This is all written of off memory, by now I’m not sure if this is even real or parts of different dreams. I used to be afraid of sirens. Emergency alert system, Amber Alerts, police sirens, you name it. Every time I hear a siren, a feeling of complete dread washes over me. It goes back to my grandfather, you see, he used to watch me when my parents went off to work. When I was young, maybe 7 or 8, is when he started to watch me full time. I was only allowed to watch TV, ONLY cartoons. or movies. or play on the porch. ONLY the porch, for a limited amount of time never anywhere else. Especially the back yard. If I mentioned going to the back yard to my grandfather he would go silent and pale. Sometimes he would shout in anger other times he would simply ignore me. I never understood why. the backyard was relatively normal, the only thing I would consider ‘dangerous’ is that the highway was right behind the house, save for the huge chain link fence that surrounded us. Other than that, there was nothing sinister there.

Sometimes I would see my grandfather in the backyard hanging out clothes or
tending his garden. he would stop and stare off into space. Sometimes he would wave his arms frantically, like if he was telling someone to leave. other times he would drop whatever it was he was doing and run inside. he wouldn’t go back until late at night.

The backyard became a bit of a fixation for me, I mean what was there? why couldn’t I go back there? when I would ask my grandfather why he would never let me play back there, he always responded with the same thing: monsters.

I was stumped. After a while I let it go. a few weeks later (give or take) I began to notice my
grandpa’s behavior change exponentially, he became extremely paranoid. he began to tape the windows shut, deadlock the doors. I wasn’t allowed outside. period.
Once I even caught him trying to nail the backdoor shut. That’s also around the time he became interested in missing children’s cases.
he would always keep the inserts from the paper about missing and exploited children in a scrapbook. every time we’d see a report of a missing child on the news he would say ‘you see?’ do you see why I can’t let you outside? there are monsters everywhere in this world.’I figured my grandpa was just old, and he was just afraid of everything, that’s all.

I don’t understand why my parents decided to leave me with him, especially since they never came to pick me up.
He said it’s because they went on vacation and they called him to say they’d be back in a couple of weeks.
That’s funny, I never saw a phone in the house.

I remember it very well when it happened. I was asleep. The TVs were on, all of them. very loud. I awoke to my grandpa screaming in fear.

“honey hurry! help me close all the doors please hurry!”

“they’re coming! oh god they’re coming!”

I ran through the house

“close the windows! lock the doors! turn off the lights!”

I ran to close the back window when I saw them,

across my backyard

and then.

Sirens were blaring from outside,

I stood, my legs locked in fear, not sure of what’s going to happen next.

My grandpa grabbed me, tears streaming from his eyes.

he told me to go to the bathroom,

“hide in the tub put a blanket over yourself.”

“turn off the lights, lock the door”

and wait.

Don’t breathe.

The sirens were blaring.

Oh god those awful sounds.

Sounds like dying animals, struggling to stay alive,

Can you hear them?

As if the rapture was flourishing itself upon the earth

There were inhumane gurgles and shrieks,

violent banging and screaming.



Explosions like fireworks.

Then silence.

After what seems like an eternity I decided to test the waters, slowly opening the door I saw them hovering above my grandpa, they were dressed in black, like giant ravens.

‘have you found her yet?” asked the leader.

“no, god I hope we’re not too late.” said the second.

“she has to be here somewhere! come on you two! go check around the back!”

“DON’T!” I panicked.

They looked up at once, a look of shock and confusion on their faces.

“….There are monsters back there.”

20 years have gone by and I still don’t believe that any of that happened. I think it was some kind of dream. Although, my mom did tell me I was gone, it was on the news. I like to think she’s joking. I don’t know why I thought he was my grandpa but he was a monster, just like the ones he warned me about.

Credit To – n3scza

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