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Alright i’m literally shaking at what just happened right now. I can’t believe this all happened. alright Sorry i’m not focused it happened about a week ago. I was walking with my friend allen to school as always. Looking across the street I swore I saw someone staring at me from the old school building that was going to be tore down.
Allen shook me saying “You want to be late dip shit?”
I knew he was joking we were always late but after looking back he freaked out for some reason.
“Dude lets GOO!”
I looked again to see nothing thinking it was imagination. It bugged me the rest of the day. It was stupid this was a small town where nothing happened. Everyone knew everyone. Nothing happened.
Still paranoid I looked back at the school…and there in the window was…nothing, paranoia. Knew nothing was in there. Later that night I snuck out to my neighbors house. My parents always fought and it was the best place to go when that happened. I decided to check my Email Looking through it I saw that Allen had E-Mailed me.
“Hey dude This story seems scary u should read it”
It was a link to of course this is this website that I had been multiple times it didn’t send me to the website. i sent me a different website. It had random numbers and letters in the URL and I couldn’t copy or paste it.
I tried to click it again multiple times but nothing worked. It always brought me to a weird website. looking on a page all there was on it was video 1:00 minute long. So Out of a strange o=urge I clicked it. It was blank for the first few seconds then a light flickered. On, off, on, off, on, off. There was another pause when it started again it showed a corpse. It was so gruesome I literally threw up. It was a guy or what looked like it. His eyes were gorged out with them in his mouth. His intestines was tied around his neck hanging him on a building. His legs were broken and cut. His second (Right I think) was nothing of describable. His kidneys hung out one was in his mouth the other hanging out of his stomach. The worst part his heart was out clearly visible…Beating! Thump, thump, thump he was still alive.
For the last 10 seconds it said: (B3 V3RY @FRIAD!)
I ran out of the neighbors house straight to Allen’s house.
“What the Fuck dude!!
“What re you scared to sleep?”
“Where did you even find this how!?”
“Its on creepy pasta, is Jeff the killer to scary for you?”
He clicked his link that he sent to me and it went to Jeff the killer page.
I showed him mine but it also went straight to the Jeff Page.
“What da-”
“Dude you must have just had a nightmare.”
“Here i’ll show you!”
But showing the history it was gone no trace.
He never ended up believing me but offered me to stay the night.
I accepted.

The next 3 days were the worst days of my life. My parents fighting got worse and worse and my Terror-mares got worse and worse. It was the same one very time. I woke up in darkness then the light flickered and a figure with a white face looking down at the ground grabbed a knife, and slowly cut across my chest. grab my intestines wrap it around my neck gorge my eyes, cut out my kidneys. and rip out my heart.
The I would wake up.
It was day 6 of the week I was walking down the street past the school when i looked up I saw the man in the video hanging on the very top of the building.
Blink, gone.
I left as fast as I could.
I was on the way to a party.
There was beer and Girls and all that stupid stuff.
Allen was there. he was with a girl on the couch talking.
Going in the kitchen some pot heads brought some drug that you smoke.
I don’t know why but I took it. Couldn’t understand why but because of everything I was going through I wanted to relax. I was stupid most of the rest was a blur.
After hours of fun I met a girl.
Her name was Jannet. I just met her and we were having fun we interrupted allen hitting on a girl skinny dipped in the hosts pool. (that sobered me up). In the end we started dating.
We were walking home wasted when I passed out and she did to.

I awoke to find my self in a building next to Jana. Panicked I knew where. I was the school. Only It looked different it was newer. Not new new but looked like it was a building. From the 60s at least. THe lights turned on and jana woke up she was as shocked as I was. I told what happened at she started crying she had been having the same dream and video for as long as I had.
We looked around no one. We were in the hall way no doors leading out. one was on the side holding Jana’s hand i grabbed the door. Suddenly it was like a flash.
I saw a young boy in a room. One’s in a mad house. in strap jacket. A girl was looking at files for the kid he had been there sense birth.
Finally I was back to reality and the building looked like it was rotting.
On the ground I saw a rusty knife I picked it up. Realizing Jana wasn’t holding my hand I turned around and she was gone.
I ran and ran to the door. She was holding the door handle. She was seeing what I saw. I grabbed her hand and she snapped out of it. She looked down the hall and almost screamed there was person. Hanging from their intestines it was like the one in the dream but this one was dead. It looked as though it was rotting and decaying for years. She almost ran out but I stopped her.
“There is no way out from there!”
“We have to leave now!”
“I know, i’ll find a way just stay calm and follow me.”
Walking through the hallway there was a window, looking at it showed we were on the highest floor. I touched it and another flash.
It showed a woman giving birth, she was a skittzelfrantic or however you spell it.
She died after birth. The baby lived it was a boy with black hair.
Suddenly I was pulled back. Back to reality the window shattered and Jana pulled me back so I wouldn’t fall.
“WHat the hell were you thinking!”
“I was in another trance…”
“Stop lets just find the stairs!”
We walked down more and more and found another door but it was locked. There was an office we walked in and there greeted us a scent of death. A mans neck was slit and lying on the desk. It was a skeleton with minor flesh on it. pushing him aside I found a file on the desk still covered in blood.

I opened it:

James Jennings or “J.J”
Subject has gene passed on from mother. Often talks in his sleep and to a drawing on the wall. He calls “it” Father. Obvious signs of delusion. Threatens to kill workers at the asylum. He’s only six. We plan to execute him so he won’t stay in pain much longer. He has had incidents when he wakes up with cuts and strange symbols on his back. Obviously he is hurting himself.

No set of kin-ship. Or biological father, untraceable.

Update: 9-12-69
Subject has had improvement. Often talks with other people. Still has delusions. Behavior has secede possibility to execute. New treatment possibility how

I couldn’t read the rest it was covered in blood. On the mans belt was a set of keys. Grabbing them we went to the door and unlocked it. I opened a door and I saw a man the one with the knife the one who I saw in the video. Head facing down. Appeared in front of me. I kicked him and he flung back then went behind in an instant and returned the favor. I turned around and stabbed him near the heart.
He screamed a demonic scream and disappeared. The knife was still on the ground… with no blood no nothing. I turned around Jana was gone. A message written in blood was on the wall.

“Come find me my friend, help me, save her, and while your at it lets have some Fun!!!!”

I turned around there was a toy on the ground. picking it up a note said “up”.
Looking up a corpse was falling. I jumped out of the way and it landed where I was.

The roof thats where he was. I slowly made my way up the stairs.
I saw a terrible sight on the next floor. Piles of dead rotting bodies scattered across the floor. Blood dried all around. The scent filling my nostrils. I almost hurled.

One last floor. There was a dead person on the ground with a gun in his hand, and a cassette tape in the other. Looking at the gun it had one shot left. There was a cassette player and I played the tape:

(Panting, Screams in the back ground.)
“My name is Dr. Samuel Jade. Subject James or J.J is not ill minded at all. It is Of supernatural or pure demon of hell. We can’t kill him. A rare deices that cause’s his tissue to grow at a rapid pace. Nothing can Kill him.
Except a weak sport were the tissue won’t grow the head of lower spine. I’m to weak I don’t to die by his hands escape while you can.

It ended at that moment I heard a scream I ran up to the roof to find him laughing holding Jana.
“You made it.”
“Shut it whore!”
Anger built inside me. I charged at him with the knife. He laughed and pulled a bigger one. I went to stab.
I didn’t stab him. I shot the F,U,C,K,E,R in the head he screamed in pain.
Nothing stopped him though he hit me in the head with a pipe and I blacked out.

I woke up to darkness. Then a light flickered. Oh GOD no!!! My dream wasn’t a dream but a vision of the future.

The light was off for ten seconds. When it turned on he was there. he looked at me with his red demonic eyes, blood down his mouth. The knife in his hand.
Jana was knocked out next to me.

“Do you know what this place is?”
My mouth was bound by duck tape. I nodded my head no.

“This is my home, I’ve never left. Never will! The nurses, oh yes right. This use to be an asylum. A special one. They called it the school. Really it was called the School for the Mentally Unstable.
I was born in it. It’s craziness molded me. No, perfected me. They thought I was a danger. they kept me away from everyone cause they were a danger to me. No I was a danger to them. All of em!”

I looked to the corner of my eye. No door no escape.

“When I was 16, I wanted to kill them all. I always did as a child. I just hid it well. During a new “treatment”, they grabbed a surgical knife thinking I was knocked out. I grabbed it, and killed them all. Only one thing stopped me from escaping.”
I looked calm but I was scarred shitless.
“Daddy wanted me here. Daddy’s always watching me. Daddy’s little boy can’t leave the house.”
“Do you want to meet daddy?”
I shook my head no.

“To bad your going to any way.” He grabbed the knife and stabbed my shoulder. The in my gut. He was laughing, about to slice my stomach open a hatchet fell on his head.
Janna wasn’t knocked out she was up and waited for him to be distracted.
His body instantly collapsed.

We where alive. The lights suddenly turned on. Jana got me off the surgical table I was strapped to.

We were walking to the two rusty metal doors when we heard a violent shriek. Turning around, his corpse floated in the air and his skin peeled off. Instead of a human corpse was a demon with bright red eyes and wings as big as the table I was on.
“Thank you mortal…”

It charged at us. We tried going as fast as we could, but the knife in my stomach prevented us from going that fast. he grabbed me and threw me across the room. Grabbed Jana and threw her into me forcing the knife deeper into my body. He was on top of me know.

Suddenly I woke up in a hospital thinking it was still the asylum I got up and tried to leave. It wasn’t.

Allen had found out i was missing. Looking around town he couldn’t find us, so he called the police. They found me outside the school, Knife in my chest and blood pooling down everywhere. Jana was found outside of a church a priest had entered the school and banished the demon. I blacked out the moment he came in. He supposedly dragged me outside the school. Then the thing came back so he left me, some how knowing I would be okay.

I havn’t recovered from this experience. Everyone says we were abducted by a serial killer.
I believed it thinking I hallucinated most of the stuff I saw in there.

A dangerous gas was found under the building.

Although hours ago I found a note in the mailbox. Written in blood.

“B3 V3RY @FR@ID.”

I don’t know why this is happening.

When I walked in both of my parents where dead just like everyone else at the asylum.

I message said:

“Went to see daddy see you later”

I’m hiding in my room cops are here. No trace of anything.

Hes coming I can feel it. I’m sjhbflblggsahfjklfjkdsaino ijfqw]


Waz Here.
Takin mortal to daddy

Credit To – SilverTheTrainer aka (Me the person writing this story).

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  1. I am afraid…
    of what the world is coming to.

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  2. That’s just Too crappy, Its Scary as Hell but thats just makes me WTF?

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  3. Really? I stoped when he called it the school. Did anybody else pick up on the Maximum Ride rip off?!? Terrible place called the school! The grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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  4. This was a horrible pasta. Sorry to say but it’s true. Here are some ideas.
    1. Grammar
    2. Blood in gore does not make any thing creepy
    3. Rushed
    4. Drugs, I can deal with but when you just walk into a party, walk over and grab some weed, or whatever drug you smoke, is just unnatural
    5. No suspense
    Those are all the things wrong that I found with your pasta.

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  5. O.O? Wut.

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  6. I know it sucked I wrote it out of pure bordem looking back on it I laughed my ass off. Figured it was crap anyway

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    • I don’t have the energy for this today. Just know that your attempt to make yourself look better actually made you look much, much worse.

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  7. I read this in 1 hour, should have been 5 minutes.But,I had to figure out where a sentence ended and another one began.

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  8. Hey Derp, Crappy Cop-Out right here.

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  9. skimmed through, decided not to read once i saw an awful combination of 4 letters.

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