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Animal Crossing


Have any of you wondered what happens to your character when you demolish your house?
Why the character goes away as well?

Well the answer is simple…They never left the house
Credit To – tyweezy

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  • lonecreeper232

    So scary… Not going to bed tonight! #nope #allaboardthenopetrain #tooscary4me

  • The Operator

    Red Ring of Dumb. Animal Crossing is a great game that doesn’t need this kind of thing. There are already potential horror stories in game (HELLO GYROIDS.)

  • ashen blood

    uh, what was the point here?

  • BlueFox

    Don’t write creepypastas about games in which you move into a quaint, cutesy-wutesy town inhabited by anthropomorphic animals for you to befriend. I’m sure it’s possible to come up with a decent Animal Crossing one, but you’re clearly not the person for the job.

    Ideally, people would stop writing video game pastas altogether, but I think we all know that isn’t very likely to happen.

  • madinverse

    This is also stupid! STUPID! It’s as if someone decided to scrape the bottom of the Crappypasta outhouse.

    • Aelius Cato.

      Unfortunately this would be more like shoving your hand in. I couldn’t fathom the ungodly abominations that would lie at the bottom of the Crappypasta outhouse. However this is still a massive pile of rancid shit.

      • Estelle

        put your right hand in

        put your right hand out

  • Yossarian

    Actually, I’d assume the character goes away because there’s no reason to hang around a demolished house, but that’s just me.

    • It

      Also, I think the mayor would get poor PR for demolishing a house with people still inside.

  • Elven Vegetable

    Dude, were you even awake when you wrote this?

  • Her Grace Killjoy Rainbow

    So, the author is either saying that:
    The little people get crushed to a bloody pulp along with the house
    They turn into ghosts.

    I personally like the ghost idea. THEY’D BE SO DARN KAWAII!