simply looking out for about 5-10 seconds, then leaving my room, off to watch TV or lay down.

I always wondered why he did this though. No one can come from the backyard, say for maybe a deer, raccoon, or any other animal you expect to find in the woods. As a result, I decided to take a crack at it one day. So while my dad was watching a episode of Cops in the living room, I let him know that I would check the window for him. My dad though for a few seconds, then gave me the thumbs up. So now I can finally see just what the hell is making my dad so paranoid for the past 6 months.

When it came to 6 P.M., the time my dad usually checked the window, I went to my room, and decided to take a peek out of my window. Nothing peculiar, just the same old plethora of trees, wrapping our house with their arms of wood. Seeing that my work was done, I decided to just report to my dad of it being nothing wrong. But just as I was about to turn away, I could’ve sworn I saw something go into the woods, a pale…thing crawl back into the overgrowth of pines. I couldn’t let my dad know about this. He would throw a fit or even have another heart attack. So when he asked if there was anything wrong, I lied that there was nothing. Surely there wasn’t a possible unholy abomination outside our house!

So the next day, I decided to quell my paranoia with DeviantArt and Youtube. But it was not very effective. I kept thinking, what was that thing. Surely it could’ve been an albino deer, but it’s eyes would’ve shined when I saw it. What I saw was only white legs retreating into the pines. Humanoid legs. To tell my dad, or not to tell my dad? That is the question. Feeling thirsty, I decided to go to the living room for a drink of water. After getting a cup of water, I checked the newspaper that happened to be on the table. The headline almost made me spit my drink: MAN MUTILATED IN OWN HOME. Apparently our neighbor’s body was found mangled in his bedroom by his wife after she returned from the bar. People suspected a homicide, but the marks on his body were like an animals, and the doors were closed. As a result, the police ruled it a cold case.

Maybe what I saw last night was the killer? It might have wanted to attack my family, but since I noticed it, it attacked easier prey. As a result, I needed to make sure we were safe. My dad has to work extra late today, and I was going to the movies with my friends. As a result, no one would watch the window. As a result, I asked my mom if she can check my window later tonight. Knowing Dad’s quirk, she agreed to my request. Now I would be able to go to the movies knowing my house was safe. So when my friends picked me up, I had no signs of dread.

I came back home at 9:17. The movie was very good, it being a horror flick. I unlocked the door, and entered my house. But all the lights were off, and there was a disgusting odor that nearly made me gag, a mix of blood and feces. Wondering what the hell was in the house with my mom, I went to the kitchen and opened the drawer. My dad always kept a spare handgun under the knives, in case there was ever an intruder. Well, even though I was only fifteen and never held a gun in my life, not even a BB, this gun would finally be used. But my moment of safety was shattered when I heard a ragged breathing noise coming from my mother’s room.

Taking the gun into my right hand, I slowly walked into my mom’s room, where the thing I saw would probably be. As I looked into the room, what I saw would stay embedded into my nightmares: my mom, on the floor in a limp state, the thing on top of her. Now I can finally see what it was. It was about a head taller than me, probably bigger due to it being crouched down and its back facing me. It was naked, being ghost white, a gray in the dark. The breathing was sickly, similar to what you would hear from a heavy smoker mixed with that woman from The Grudge. Between my mother were two, sharp rake-like claws, probably ready to hit its prey. I then coughed, the most dumbest thing I would probably do. The thing then turned its neck an unnatural angle, almost turning completely towards me. Remember how I said deer’s eyes glowed? Well, this thing’s eyes were black, all pupil, like empty pits starting into my soul. It had no nose, resembling a skeleton’s nasal cavity. Its mouth looked like it was partially melted, pale skin being where its teeth should have been. The mouth was also in a permanent smile, as if it was mocking me.

Knowing I was a threat, it began to walk towards me on all four’s, resembling a human acting as a dog. Remembering the bathroom being the only locked room in the house besides the front door, I made a run for it. The thing then followed, never making any noise except for that infernal breathing. Somehow, I was able to get to the bathroom door. As I closed the door and turned the lock, I quickly pulled out my cell phone, the thing now beginning to bang on the door. I dialed 9-1-1, telling the operator how there I was being my mom being unconscious and myself almost getting attacked by a creature. After being told the police and ambulance were on their way, I prepared the gun in my other hand. As soon as I had both of my hands on the gun, the thing made a hole in the door, it’s cadaver of a face silently grinning at me, now producing a fusion of a growling dog and a growling human. Knowing it can be my one chance, I shot it.

Emitting an abrupt screech, it fell on the floor, limp just like my mother, a bloody hole where it’s heart would’ve been. Hearing the police sirens come, I ran to the front door, feeling a sense of relief, knowing that my mother and I were not dead.

But as the ambulance took my mother and I, I saw through the bathroom window something that was impossible.

The thing was gone, only a trail of blood where its body used to be.

Credit: Vaddix Umbran

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