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I finally bought my first house and it is a beauty! I don’t think I could be any happier and Marcy likes it to! That was the clincher,whatever Marcy likes I like that’s what good dads do right? I know she loves this house. Its not to old but not to young and it has two floors there’s a huge bay window in the living room that looks clear out across the ocean and I have never seen a more beautiful sight then the sun setting over the ocean on a clear day so I know Marcy will like that and the little secluded beach will be fun for her to. She’s the sweetest little girl, I still don’t understand why her mother walked out on us but I don’t care and Marcy seems not to care either so that helps a lot with my healing as selfish as that sounds I like knowing she’s in my corner . She’s my baby and I love her no matter what. She’ll be turning eight in about two weeks and I think I’ll throw her a beach party .

Its two in the morning and I can’t sleep. I keep hearing a dog bark and every time I look I don’t see one. I checked on Marcy and she’s still fast asleep clutching a bear or some other toy. I jumped when the barking started again it sounded like it was out front so I made my way to the living room looking out the huge bay window I saw nothing but the vast sea. I sighed stepping out of the house ,maybe the stupid mutt was in the side yard or something. The night air was dry and sent chills down my spine. I could hear the barking closer now as I approached the side of my house I found nothing there. Shaking my head I looked up to the clear sky before I caught a glimpse of a burgundy gaze looking back to me,it was only a moment nothing but a flash before I realised it was from Marcy’s window! I ran into the house and practically flew up the stairs bursting forth into her room I caused her to bounce out of bed as the light flooded in from the hall I saw nothing. I rooted around her closet and under her bed i searched the entire room and found nothing or no one no trace of anything. I heard her climb back into bed as I turned around she was looking to me worried and frightened . She questioned me and i reassured her, because that’s what good dads do right? I told her I thought I left my alarm clock in her room and needed it so I wouldn’t wake up to late,because that’s what parents do right? Lie when they can’t explain something. She fell back asleep quickly and I laid with her for maybe an hour when she awoke suddenly her pale green eyes looking into mine she asked if she could play with her new friend at the beach tomorrow . I was taken aback and I nodded to tired to question her inquiry she smiled and settled back down into me and I held her as I began to fall asleep.


I dreamed of the Burgundy eyes staring at me,I haven’t had a nightmare since grade school. I made breakfast and was putting it on the table when Marcy came downstairs,we said good morning and I sat down to eat with her sitting across from me. I had made her pancakes ,she had always loved them and that’s what a good dad does right? She was eating and talking to me about her dreams and I was nodding half listening ,now tho looking back I wish I had listened to every word.
It was about noon and I was wrapping up some work on my laptop when she bounced into my room wearing a mismatching bathing suit and standing with her inflatable duck ring around her waist . She ran up to me excited and begged to go out to the beach I laughed and agreed she smiled and held out both her clenched fist asking me to pick one I smiled and picked left ,laughing she handed me a large marble I looked to her asking where she found it and she said her friend gave it to her before I could question it further she ran off laughing I could hear her bouncing down the stairs. I laughed at her enthusiasm and pulled on swim trunks after tossing the large marble onto the bed, it was about the size of a ping pong ball .other than that I took no real interest in it .

The waves were strong so I didn’t let Marcy venture out to far, nervous she would get swept away. We played for maybe two hours before she scrambled onto the beach sitting on the sand with her she began to talk and go on about things little girls come up with and I listened and put in opinion while answering questions here an there that’s when she stopped talking and looked out across the rather calm ocean her little voice grew serious as she told me that she had a friend that was taken away by pirates shocked i looked to her asking what she meant and she casually shrugged and looked to me repeating what she had said I was puzzled and poked her cheek asking again what she meant she then told me there was a girl who got taken by pirates and her dog was killed and that made the girl really sad I asked her why the pirates took the girl but she just shrugged and ran off into the water causing me to chase after her. Forgetting our conversation we began to play again with her laughing and I to was having a wonderful time
It was bath time and then bed time for Marcy the poor girl was exhausted from playing all day. I got her in the tub and she was signing and talking and again she looked to me and told me her friend was taken by pirates as she played with a small toy alligator I smiled encouragingly towards her hoping she would continue on and she did. She told me about this girl who had a big dog that liked to chew on sticks and play around the waters edge and the girl was really happy and then one day pirates came and a pirate killed her dog while trying to get the girl and he hurt the girls eye and that’s why she wore an eye patch now . That was all I could get out of her but i smiled and told her she was a great story teller . She looked at me and frowned telling me it wasn’t a story that it was real and I nodded and agreed as I laid her to bed we said goodnight and I went back into the bathroom for my own shower time.
stepping into the shower was a warm release I relaxed and washed up stepping out I noticed a large ship was on my mirror I had thought that Marcy had drawn it noticing how good and detailed it was I was so impressed ,I know now how foolish that was.

Marcy’s birthday went really well she played with her friends and other girls from the area and they had cake and candies. I spent most of the party talking with parents I knew and getting to know the ones I didn’t and I enjoyed that. Someone had gotten Marcy a huge toy pirate ship with little pirate dolls and a peter pan doll ,that was her favorite gift . The ship itself didn’t look like it should have come with the dolls it very beautifully carved and was made of real wood and the dolls where little plush things but she loved them. After the party had ended and everything was clean I saw it,the huge foul dog creature sat at the edge of the woods on top of a bluff that jutted over the ocean . The beasts Burgundy eyes locked onto mine as my body began to feel numb it looked slightly down and to my horror its eyes landed on my baby girl my poor Marcy. I have never felt fear like that before as I shouted her name and she ran towards me blissfully unaware of what was staring her down. When she reached me she hugged my legs tightly thanking me repeatedly for her party and all i could do was hug her tight ,that’s what good dads do right? Protect their children from everything .

I had woken up because my throat had been ripped out again in my reoccurring nightmares but this time I saw it. The beast sat in the farthest corner of my room its Burgundy gaze caught me like a rat in a trap I stared feeling its eyes pierce my soul. I shouted at it to leave me alone I cursed the horrible dog to hell as he just sat there staring. I began to hear what sounded like singing and the horrible realization hit me, Marceline! I screamed throwing my blankets towards the dog as it sat still there in the corner its gaze the only thing to follow me . I raced down the hall busting open her door I couldn’t believe my eyes, standing in her windows ledge was my baby her toes hung off the edge as a girl stood on her left her head cocked to see me I could see her hair hanging in clumps around her face,gouges and cuts adorned her pale body as the moon illuminated her black eye patch . The singing grew louder and screeching I had to hold my ears as I noticed the horrible creature that stood to my baby’s right the creature was long and lanky it had no lips only teeth the bottom row were pointed and jagged the nose was sunken in and its eyes were nothing but black pits with red pupils sunken into its head this thing wore a large pirates hat and its arms were longer then its waist its legs were thin and of bone the femur of the left had been cracked and there was no knee and below leaving this beast to walk on a wooden peg the abdomen had a sizeable gash that water was leaking from it, the grotesque monstrosity held a noose in its left hand as it smiled mockingly at me pulling its sword from its holder into its right hand. I sprinted forward screaming for my Marceline as the screeching singing was piercing my existence I was almost to her as that god damn pirate pushed my baby forward out the window screaming I lunged trying to grab her as her body twisted her pale green eyes locked on mine as her small body smashed to the patio landing below. I began screaming as the piercing song played in my ears I was ripped away from the window and thrown against the wall eyes wide in horror i stared up towards the girl and pirate staring down to me as I fell unconscious.


I gave a small eulogy and talked briefly about my baby at her funeral. As everyone was leaving or talking with one another some parents I knew from the old neighborhood came up to comfort and talk with me . Everyone at some point had asked me why there was no body and I would tell them that I had her cremated. People accepted that answer and it was a easier explanation then they couldn’t find one or the pirates took her away . I tried telling that to the police and they threatened to lock me away so I merely said she had been taken by robbers when I walked in on them and they attacked me,the police were keeping the investigation hush hush.
When I was leaving the funeral home I saw that beast again sitting on the roof he stared to me with those Burgundy eyes that now filled me with pure hatred I cursed out loud towards the monster as I slammed my car door shut. I drove triple the speed limit on the way home I was going to kill this god forsaken demon . Bursting into my house I found it a mess it was tore to prices the walls had slash marks the carpet was soaked there was debris and tattered clothing everywhere and in the center of my living room was her pirate ship with the dolls in a neat circle around it. I dropped to my knees beside it tears pouring down my face as I clutched her dolls to my broken heart I cried and cried . I looked up to Burgundy eyes maybe a foot from my own the hell beast stared into my soul as I screamed curses at it I lashed out flailing towards the beast tears still streaming. I challenged the creature as I wiped my face stepping back and he just sat there staring at me mocking me! I screamed calling for those pirates that took my baby I called for hours but nothing came. With no voice left I turned my back to the hell hound stepping into the kitchen i grabbed a bottle of jack Daniels ,i was a defeated broken hopeless man and walked past the beast only for it to follow me I didn’t even care anymore .I locked myself in my room with the creature who just sat in the corner mocking me with its Burgundy gaze as I drank the alcohol i started crying as I did, curses got thrown the way of the demon randomly the more drunk I got it just sat there not caring only staring and mocking me silently .


I woke up alone. That is what hurt the most,I made my way down the hall and just sat in Marcelines room I laid on her bed and pretended to talk with her. As my hand slipped under her pillow I pulled out her diary . Opening it I read it all the pages had misspellings and sloppy kid writing but it wasn’t to hard to read thankfully. Most of the entries were about little girl things unicorns, her friends,me getting on to her for something small. I smiled bitterly as I read on all of these entries were from the old neighborhood. Maybe half way thru the diary I found an entry from the house now and about the girl,she had written how “the girl showed up after midnight and would play games with her she told Marcy stories about being on the ocean and living alone on the pirate ship.” There was maybe four more entries before another about the girl ,Marcy said “she use to have a dog but the pirates took it to their ship but now she had a new girl on her ship named Kimmy and she liked to sit on the bow because she was taken by mermaids” Marcy wrote that she thought it was really sad about Kimmy. There was only one more entry about the girl “she said that I can be a pirate to and then we can be adventurers together all I have to do is fly from the window and she’ll let me sit in the tall part of the ship, the birds nest I think. I’m so excited” I started crying again and slipped the diary under her pillow as I cursed the evil witch .

I can hear that song again its playing on repeat in my house its screeching and ripping into my flesh its tearing at my brain I haven’t moved since yesterday ,I’m still laying in her bed.


I left her room for the kitchen and took all of the liquor along with her pictures and drawings only to return to her bed. I haven’t seen that beast again but I feel it watching me still. I know its all around me I feel its eyes bearing into me. I drank thru the two vodka bottles before I passed out with her face in my mind.


Its been four days since I’ve seen that beast, its matted fur that hung around its enormous body that lead to the massive head holding all of those ferocious teeth and its burgundy eyes that seemed to pierce my very soul …those eyes…I could only look at them for seconds until my entire being began to numb. He began coming to me in dreams weeks ago,hell it might have been months I don’t know anymore. He had started stalking me in this world this reality but before it was just in those nightmares. No longer was I safe in my bed after he had ripped my throat away or managed to take chunks of tendons and meaty veins from my abdomen,I could no longer wake up and he be gone now I would awaken and he would be sitting there in the farthest corner of my room Burgundy eyes aglow watching me. He could kill me then and I now pray that he had. I hate who I am I hate that my baby is gone and I hate this God damn song that wont stop playing in my head. I found that marble Marcy had given me in my pocket when I woke up yesterday and here I sit at the edge of the bluff over looking the ocean debating between throwing it or jumping off maybe I could land on a rock snap my back and die . As the wind began to blow forcefully causing the trees to bend and bow behind me i could hear footsteps I turned to see the beast walking out towards me from the woods the screeching of the song got significantly louder as I clutched my ears the marble fell from my grasp. As the beast came closer my ears ached and my heartbeat grew faster I cringed as tears fell down my face from behind the putrid beast walked my Marceline. She stood in front of me and i hugged her tight she was cold tho like stone. Her small left hand rose wiping tears from my eyes as she smiled softly she had me stand and we both faced the cliff with her hand in mine we jumped,that’s what a good dad does right? Follow your baby to the end of the world right? As we fell I clutched her close to me and I could hear her begin to sing. Her song penetrated my very soul as my eyes closed I sang with my baby holding her close “yo ho …yo ho a pirates life for …me…”
Credit To – slowdownkiller

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  1. It’s a little lengthy and lost my attention very quickly. I suggest that you should establish the problem sooner in the story so it doesn’t feel like I’m just reading about a father and a daughter moving to a new house (unoriginal). Why doesn’t the main character talk like a father? And why is a man (I’m assuming that he is in his 30′s since his daughter is young) writing in a diary? It’s a great idea, just needs to be adjusted a little.

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  2. Commas. This. Story. Needs. Commas.

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