I looked out the car window at the shining Amusement park in the distance. I smiled with joy and looked to my mom in the front seat.
My mom smiled at me. “Do you want to go there? I could ask you’re father to go there next summer vacation.” She said.
“Please?” I asked.

When summer had finally arrived the park was at the same place. I walked a little faster so that I was next to my parents. I love amusement parks as all younger boy’s do. It was late in the summer and why not spend it playing around.
“We will be here by the Ferris wheel come find us if you get lost or want to leave.” My mom smiled at me as she sat on the bench.
“Alright mom.” I smiled back at her and pushed threw the crowd trying to beat the other people o the line.
I stopped when I looked at a large fun house. I always wanted to go in one. My friend say’s they’re fun so I jumped in the long line stretching out almost getting tangled into the marry-go-round line.
It looks like they only let in five people at a time. The first five walked in.
I got excited as I watched the line shrink.
Five more people went in. I stood there wondering were the other five people went. I watched to find out where they came out at but couldn’t see them.
Five more people went in but none came out. I got a chill as I got closer to the tent. There was a clown standing there. But he didn’t look anything like the rest. His eye’s were unfriendly and he looked a bit mad. I didn’t pay much attention but I could have swore he was looking right at me.
Slowly I moved to the front of the line and felt a little shaky.
The clown looked at me. He smelled like smoke and whiskey. He bend down in front of me. “Don’t look back, don’t look to the sides, and don’t touch anything.” He said simple.
Just as I felt like leave the line he pushed me in roughly. It was dark and looked like a long tunnel. I might as well try to get out.
I kept walking forward when I noticed something. Wasn’t there supposed to be four other people? I ignored the fact when I saw a small dot in front of me. It must be the way out. When suddenly, I herd foot steps behind me. At first I thought it was someone else who came in, but it was breathing down my neck inhuman like. I wanted to looked but I followed the clowns advice and didn’t.
The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I could smell something strange like copper.
On the ground some words were carved. ‘Don’t look back’ it said then there was scratch marks as if someone was dragged away.
I could feel it. I could feel it walking behind me, whatever it was. I couldn’t look back now, I was so close to the exit. On the ground I could see more words. This time written in dark red, it looked wet. You have 15 seconds to run out the exit.
I panicked. I was frozen until I saw a number being written in front of me. Fourteen. I realized it was counting down. I started running. I couldn’t feel my legs. It was behind me, breathing on me with it’s sick breath. Taking five steps for every one I did. Twelve, eleven, ten. I saw the numbers under my feet. By now I was too afraid to even think about looking back. Five, four. Tears came out from the side of my eye. I couldn’t think of anything but run. Two. The exit was so close I could taste it. Before I could make it to the end the number one was under my feet. Just like that something grabbed my foot and I tripped. What ever it was, it was slimy. I didn’t look. I just tried kicking it off, but it dragged me. I saw the ending move further and further away from my hands. So far it seemed to disappear.

I looked out the car window at the shining Amusement park in the distance.
“Do you want to go there? I could ask you’re father to go there over summer vacation.” My mom asked.
I stared out the window. “No. No thanks.”

Credit To: VictoriaValentine101

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