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A series of scary events


ghosts and monsters. Harry when he was little had a dream that he had relatives from China. His Auntie and his Uncle and their dog. A husky that was always smiling.His Uncle worked as a postman. One halloween night his Uncle was on his rounds and the dog came with him. They got to a man’s house at midnight. He put the letter through the door, the door opened, a man was there, he pulled the postman and the dog in the house. There was a low screem as if someone had been stabbed and a noise and then a howl as if the dog has been electrocuted. That night his went missing and so did the dog! When Harry woke up he was sweating, he was sweating blood. 5 years later on the exact same day. Harry was walking round the school playground screaming SMILE DOG and his face was purple. I even saw. His friend Caitlin had every time she woke up seen a women dressed in black with 10 children in white clothes. Everytime she sees this she runs away and screems. Her best friend India was one day walking past a tree and got grabbed in and she hears the same words everytime “SLENDER MAN, LISTEN AND YOU WON’T BE HARMED!” and then is sleeping next to the woods an hour after. Finally ther is Daniel, he loves ghost stories but one night he was found sleeping outside and he had glaring red eyes. Now he does not believe any of these and everytime somone mentions a ghost storie his eyes turn red…

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  • Joseph

    you know its gonna be good when the first sentence is “ghost and monsters” oh my

  • Derphone.

    Sorry but what??? I got it in the beginning. He was having a nightmare (not really a nightmare but sure) then he was sweating freakin BLOOD- but he had no problem with that. Then the story takes the turn where I just quit reading: He is running around the playground with an eggplant face trying to find the dogs he saw in his dreams??? What??? Lastly. THEN WHO WAS SMILE?

  • Haz

    Lol. Too good.

  • Eyrion

    dafuq. That’s really all I can come up with.

  • AkaneSukishima

    What is this I don’t even!
    Ter ferk!
    Er mer gerd, herriber perster!
    … I uneven no…
    “Ghosts and monsters” … You got me, I’m shivering. Just the mere mention of such… ghosty and monstery things has me terrified.
    … I didn’t know this could even exist. Nice grammar too.

  • Beefnuts

    Is this a true story??

  • SilentDefiance

    It’s like the author attempted to mash every single Creepypasta monster (Slenderman, etc) into one badly written, mish-mosh of random things that, on their own and with more detail and an idea behind it, could have been scary.

    • leV-Lee

      I’m sure this is a parodypasta. Ghost and monsters, slenderman, red eyes and some other creepypasta clichès.

  • AkaneSukishima

    hey, moderators, this is for you. you mixed up eyrion’s and my comments. check it out.

  • derpbutt

    …I don’t really know what you mean. All we do in regards to comments is hit approve/spam/trash on each one. Sorry.

  • Publisher Of Story

    This is a true story for your info,

  • Sylvie S.

    Wow…just wow. Ugh.

  • DawsonDalight3

    Are you literally telling us this crap is real? Wow its like you think the general public has YOUR brains.

  • DawsonDalight3

    Wow i actually just finished reading this XD
    Did you really attempt to smash 2 of the greatest Creepypasta’s ever in here? Smiledog and Slenderman knockoff :)

  • Sylvie

    Gripping beginning. “Ghosts and monsters…” wow, I’m shaking. And do you even know what Smile Dog actually is? No, clearly you don’t.

    • Indi

      ok this isn’t real, i’m india in the story! My real name is india and i have the best friends [Full names removed. -Derp]. Danny wrote this story and (sorry if your reading Daniel) but what were you thinking? I know it’s not that good but can everyone stop calling him please, would really appreciate it, thanks

  • Hamster

    I wish I could vote this down more.

  • Little Ol’ Me

    i liked it, vote up :)
    must be a true story

    • The Operator



      • Faith

        I love you.

    • craphunter1018

      GET. THE. FUCK. OFF.


    “That night he went missing and so did the dog!” Thanks for adding that exclamation point, it really amplified the suprise.

    In case you’re too stupid to detect my sarcasm, I was just kidding, it sucked.

  • undeadmuffins

    Derpbutt, I think you need to add something new to the site.
    A warning, informing the reader that this pasta is literally hazardous to your well-being, and may compromise you emotionally.

  • Ariana z.

    Are you trolling?

  • harry

    i am the harry in the story and it is true

    • Mr Centurium

      No, it should be:

      “I am Harry in the story and this is fake.”

  • Jonathan

    Looks like the author has some friends who wanna trick us into thinking this shit is true.
    A for Effort

    • daniel

      I am the author and guess what. Your s**t

      • Potato

        Why hello author of the story, from this comment I can tell you are a very mature individual. And if you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic. It is obvious your story is fake and having your little friends hop on and say it’s real doesn’t make it true. Also, if you were trying to insult Jonathon, you used the wrong for of your. It’s you’re shit, as in, this pasta and your sad attempt of trying to say it’s real is shit.

      • craphunter1018

        You do know any reasonable person doesn’t give a rat’s ass about an insult given via the internet, right?

        • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

          You seem to get a bit uppity about it though don’t you. Hypocrite.

          • craphunter1018

            I’m not mad or anything, but how am I being ‘uppity’?

          • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

            Uppity – presumptuously arrogant; “had a witty but overweening manner”; “no idea how overweening he would be”- S.V.Benet; “getting a little uppity and needed to be slapped down”- NY Times

            Just in case you weren’t aware. You weren’t “uppity” in this example but there are many on here that would make this the perfect word to describe you.

      • Paul

        “…are better than my story.”

        There, that is the missing part of that sentance.

      • Doctor Who

        Oh wow. How mature of you. Well you know what, your story is the real s**t. I believe everyone here can agree with me all the way. And I mean what I said in the meanest and most mature way possible.

    • craphunter

      Ah, Alfred. How we used to quarrel.

  • SmileBlackDahlia

    I’m not entirely sure what I have just read, I sincerely hope this is as bad as it gets.

    • craphunter1018

      I just finished ‘Slender: A Personal Account’. Trust me when I say when there are a lot worse pastas out there.

  • The Operator


    Oh no, it gets far worse. Go read ‘SAMANTHA CHRONICLES’ or ‘commando vs slenderman’ – by far, the worse 2 creepypastas on the internet.

  • Shogunfish

    @the Operator

    Or “Jeff the killer (my version)”

    That is possibly the worst I’ve ever read

  • SmileBlackDahlia

    Mind blown! (and not in a good way either). I rest my case.