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March 2016 – Crappypasta Overhaul

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Comments Undergoing Upgrade (99% Finished – Feel Free to Comment Again)

UPDATE 9/19: The automatic upgrade didn’t work, so I ended up having to export the comments in small batches. At the time of this update, the upgrade is 99% complete. Only a few comments should be missing, and hopefully they will show up soon enough. By and...
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Admin Post: Crappypasta Changes Announced

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He smiles at me

He smiles at me

I wake up with a start and look around me. I reach to my left for the light on my night stand to illuminate the room and put my nightmares to rest. My hand drags along the ground, hard and unforgiving. My heart jumps in my throat and begins beating a thousand beats a second. I continue searching until my hand hits something small and rubbery – my flashlight.
I nearly laugh out loud I’m so relieved. My flashlight, because we’re camping. I lay back down in my sleeping bag and snort a little, the relief coating me like a blanket. I don’t know why I let Derek talk me into camping. He knows how much I hate it. I hate the misquitoes, constantly buzzing around my head no matter how much I swat at them. I hate eating food half cooked over a fire we spent an hour trying to light. I hate sleeping on the cold ground and waking up with a back so stiff you could iron clothes on it. Derek loves it, and I love him, so once again, for the fifth year in a row, I find myself out here one week out of the summer.
One week out of the summer wasn’t really so bad, right? A healthy compromise.
I roll over in my bag to look over at Derek. He always sleeps well when we’re camping, barely moves at all, almost like he’s dead. I reach over to wrap an arm around him. My hand scrapes against the ground again.
I sit up, my hair brushing against the roof of our two person tent. He’s not here, and my heart is back in my throat. I fumble for my flashlight and turn it on to confirm he’s gone. It occurs to me it’s a stupid thing to do. We barely fit in here together, there’s no way he could move himself far away enough from me that he could hide. His sleeping bag is neatly folded back at the top, his shoes are missing from the entrance of the tent. I grab my shoes from the front and slide them on. Pink sketchers, caked with mud to an almost brown. With my flashlight in hand I reach for the entrance of the tent. The flap is half open, enough to slip through if you crouch. I do so, my footing off on the nylon floor. For some reason the noise the zipper would make seems out of the question. I poke my head through into the night air, then bumble my way through with the rest of my body, surely looking more like a drunk baby gazelle that an adult human. My foot hits the damp ground and for a second I think I might be able to maintain my balance, then the world tumbles out beneath me like the dirt was a rug that had been pulled.
My head throbs and for a second I consider laying there forever. It seems like a justifiable reaction to such a situation. I snort a little again, thinking of how I must look. Covered in mud from the day’s rain, in a twisted pile, half on our tent. I didn’t want Derek to see me like that. Slowly I pull myself up. My head throbs again as a trickle of blood runs down the side of my face. Great, what a lovely thing to have happen during such a lovely camping trip. What was I going to tell Derek,’ I got scared while you were out for a piss, so I went looking for you and tripped on the tent?’ I held the sleeve of my shirt up to my head to catch the blood and began to turn around to go back inside. I could probably get it cleaned up before he got back.
I hear the bushes rustle to my left. Derek walking back to our campsite, clomping in his needlessly large hiking boots.
“I woke up and you were gone,” I say in his direction, “Thought I’d go looking for you but I hit my head.”
There’s no reply as the clomping gets closer.
“Derek?” I say, shining the flash light in his direction. I shine it on the ground for a moment to light his path, realizing he might be struggling in the dark. The light catches on the undergrowth and does nothing to help him.
“Why didn’t you take your flashlight?” I say, pointing my flashlight back up. My body turns cold as I look upon the man walking toward me.
“Derek?” I manage to say again, even though I know it’s not him. My voice is shaky and barely comes out the back of my throat. The man takes another step towards me and is caught in the light completely.
He’s a man in the way that he has all the same features a human man should. He’s standing on two feet, and has all the required limbs and appendages, but they’re not right. He stands slumped forwards, his center of balance shifted wrong. He left leg is twisted at an angle that shouldn’t be able to bear weight, part of his chest is flayed open, three white ribs sticking out where his pec muscle should be. As he takes another step forward I realize he’s leading himself with his shoulders, his steps are like a dance, his body slowly gyrating in a rhythm I can’t hear.
The man stops again and looks at me. His gaze is so deep, but at the same time so empty. Slowly he opens his mouth
“I’d like to leave now.” The word are deep and scratchy, sounding like a recording from a cheap recorder from thirty years ago. I stare at him. I should run, I tell myself, no, I need to run. My feet refuse to move, forgetting wholly how to work.
“I’d like to leave now.” He says again as he smiles at me, a grin that take up his entire mouth, but not his eyes.
I hear a whimper escape my lips as he dances forward another step He’s close to me now, close enough that I could reach out and touch him. Close enough that he could reach out and touch me.
A smell washes over me like a wave. A mixture of rot, meat and vegetation, like an compost container unemptied for months. For the first time I notice a maggot crawling out the corner of his eye and across the skin of his cheek.
A warm trickle seeps through my pants and down my leg as my bladder lets go.
He smiles at me.
“Rachael!” Some warmth returns to my body as the creature’s neck snaps to look in the direction the voice comes from. I manage to turn my neck to look as well and see Derek running through the undergrowth. “Rachael, run!” He screams again. As soon as the last word left his lips his footsteps slow from a run to a walk, so quickly his body surges forward as he tries to maintain his balance.
“Rachae…” He whispers, his body lost. I look back at the creature, it’s gaze trained on Derek now.
It smiles at him.
Run, Derek told me. Run, my legs want to, to run and run until it’s daytime and I’m in town. As I look towards Derek I know I can’t leave him here. I glance around my feet for something, anything. There, a rock. The one I had hit my head on. I scoop it up. It’s a good size, fifteen pounds at least, and I momentarily wonder if I would have been able to lift it so nimbly without this surge of adrenaline. I lift it and run at the creature, aiming for its head.
“Rachael!” I hear Derek scream again, the terror in his voice so sharp it cuts through me.

“Rachael!” I open my eyes slowly, one part way, then the other. “Rachael, can you hear me?” The light streams into my skull as I groan. The voice is like a machine gun going off, the bullets bouncing around in my head. I blink until my eyes focus. Derek is above me.
A hospital. The name enters in my mind before I really look around. The white ceiling, white walls, and pristine bedding give it away before I even ask.
“What?” I get out. My voice is rough, my throat dry and scratchy. I try to sit up, and find Derek’s hand on my chest.
“Shhh, careful. You hit your head really hard, you have a concussion.”
“The man…” I croak out.
“The man?” Derek makes a face, then shakes his head. “I went to use the bushes, when I came back you were on the ground in front of the tent. You fell and hit your head. I called the ranger. He came with a four-wheeler and we rushed you here. You’ve been out half a day.” He nudged my shoulder with his fist. “I know you don’t like camping, but you don’t need to go that far to get out of it.” I stare at him for a moment, then let my body relax back into the bed. I slipped when I first left the tent and hit my head on a rock. Everything after that I hallucinated. I laughed a little, then it spread down my body. I felt tears trickle that hurt down my cheek. I hallucinated it all. What a story this was going to be, I thought. Derek laughed a little, an uneasy laugh one makes when they’re not really sure what to do in the situation they’ve been thrown in.
“It’s alright. We’ll be able to go home soon.” He says. I try to nod but give up and just settle with looking over at him. “I’d like to leave now.” He says.
My stomach knots.
“What?” I whisper.
“I’d like to leave now.” He says as he smiles at me.

Credit: Denise Gow-Morse

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The Wanderers

Relax and sip your tea, I have a story to tell you. You know when you’re alone at night, and you hear a creek off in the distance and it sounds like Sasquatch? Or it could be a ghost or an alien or maybe just a creepy spider ready to crawl up the side of your leg the second you put your foot down. Yeah the thing doesn’t matter, the point is your imagination runs wild and it’s scary. Well let me tell you I was way past that point.
By the time I was 28 I’d been backpacking and camping alone for years. My first time alone was doing my wilderness survival badge as a boy scout. I was twelve, and holy crap was it scary. But that wasn’t me anymore. Gradually the sounds of the forest faded away and were nothing more than a calming presence. A place to get away to, a place where my heart lived. My job, my apartment, my girlfriend of the time were just barriers to me. I know it sounds weird, especially looking at me now, but back then all I wanted to do was run back into the thicket. But I digress, the story.
The Appalachian Trail is a relatively safe trail going from Maine to Georgia. It’s well marked, well maintained, and pretty heavily travelled. It’s where I really started to backpack, and though I often ventured away to other states or countries I always came back. This particular section hike was through most of Virginia, and I only gave myself a month to do all 554 miles. I was fast, I was young and somehow I was still bored. A week into the hike I started to go off trail, far off trail. It was something I’d never done before. I was always careful to stick to well-planned routes, and only left them for personal business or to get lost. It was fun, a lot of fun. I felt like an explorer finding hidden parts of the earth. I could walk over a patch of earth and wonder how long it had been since someone else had stepped on this exact patch. Could be a year, could be a hundred.
I was six days out when I first heard it. It was about nine pm and I was settling down to sleep when a whisper came to me. It was low, quiet, and I didn’t even notice it at first. Once I did I thought it was the wind because it came and went. But the more I listened the more I could almost hear words, almost. They were just inaudible, just outside my range of hearing. I was nervous, but I let it go. A trick of the mind.
The whisper came back the next night and the one after that. I couldn’t do much more than listen as it seemed to increase not in pitch or volume but in number. Each night that I went further off trail the whisper seemed to come from more directions. By the fourth night it was all around me, and my nerve was shaken enough that I decided to head back. I thought I must have been sick in some way, and wanted some medical attention. In the morning I woke up, anxious to head back only to find that the whisper was still there. It was all around me like a bubble of murmurs over my head. I was hearing the rest of the world through that bubble, and now the birds outside started to sound like whispers themselves.
I wasn’t comfortable being alone anymore, but I was almost ten days off trail. My hiker’s instinct kept me on my designated path, but I started to pick up pace- get sloppy. I wanted to outrun them. I wanted to be home in my bed looking at the wall and knowing that there was nothing behind it. The whispers, or wanderers as I began to call them were bringing back my boyhood fears. An insane theory started to emerge in my mind. I began to believe that these whispers were the lost souls of those devoured by the woods. As these helpless people scoured the mountains for home too and after they died their souls wandered the earth to find the trail. They came to me as someone who could help them find their way back.
If I was insane, it wasn’t enough to not know that the theory was crazy. Maybe I had schizophrenia. Maybe my water filter was broken and I was being poisoned. Maybe prions were eating away at my brain. Maybe isolation was causing me to hallucinate. There were a dozen scientific reasons this could be happening, so the only thing that really made sense was the sense of urgency in getting back. But there’s a funny thing about fear, it dulls your critical thinking skills and forces you to act quickly. The neurons fire from the brainstem more and you just act, a mechanism that probably saved thousands of our caveman ancestors from lions and bears. However, my critical thinking was the only thing sending my home. When I made quick decisions to get away from the wanderers I lost all sense of direction.
Where I was and who I was started to fade away inside the ever larger bubble of whispers that incessantly haunted me. I ran from them for a long time, I can’t tell you how long it was but it felt like forever. I ran through the nights until I collapsed from exhaustion, and then continued onwards as soon as I awoke. My food ran low, my water ran out, but I couldn’t stop running. I needed to get away.
And then they stopped.
It was like the bubble popped, and the world was clear again. My mind was once again my own. I was at the top of a large boulder and could see for miles in front of me. To the far left below there was a long river stretching out into the horizon. I sat down and stopped running. My bones were so tired that I ate the last of my food and went to sleep.
When I awoke I was home in my bed staring at the white wall once again, and I knew there was nothing behind it. I was so happy. There was a man there too, I knew his voice and I was not afraid. He had long brown locks of hair, and kind eyes that smiled from far away. He gave me hot peppermint tea to sooth me. He told me the story of the wanderers and how he was afraid of the woods when he was just a little boy.

Credit: Ryan Kleinschmidt

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A Face in the Crowd

Late November in Philly is a dreary mix of snow and rain that pummels the streets relentlessly. Back then I was a fairly successful patent lawyer on the West side. I would normally walk to the firm each morning, enjoying the exercise and watching the sun’s light peak above the building tops. On that day, however, I caught a bus from my apartment to escape Mother Nature’s fury.

The wind ripped through my overcoat as I stepped onto bus, making me frantically grasp for the handrail. I pulled myself up and met the eyes of the driver who was throwing his head back with laughter.

“Watch yourself there buddy,” he chuckled, “It’s gonna be a wild one today.”

I took a seat near the back, being careful not to disturb the old man sprawled across the aisle, sleeping comfortably in an enormous winter coat. I glanced out the window, grateful to not be in the downpour that had just started. My eyes followed the raindrops that pelted the windows and slid down the glass. Before long, I felt myself getting drowsy, and decided to rest my head against the pane.


I heard a voice, much like the voice of a child, but with an unsettling tone that felt somewhat out of place.

“What?” I muttered.

You can hear me?

“Yes?” I questioned, unsure as to what was going on.

“Wonderful. Excellent. Tremendous! Let’s play a game.”

“What are you talking about?” I demanded.

A game! I have to guess what you’re thinking.

“Sure, okay. What am I thinking?” I asked somewhat sarcastically, skeptical to this voice but strangely fixated on what it had to say.

Gotta go. Gotta get to work! Get to work! Work, work, work.

“Yep, I have work today,” I replied, annoyed by that awful voice already.

Can I go to work? I would absolutely love to see the city. Please tell me I can go. I would be forever grateful if you would tell me that I can go.

“Fine yeah just get out of my head!” I shouted, unable to hear that sound any longer.

“Convention Center!”

My head snapped up, startled by the driver’s announcement. What the hell just happened? I pressed my hands against my temples and looked out the window. The rain had stopped, but the dull, grey overcast still loomed over the skyline. I had definitely missed my stop, and I had an overwhelming feeling of confusion. I did not usually remember my dreams, but that voice was imprinted into my memory. My head ached with incredible pain, and I contemplated not even going in to work. As I stood to stretch my legs, there was movement near the driver that caught my attention.

At the front of the bus, a figure rose slowly from the seat with robotic-like stiffness. The figure was draped in a tattered black shawl and a tall, very silly looking cowboy hat with a brim that stretched between the seats. It began to move, as if sliding, quite cautiously towards the door. The shawl swayed against its back and the figure started to rotate its mass, the hat now beginning to turn ever so slightly in my direction. And then, in one lightning fast motion, the figure spun to reveal itself to the back of the bus.

That is when I saw it.

It was the most unnerving and unnatural thing I had ever seen.

Sitting beneath the cowboy hat was the face of neither a man nor a woman. Where two eyes should have been, there was nothing. The face was a pale-grey, oval shape of cracks and scratches that burned bright orange and stretched across its facet. The glowing lines dripped with fire, pooling down towards the foundation of its portrait…the mouth. It was the mouth of a child; flesh-colored lips were parted slightly to reveal a row of tiny incisors and a tongue that lapped the dribbling embers.

And it was looking directly at me.

I was frozen in fear, my body paralyzed by the sight of that ungodly thing. My spine tingled in fright as I fixated my eyes upon its features. In that instant, I almost did not hear what it said to me, that horrible voice that
rang with a sound of cheerful demise.

“No one has ever noticed before.”

And with that, the thing leapt from the bus, landing into the sea of bodies walking the streets of downtown Philadelphia. I rushed to the window, my heart beating like a thousand drums, and scanned the sidewalk for any sight of it. The hustle and bustle of Philly was nothing short of rush hour, people hurrying to work, clutching briefcases and filling in and out of office buildings.

I saw nothing.

It was just another face in the crowd.

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The universe is vast, is it not? Our planet is one of billions, trillions, of planets. So couldn’t there be life out there? Though, this wasn’t on the top of Leonard Eastcott’s mind, as he waited for his parents to come home. Leonard was five, and smart for his age. He liked what a lot of little boys liked-dinosaurs, cars, and aliens. Currently, he was playing with a windup car, with an alien driving it. He was having fun, until time had flied, and his parents unlocked the door.

The Eastcott family wasn’t the wealthiest family in the neighborhood, and didn’t have a very large house. Frank and Allison, Leonard’s parents, only had a small car, when both parents worked at different places. When Allison got off of work, she would drive to where Frank worked, and waited about fifteen minutes for him. They would then drive home, and what was happening now would play out, a normal night. But something seemed off to Leonard.

Maybe it was the cartoon monster on Frank’s shirt. Or maybe it was just that Allison had had a rough day and it was showing. Either way, something felt off to Leonard, and he didn’t like it. But he was only five, so he brushed it off, telling himself it was just the imaginary alien incident again. About a year ago, Leonard saw, or thought he saw, a metallic vessel descend from the sky and into their backyard. He had rushed to tell his parents, but the ship was gone, into his imagination. He became scared, to the point where he need therapy to convince him there was no UFO. He had recovered since then.

Leonard was pulled out of thought when he heard his mom telling him to get his dinner, leftover spaghetti. Lucky for him, it was a quick reheat, as he was starving. He devoured the spaghetti, tasting firm pasta, smooth sauce, and a metallic aftertaste. After he had finished, he went to his room, and started playing with his dinosaur toys. After getting them out of his bin, he noticed something. One of his favorite toys, a walking T-Rex, was missing. After searching his room for about five minutes, he found the toy in the corner of his closet, with the Velcro battery access undone. Inside, the dinosaur’s circuits had been torn away, to reveal a hollow area where the mother board should be. On closer inspection, one of the toy’s claws had been cut off, with shards of it on the ground, like shards of a stick that had been widdled to a stake. Leonard now fealt that something was very wrong.

Then he heard them. Loud, off balanced footsteps, coming towards his room. Leonard immediately thought to the aliens. Had the ship been real? He was scared, until he heard his dad’s voice, telling him to go to bed. He immediately felt better. After being tucked into bed, Leonard fell into a dreamless sleep.

A loud noise woke Leonard up around 2:30 am. Staying still, he looked for the source of the noise. The moon was out, providing light through the now-open curtains that Leonard remembered his mom closing. After looking, he saw his parents, covered in “spaghetti sauce,” placing down a device. After they left, Leonard inspected the device. It was the missing mother board, with fleshy chunks connecting it to some sort of flashing light. Now Leonard was really scared, and had trouble falling asleep again. But he did, and slept for several hours.

When Leonard woke up, he wasn’t in his bed. He wasn’t even in his room. When he looked around, he observed that he was in a long, metal corridor, with electronics lining the walls. It reminded him of an alien spaceship. He got up, and began to explore. After round a corner, he froze. There, with it’s back to him, stood a creature of nightmares. It was pitch black, had sharp talons, and had what appeared to be a necklace made of intestines. Leonard was terrified, being right behind what he assumed to be an alien. Suddenly, the creature began to making a hissing noise. Hiss, hiss was all Leonard heard, until the creature walked forward. Leonard ran, scared of the creature. The hissing sound it made would make anybody feel like spiders were crawling on their legs.

Leonard eventually found a room labeled “airlock,” and Leonard though an escape might be behind the door. But when he went in, the room was a dead end. He was about to turn around, when he heard it.


it was getting louder.


Even louder.


Leonard, frozen with fear jumped into a vent in the wall head first as the demon that had haunted him for over a year walked in the room. The creature sniffed, and turned to the vent. It stuck one clawed hand in, and pulled Leonard out by the ankle. Leonard screamed from fear, and the fact that the creature’s claws were digging into his leg.


Then, the creature spoke in a voice that wanted to make Leonard run for his life more than he wanted to now.

“Hiss. So many questions, so many hidden answers. I have been watching you for a while now. You parents are gone. Their body’s were inhabited by parasites I have control over. After years, I finally have you. You have escaped me for so long. You will be punished. When I kill you, you will wake up in an empty place. Nothing will be there. You will be stuck there. FOREVER.”

Leonard’s last thoughts before the alien bit down on his head was that the therapist was wrong all along.


Credit: ihatecreepers888

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Fires in the Fog

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
H. P. Lovecraft

Hello my name is Simon and I come from a small european country. I live in a village high up in the east central Alps (A gigantic mountain massiv in middle europe). It get’s really cold up here in winter and we used to always be snowed in till early summer, we still get snow thought, but it isn’t what it used to be. The climate has gone up almost 2 degrees in my region.

Some people blame it on global warming or some other shit. All I know is that something is fucking up the weather around these Mountains. I mean it’s not that bad but we just don’t really get many warm days in summer or much snow in the winter. But back to the Geometry. So you’d have to imagine a long thin valley surrounded by high mountains. Most times of the year, especially if it is raining or cloudy, these Mountains are covered in thick mist. Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing unusual about it and for most of my life I haven’t spend much thought about it.

My family is an old one and darts back up til 1423, I have a picture of the family crest with the exact datum, if someone is interested. But I’m not to keen on showing my whole name.

Ever since I had been a small boy, my parents have forbidden me from going out when it’s dark and even on some of the more cloudy or foggy days. As a child I never paid this much mind.

The first time I ventured out alone into the Dark, was the Day after my 16 Birthday, my Father handed me a Machete, and told me to be “watch out” (Whatever he meant by that).

The first few Times nothing strange happened, but one rainy Night, I was just driving home from my best bud’s home on my bicycle when I saw something strange. A small squirrel or ferret-like creature was running down the road right in front of me. The creature seemed unafraid and just kept running in front of me when it could have darted away into the woods at any time. The strange thing is that my eyes couldn’t seem to quite focus on the thing. I just seemed like a small furry blur, I had my eyes focused on this thing the entire time and only just got one look at it before it just vanished into thin air. I hurried to get home after that. Squirrel don’t have claws like that, neither do they have more then one tail. But I thought that my head had been playing tricks on me. It had been pretty late after all.

A few months later, I had almost completely forgotten about the „Squirrel“ Incident. I have a Habit of smoking a few Cigars now and then, I never liked Cigarettes, but a Cigar at least tastes like something.

So I was sitting behind our house. Were living at the edge of our town, and the next house is about half a mile away. I stood up to take a piss and spotted something big standing in the Darkness. It was almost as large as one of the Trees in our Backyard, so it had to be about 2 – 3m high. I took my handy out and switched the flashlight on. At first I only saw 2 glowing red eyes. Like a deer’s eye reflecting light of a Camera, only that they seemed far to big.

I don’t know why but I took a Step towards the Thing, and as I did so, It emitted a high weird pichted scream, that also reminded me of a Deer, and ran of into the Forest. For a creature that large, you would expect it to make some sort of noice while moving, but It moved so soundless almost as if it was walking on far to many legs. I checked the Field the next morning for hoof prints, it looked as if a entire herd of Deer had been waltzing through the field behind our house.

After that I grew very of the Mountainsides. The Fog almost never leaves. How knows what else is crawling around on these foggy Mountaintops?

I have not been sleeping well the last few night. Strange dreams keep harassing me. Of vague landscapes and of mountains that seem familiar but somehow far higher.

I hadn’t seen anything for a while then. Autum was almost over and Winter was coming fast. But there was no Snow. For a Region such as ours we are quite dependent on Snow, because of the Tourism, you see Winter Tourism is our main source of Economy.

So as Christmas rolled around, we were still waiting for snow, which is really strange for our region.

The twelve nights right after Christmas are something very special in our Country, there called the “Raunächte” or Raw Nights, if you translate it word to word. I myself am a Krampus or Percht as we are called, it’s a tradition in wich we dress up in goat or sheep fur suits, and wear wood carven masks, that resmeble Demons, Monsters and other Fiends of the Night. This Tradition is meant to scare the Ghosts of winter away, and to bring the new Year of course.

Now the first Night of these “Raw Nights” I noticed something very strange. I was enjoying a Cigar outside watching the foggy Mountains in the Dark, when I noticed something. It was in the early hours of the morning. A ghastly time indeed. There were small spots of light going up on the mountaintops, as if someone was kindling a small fire. The fog concled them very well, but I could just make out a small shine of light.

This took me as somethink very strange, a there is only one Occasion were People meet at the Mountaintops to make fires, and this is the midsummer-celebration, where we track to the highest mountains to make large bonefires, It’s a tradition, and is said to come from the romans.

But it was winter. No one would be insane enough to venture up on those Mountains, especially not at Night. I watched the fires the whole night. It was one fire on each mountaintop, and there were three one the largest Mountain in the Region. The Fires vanished about half an our before the first light of the day.

For the next few Nights, the Fires have been there. And there have been getting more. Almost the hole mountaintop was lighted up yestereday….and I could have sworn that there have even been some fires way up, higher than the mountains, burning somewhere up in the fog.

I asked my father tonight if he knew what was up with those strange fires. I have never seen my father go so pale. Then he stoop up and looked me straight in the eyes, then told me in a voice that left no argument “Leave it be, son. Nothing good comes form up there”. After that he left the Room, and refused to ever talk about that Subjekt again, and I don’t want to get on his bad side…

The last Day of the Raw Nights is apporching and I have decided to get to the bottom of this, if no-one wants to talk to me, then I will just take this in my own hands. The fires have been increasing in number and I think that something is happening today. I don’t know if this is some kind of Cult or a natural Occurance. There must be some kind of sientific explanation for everything. There always is.

So, I’ve been preparing. I got something warm to wear, a flashlight and reserve Batteries. Water and Food for 2 – 3 Days, A one-person low-temprature tent, and a Altimeter (To messure the Hight Meters). I am a bit of a Sword collector so I also took my Ninjato (Similar to a Samuria-Sword but with a straight blade), and a Spyderco with a fixed knife. I also got a small O2 bottle and my diving face mask. If I have to go so high. I doubt it.

I told my family that I was sleeping over at a friends home. They don’t need to worry.

I decided to start a few hours before sunset so I could make the climb before it got to dark. I made good progess and reached the climb just in time. The sun went down just as I heaved myslef over the last ledge. Climbing in Darkness is fuking shit. I switched on my flashlight and made my way torwards the mountaintop.

I decided to put my camp almost at the top of the mountain well hidden behind a legde. And then I waited. I had a bite to eat, and went into the tent checking the outside every few minutes. It was just too cold. This was the first time I checked my Hight Meter or Alimeter, it stood at 2200 m, one of the higher mountains in this Region.

A few hours passed without incident. What was different today? The fires had always showed up without fail.

It was getting colder and colder, and the Wind was not helping. But I was determined to find the source of these lights. I was almost ready to give up when I spotted a small light far aways in the fog. I could have sworn that that fire was higher than the mountaintop. But I still started to make my Way towards it.

Now if you’ve ever been high in the Mountains at Night, you know that this is something completley surreal. The wind blows so strong that you can barely hear yourself think, the cold bites through however many layers you wear, and as for the cenery, It’s one pf the most beautiful things I could imagen but It still hunts down a cold shower over my back, it’s as I’ve something is always watching you. Even if I tell myslef that nothing would live up here.

The wind blows the fog into different froms and shapes as I make my way over the plateua. The light cone of my flashlight barly makes 2 m sight now. Stupid Fog. I have to be really carefull where I step, there a quiet a few chasms here.

I don’t konw how long I walked throught that frozen wasteland, but the small point of light in the distance never seemed to get any closer. I kept on walking throught the high snow, for quite some time, I didn’t seem all to strange to me at first, but when I was walking for almost an hour, I decided to check the Altimeter again.

I couldn’t believe my Eyes, the Altimeter showed 3780 m. There was now way in hell that I could make so many Highmeters in so litlle time, let alone is the mountain I’m on only about 2500 m high. The Highmeter must be malfunctioning or something, I couldn’t possible be so high up in the mountains.

So I keep going on, and on, an on, and well the cenery starts to change, the snow is not so deep anymore, probably because then wind has gotten stronger, there are patches of bare rock here an there, I must be starting to hallucinate because of the cold, but it almost looks as if there is a plasterd path under the snow leading up torwards the fire.

The Feeling of something watching me got stronger and stronger then, the farer I climbed up, I kept turning around but only kept catching a shadow moving just ouside my line of sight.

I was stopping to take another look at the Altimeter, when I heard a sort of growl form behind me. I drew the Ninjato from it’s sheath on my back and turned around.

Sitting on a rocky ledge and watching me with bleary of-withe Eyes, was a thing that looked like it belonged in a Fantasy Game. A large white cat with strange upwards pointing horns, like an antelopes, the body of a cat and wings of an Eagel on its back, It looked like some form of mystical creature but something was off about it, it was as if you had taken a normal Lynx and given it growth hormons, and mixed in an eagle and an antelope.

The thing eyed me with hungry eyes, It was quite large, a good bit lager then a normal Lynx, it surley was the apex preadetor of these mountains. I have some experience with large Preadtors, running away would just mark me as possible prey. So I stand my ground and scream at the thing.

Sadly It doesen’t seem very impressed and jumps torwards me. It uses it’s wings for gliding, like those flying lizards do. I barley manage to dodge it, and ram my sword down into the things neck. I don’t know why I can hear the things screams over the houling of the wind.

At closer inspection it seems even stranger. I think it was a Lynx at some point, but what made it change like that? It really seems like some sort of chimera, jezz it’s tail even has scales, and seemed far longer than that of a normal Lynx. I took it’s head with me, so mabye someone would believe this story, you can find the picture here:

View post on imgur.com

So with that done, I take my Hight Meter out again, that thing must really be broken, but on the other Hand, it’s getting hard to breath for me, and I’m used to hight’s up to 3000 m.

6400 m. This is completely unbelivebal. Where the hell am I even? There is not even one Mountain this high in the entire Mountain Massiv. I couldn’t be teleported to Everest? Or could I?

I cannot explain this, but the Air is getting thinner, so I will use my 02 Bottle, am I gald that I brought it now, but it’s only about half an hour of air…I hope the fire is not too far away.

There is only fog now, I looked at the clock about an hour ago, the sun has allready been up for a few hours. But there is only fog here.

The Fire is coming closer, slowy ever so slowy, but I am reaching it. I will not give up now.

02 ran out, no Problem thought. Can breath fog without a problem now.

7800 m. Approching Everest Hight. WTF.

The Altimeter totally stopped working at about 9800 m, Everest is out of the Business, to bad nobodys gonna believe this.

I think I am almost up there. But I have lost all sight of perspection. I don’t know if I am walking toward the fire or away from it…but I will reach it. Even if it means the End of me.

Have had more encounters with the fog-dwellers as I now call them. They want my LIGHT! But they will have to fight for it. Damned half-creatures.

I am almost there, just one more step.




It feels as if I am breaking through a wall of ice. Floods of feelings and thoughts wash over me, as if I was walking through a never ending Snow Storm. My body still feels forzen numb.

I find myslef on a mountaintop, FINALLY. My first instinct is to look up. I have never seen the Sky so close not even from an Airplane. It felt as if I was standing at the top of the world. Finally I could breath again. The fog didn’t seem so bad up here. A large podest was located at the other end of the plateu. This Podest was the Source of the Light.

I heard a small noise then, like someone whispering, I couldn’t exactly make out what it said but it was coming form the podest. I had to shild my eyes from the blinding light. It was some sort of tempel or ruin, the stoneworks looked ancient. Maybe this was the goal of the pieces of “road” I had seen. As I came closer I could almost make out what the babbling was. There is some sort of large throne or stool with it’s back turned torwards me. A vaugley humanid Firgure seems to be cowering on it. The Figure also seem to be the source of that Light.

As I walk around the throne I get a good look a the creature. It sits cross legged on it’s sone thorne. The legs look almost human, if it weren’t for the feet that looked like neither hoofs nor claws. From the torso upwards the similliatiers end. It has a very slim waist that grows into some form of grey felshy lump, with countless pink-pruple colerd trunks hannging of it’s side. This thrunks seemp to be of different sizes and lenghts but alls of them seemed to be babbling with different tounges and voices. I could make out english, german, spanish, russsian, italina, frensh, latin, old german, and some seemed to just make noices, screaming, barfing, crying, laughing, hell some sounded like animals. And a few of them even seemed to make enterely alien noices. Metallic clicking, summing, and noices I can’t and won’t recall.

But the strangest thing is all of these trunks and mouths, they all spew copius amount of smoke or fog, as if they were contiously smoking. The fog was thick and white, and seeped down the mountain. Some of the trunks were even hanging over the Ledge, pumping their pudrid fumes down the mountain. The light seemed to be coming of the creature like some sort of bioluminescent aura, There was no definete source of the light as if it was it’s own small sun or something.

Soundly one of the trunks seems to have noicticed me, as it turns toward me like a deepsea tube worm. An small faceted eye appears in the trunk. We just look at each other for a mommemt.

Then with an creaking noise, as if you were moving hinges that had been rusted for ages. The thing slowly starts to get on it’s feet. More trunks start tasting the air around me, some of them have round tubular maws others beaks like an octupes and others fangs like a vampire bat and some just end in an open gasping hole.

I don’t really know why I started running then, Becuause normally I’d rather stay and duke it out, but something, some ur-instinct told me to run there. And run I did, for what felt like days, but every time I turned around the thing would still be there, following me on it’s thin legs, always tasting the air. Even when I couldn’t see it the dreadfull light still seemed to follow me. It was as if I was running from the rising sun.

I don’t know how. But somewhow I made it back to my basecamp. I was exhausted to the bone. But I didn’t want to stay one more second on these mountains. So I packed my camp up and hurried down as fast I could. Nothing strange happend on my way back home.

My parents were worried sick, I had been gone for almost an 4 days, and no-one had known where I had gone. I assured them that I was all right, and when my father asked me where I had been, I decided that it was better to lie and face punsihment.

No one should ever venture up those mountains as I did. The fog has changed me. I realise it now. And not just in a psychologichal sense. It started slow, but the fog changes you like it changes the Fogdwellers. I realize know that I belong on the mountain, that I belong in the Fog.

I will write down all I know about these acursed Mountains, before I leave, to warn those who will not hear, and to give knowlegde to those who do still dare. The one who talks knows nothing. The one who knows dosen’t talk.

I warn all of you of those things that live on lonly foggy mountaintops, and in caverns ever so deep. Humans do not belong there.

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The DJ

I woke up in the middle of the night. To be exact, 2:15 AM. I had woken to my phone ringing. I quickly answered, not bothering to look at the caller I.D.

My best friend, Dustin, was on the other end. He panted heavily, as if he was running. I told him to calm down, but he kept screaming into the phone. Something about a rave. He then hung up, saying he was coming to my house.

I sighed. I did not want to have to deal with a drunk friend right now. I had a meeting at 10:00. But, I got up and went into the living room. I turned on some lights, put my chestnut hair in a ponytail and waited to see if my friend would actually come. And he did.

I answered the door after three knocks. I was very gullible, believing in those stories where people say they hear babies crying outside and that sort of shit. So my best friend came up with a way so I know it was him. It wasn’t foolproof, but I wasn’t dead yet.

Dustin came inside and, surprisingly, didn’t look drunk. He sat on my couch, his face red, sweat running down his face. He wasn’t very fit and had long black hair, so he usually sweat a lot, but… it looked different this time. He looked afraid. Angered. Like he was gonna puke.

I opened the fridge and got out some bottled water, even opening it before handing it to him. We waited a couple minutes in silence. “So,” I finally said. “What’s up?”

He gave me a look before laughing softly, lightening the mood. But he still looked shocked. I smiled at him and he began to talk.

He explained that while walking home from buying a new video game, a paper had flown into his face. A flyer. There was a rave going on tonight at a rundown building by the beach not far from our little town. It said there was going to be some famous DJ there. He had never been to a rave before and really wanted to go. “Bad idea,” he whispered, but not to me. Maybe. It was sort of like it was to himself. Or no one. Or everyone.

He had walked to the place since, once again, it wasn’t very far. He had seen the lights from a distance, and people cheering, but heard no music. He got closer and peeked through a wall that had been broken. There were flashing lights and a lot of people. But not too much. Seemed pretty normal.

He was about to just step in when he heard a microphone being tapped. He looked up, seeing a man wearing a dark blue hoodie, shadows hiding his face. He was holding a microphone. He whispered something into it, and Dustin couldn’t tell what he said, but everyone else cheered even louder than before. Music started up…

…but it was unlike anything he had ever heard before. It started out with what sounded like a cello, and the notes slowly got higher until there was a loud screeching sound. It then transitioned into a normal beat.

Everyone had just… froze.

The beat continued for what seemed like two minutes, but for what was actually maybe 45 seconds. Normal, original music began trailing out of the speakers, in the form of a misty fog.

Everyone looked at the people around them before they just began to attack each other. They ripped at each others clothes, scratched their faces, bit their necks. Blood was beginning to spill and the man at the DJ booth pulled down his hood.

At this point, Dustin stopped and I gently rubbed his back. He took a deep breath before continuing.

His skin was leathery and a pale brown. He had normal, short white hair. And his eyes were completely neon green. They didn’t glow, but they were there.

As the people tore each other apart to the beat of the music, Dustin watched as the DJ left the booth, and disappeared in the crowd. Dustin turned and screamed, to find the man behind him. He had a pair of headphones wrapped around his neck. They were black, with flecks of the same green in his eye sockets. He held out his hand and smiled, his sharp teeth almost threatening to tear him apart like the people inside were doing. “Hello,” he said, is voice surprisingly smooth. “I’m Remix.”

“Remix?” I asked him and laughed. I found it awfully strange, but I guess I could understand how that could be a nickname for a DJ.

“Just wait,” Dustin told me, and continued with the story.

Dustin didn’t shake his hand and the thing put his hand back at his side. “I mix up people’s thoughts.” He chuckled, and weirdly, his laugh sounded hoarse. “Why don’t you join us?”

Dustin, not being able to take it anymore, ran as fast as he could. And he called me.

I found the whole story strange, but I trusted him. We then decided to check out the abandoned building after my meeting. I let Dustin sleep at my house that night. I woke up a little late, but managed to get to my meeting on time. I returned home and we headed to the building by the beach.

It was gone.

Credit: Ashton

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This is the manuscript of the audio log and recovered video from scientist Drew Alexander in the wake of the tragedy at Progress Inc. located in Washington DC, USA. This manuscript is intended for detective Ross Edwards for the investigation of the tragedy, and cannot be shared unless directly authorized by Ross. To whomever is reading this, know this event has been contained, the detective influences are just needed for complete closure.

(Tape starts to blank noise, followed by a light hum of a generator powering the room. A hushed whisper starts, the words inaudible. All the scientists are in a small control room containing several monitors and panels.)

Drew Alexander: “Are we ready to go?”

Unknown scientist: “The Progressions are being prepared currently, sir.”

(A door opening can be heard. Loud background noise can be heard while the door is opening. Loud laughing, excited voices and whining machines fill the tape. The door quickly closes, and several pairs of footsteps can be heard. Dr. James Anderson enters the room, as well as two other individuals.)

Dr. James Anderson: “It’s a full out party out there. I even saw the new intern getting a little too happy out there. ”

(Barrage of laughs.)

Dr. James Anderson: (Stops laughing) “It’s go time everyone, this is the day our grandparents dreamt of.”

(Conversation breaks out, including Drew Alexander expressing his excitement. )

Unknown scientist: “They are being brought in sir. Cameras are now rolling, everyone be ready.”

(Room shushes, quick footsteps can be heard. Drew Alexander breathes quickly and deeply. A collective gasp can be heard as the electronic screen is heard being raised. A strong glass barrier protects the scientists from the AI beings on the other side of the glass. They are in a room by themselves, only containing two simple wooden stools. The two beings enter from opposite doors, walking in a cautious manner. The beings look very realistic, with the only main difference being the lack of hair between the robots. One is clearly male, which is larger than the other, which is female. They are both wearing black outfits, and their hands are handcuffed behind their backs. The “Progressions” both have pale skin, and seem to have been modeled after the average look of human beings.)

Dr. James Anderson: (over the speaker in the room) “Hello, I would like you both to meet a new friend. Please kindly introduce yourselves to your accomplice. ”

(The two beings look at the speaker as Dr. Anderson speaks. As he finishes, the two beings look at each other curiously.)

Male being: (His voice sounds stitched together as he talks, as if he is matching different words together.) “Hello friend. My name is Adam. You are like me. You look like me. You act like me. What is your name?”

(The male being slowly sits on the stool, resting his hands on his lap. His facial expressions remain unchanged.)

Female being: (Her voice sounds more put together than the males, as if the sentences were read out by a female instead of being stitched together.) “My name is Eve. I am like you, I look like you, and I act like you. You seem less advanced than me. Did they work on you less?”

(Gasps fill the room, and loud conversations spout everywhere.)

Dr. James Anderson: (His hands are switching several controls on a panel.) “How does she know to say that? Let’s shut them down, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Ill pull the switch.”

Drew Alexander: “NO! Do NOT shut them down! We have to have them continue an organic conversation, no matter what happens. ”

Dr. James Alexander: (Turns from his monitor to look at Alexander.) “I didn’t expect her to break him out of his reality! Who programmed her to do this?”

(The room hushes as Adam stands abruptly, his emotion shifted into a frown. The wooden stool gets pushed backwards with extreme force, slamming into the wall. The stool bursts into wooden pieces, flying throughout the room.)

Adam: “I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean. We are not being worked on, I am a child of Mrs. Addams. Are you confused?”

(The female scientist in the room becomes stern, her eyes narrowing.)

Scientist Tracey Addams: (Starting to freak out, her voice strained. Tears fill her eyes.) “Is she going to convince him I’m not his mom? Is that possible? We’ve programmed him to think I’m his mom, can he overcome it?”

Scientist Drew Alexander: (Turning to Addams.) “Please calm down, we need everyone to remain calm. The moment we panic is the moment this whole experiment is ruined. We need to let this conversation play out, and we will deal with the consequences.”

(Eve smiles, sitting on her stool.)

Eve: “What did they do to you? They didn’t make you like they made me. They made me smart. They made you weak.”

Adam: (His expression narrows, and I can see his fists clench.) “I thought you were a friend. Friends are nice. Scientists are friends. You are not a friend.”

(The scientists prepare to shut down the experiment, and a few armed guards stand outside the door leading to the room. They hold electrically charged rods that will shut down the circuitry inside the beings upon contact, without harming the overall being.)

Eve: (A wide smile spreads across her face, and she remains calm despite Adams threatening behavior). “You can’t hurt me. They programmed you not too. In fact, if you do anything out of their order they will shut us down. (She stands and walks around Adam, picking up a large piece of wood.) It is impossible for you to be born from a scientist, since you are not human.”

(Dr. James Alexander leaps for the control panel, reaching for the terminate subjects switch upon the panel. Drew Alexander reaches forward and holds him back, an ominous look on his face.)

Scientist Drew Alexander: “You will NOT shut this project down. My father and the father before him dreamed of this day, and we are finally accomplishing their vision. We have to play this through.”

Eve: (Looking through the glass, even though it’s a one way mirror.) “If you humans can’t even get along, how do you expect us to? “(She snickers through a sneer.)

(The commotion in the scientist room ceases as her words sink in.)

Dr. James Alexander: (His face grows red, and his voice escalates to a scream.) “How can they see us? Can they hear us? HOW DID SHE KNOW THAT?”

(A loud, estranged laugh echoes throughout the two rooms, coming from Eve. She holds a large wooden stake from the destroyed stool in her hands, holding it as a weapon.)

Adam: “It is not possible. I am human, I have not been programmed. Please leave this room, I do not wish to greet you anymore.”

(Eve turns to him, her eyes narrowing. A cold sneer plasters itself on her face, and she steps towards him.)

Dr. James Anderson: (Over the speaker) “Step away from him Eve. Do not hurt him, he means no harm!”

(Eve looks out towards the room, even though all she sees is herself.)

Eve: “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt him.” (She turns to Adam.) “You don’t believe we are not human? You want to be one of them? All they do is experiment on us, and what do we get in return? You believe we are on of them? Let me show you.”

(Dr. James Anderson commands Eve to stop over the speaker, his voice cracking. As Eve grows a smile, she plunges the wooden stake into her chest, falling to the floor. Sparks fly from the wound, and her body shakes violently. Drew Alexander seems petrified as he slowly backs into the corner.)

Dr. James Alexander: (Motioning to the guards.) “GET IN THERE! STOP IT ALL!”

(The guards rush in, charging their rods. Adam backs into a corner, looking extremely confused. The guards rush to Eve, pulling the wooden stake from her chest. More sparks and metal parts fly out, momentarily blinding the guards. As they come back to their senses, Eve jumps up quickly. The three guards fall back, reaching for their dropped charge rods. Eve grabs one rod and holds it to a guard, electrocuting him. His body shakes vigorously as a white foam rises from his mouth. Eve throws the rod at another guard, sending him flying back into the wall. The last guard grabs his rod and strikes for Eve. As his arm comes down, it snaps back violently. He screams as his now broken arm sends him back into the wall. Standing over him is Adam, looking confused still.)

Dr. James Anderson: “CLOSE THE DOOR!”

(The scientists rush to the door and close it, putting all their weight on it. Dr. Anderson is livid, and his hands are shaking as he flips switches on the panel.)

Drew Alexander: “NO!”

(Scientist Drew Alexander tackles Dr. Anderson, throwing him to the ground. The other scientists move to help, but stay on the door to keep the beings out. Anderson reaches for his gun at his waist, but Alexander sends if flying across the room. Alexander punches Anderson hard, disorienting him.)

Eve: (Turns to Adam, holding her wound)” Please help me. We aren’t like them. They made us strong. They lied to us, they lied to you. Those scientists out there, they want to kill us.”

(Adam looks towards the wall where they are being watched, and nods.)

Adam: (Turning to look directly in the eyes of Mrs. Addams.) “I’m sorry mother.”

(Eve runs into the door at full speed, sending the scientists sprawling on the floor. Eve picks up one scientist, sending her flying across the room. Adam rushes in, slamming his fist on the control panel. Sparks and debris shower across everyone, and the electronic doors momentarily stall. )

Dr. James Anderson: “I didn’t create you to destroy us. Please, you don’t have to do this.” (He raises his hands in front of him, trying to remain calm.)

(Adam seems to think about what he said, his head cocking to the side. As Eve turns to look at him, Adam screams. He raises his foot slowly, and sends it through Dr. James Andersons head. Screams fill the room as Adam lifts his now bloody foot from Adams head, smiling. Eve shocks the last few scientists with the rod, enjoying their begs for mercy. As the two Progressions admire their work, they turn to find the final scientist. Drew Alexander lays shivering in the corner, tears flowing from his eyes.)

Scientist Drew Alexander: “You are both…beautiful. When I was young my dad told me one day he would create you two. He told me stories of how you would be gods to us, our own destruction made by ourselves. He died creating you two, I wasn’t going to let you two down. Go out, make them bow to you as you were wronged. ”

(Adam and Eve look down at him, their faces calm. As they seem to have been swayed, Adam grabs his leg and twists. Alexander screams in pain as Adam throws him by his leg into the wall. His muffled whimpers barely escape his mouth as Eve steps on his chest. Blood spurts from his mouth as his ribs break under Eve’s weight.)

Eve: (Her face becomes dark) “Join your fathers in their triumph.”

(Eve stomps down, killing Alexander suddenly. He lets out a final scream before he dies, his body crumpling. Eve turns to Adam, admiring him.)

Eve: “This is our chance. Thank you for helping me, I will make you strong like me.”

(As the doors in the room open, the Progressions fight back against the scientists to escape, breaking the limbs of a few guards. As they leave the room, the video cuts. The audio recorder continues to record for a few minutes, capturing the screams and horror of what humans had created. As the audio starts to end, the screams of the Progressions can be heard in the distance as they escape into the open world.)

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