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Adventure Time war


I just discovered something. Know the kid’s show Adventure Time?
Well, it has a frightening back story. In the intro of every episode, you can see several undetonated bombs lying in the ground. These bombs have nuclear radiation symbols. See where I’m getting at?
In one of the more recent episodes, the planet, named Ooo, is shown. It has a huge chunk missing. Yes, a nuclear apocalypse. In many different episodes, you can see ruins of past civilization. These include, destroyed tanks, ruined buildings, crashed planes, destroyed highways, dilapidated railways, and much more. Finn the human is one of the last humans on Ooo, formally known as Earth. Jake, his faithful companion dog, gained his stretching abilities due to radiation.
But why is this Earth?
In one episode, in the background, you can see several pictures hanging on a wall showing cities. These are captioned “Arizona”,”Orlando, and “Vegas”.
Last piece of ebidence, the one episode that caused all of this to be linked to nuclear fallout is titled “The Great Mushroom War”. This refers to a mushroom cloud, the cloud is a nuclear bomb, or any other extremely deadly explosive, makes when detonating.

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  • Shogunfish

    This is not a secret you know, there is literally an episode that takes place in the alternate universe where the bomb never went off. You didn’t even touch on all the other pieces of this backstory such as the fact that it is implied that the “magic puddle” jake got his abilities from was radioactive sludge from the bomb, etc.

    The key to an unsettling fan theory is that it is not actually a part of the canon of the show, otherwise you are just explaining the show to people.

    Successful theory:
    The babies in rug rats are all figments of Angelica’s imagination.

    Failed theory:
    In Avatar the legend of Korra, Korra is Aang reincarnated, that’s why she can speak with his spirit.

    See the problem here, the reincarnation is part of the actual canon of the show, therefore it is not a theory.

    Nevermind the fact that fan theories are not Creepypastas to begin with.

    • Eve

      The Rugrats being a figment of her imagination was great.

  • Herpu

    Or we could say they are all tripping out on acid

  • Nelsonsfx

    I’ve personally never seen this show, so I’m not really one to judge, but if this is in the storyline, ain’t it a little dark for a children’s show?

    • Preston

      Its not that dark I’ve seen worst on children shows and i really dont consider it a children show when the people that watch CN are like 14 and up.

    • Lady Phantomhive

      It is in the storyline, and yeah, it’s pretty dark — although other elements of the story are darker. Most of the worst stuff will go over kids’ heads, though.

    • BlueFox

      It’s a children’s show, but it’s also aimed at an older audience. Kids who are too young to understand references to warfare, the apocalypse, death, etc will be none the wiser, and older viewers will be entertained by the parts that went unnoticed by their kids/siblings/etc. I’ve never really watched a full episode, but it seems to be very popular with adults.

  • MrNuclearPsychopath

    I actually think that is a good theory just post it somewhere else, it’s not creepy, but it’s great info dude. Post it somewhere else, itll make it

    • AssassinNumber7

      Dude, the theory is canon. It can’t be posted elsewhere ’cause it’ll make the person look like a bigger retard than they already are.

  • Pinkamina

    Wait you watch Creeps McPasta on youtube also. I got mad at his come theory for Adventure Time. Also, have you noticed almost all of his theories involve death?

  • Zero

    So… Adventure Time= I Am Legend?

  • The Operator

    Theory of a Dead Pasta.

    Thank god Lost Episode and Show Theory cliches are starting to die down.

  • Lady Phantomhive

    Can we get a “You Didn’t Even Try At All” on this one? Since it’s not even a theory, they just reposted an actual, acknowledged part of the show’s backstory.

  • BlueFox

    I have a theory, too:

    In Scooby Doo, none of the ghosts or monsters are real. They’re just people in costumes trying to scare away everyone else. The end.

  • Firemonkey4000

    Go on an adventure time website, and tell them this. Maybe they’ll like it!