Video games have always been kind of a way to relax for me. I’ve recently been on a hunt for games from my early childhood, after recently purchasing a GameCube from a local sell and trade store near my high school. I returned back there on an early saturday morning with my girlfriend to see if there were any affordable games I could buy. After browsing the clearance I come across Animal Crossing, one of my favorites. It was only 8.99$, so I thought this was my lucky day, I was wrong.

Going to the cashier of the virtually empty store felt good. just me, my girlfriend, and the cashier. He was very short with us, just telling us the price, not even a thank you, I wouldn’t let him ruin my day.
We get to the car and drive home, both excited to play this nostalgic gem we had come across. We both go inside to find my house empty, my parents had gone out for the day, which was odd because usually they like to relax at home on weekends. The house had an eerie vibe, probably due to the fact that it was overcast and had been raining on and off the past few days. As we go into my room, the same bluish tint as my living room, lit my room just enough to see the GameCube sitting on the floor. I turn on the television, pop open the console, put in the game, and hop up on my bed.

The next few hours were filled with us making our two characters, with houses facing each other in the middle, tutorials, and helping out the villagers. It was all pretty simple. We were having a great time and everything was going normal except one thing, the screen would blur every 15 minutes or so, but it didn’t really bother us.

The town was named Auburn, and I then proceeded to save the game, and shut it off. My girlfriend had to go home at this time because it was nearing midnight, so we said our goodbyes and she left. My parents were still gone, I thought it was a bit odd. I decided to call them, they said they went to a friends house for a get together, and that they wouldn’t be back for a day or two. I didn’t really bother to pester them any more, so I just hung up the phone and headed back to my room.

As I walk back in I notice my room was now pitch black due to time, but I notice a small orange light coming from my floor. It was the GameCube. I thought I had just forgotten to turn it off, but I decided that since it was on, i’d do a little more money making before I headed off to bed. As I turn my television back on it was on the town map. The cursor was moved over to Tom Nooks shop, I thought nothing of this. I pressed the A button and as I did so a loud static noise boomed from my television, resetting the game. Although startled, I kept my controller in hand. It took a while to load but when it finally did the Nintendo screen popped up. Rather then saying “Nintendo” in its happy “Animalise”, it flashed black and white. As it got to the welcome screen the camera was right outside Tom Nooks door. The “Press Start” sign was missing, I pressed start, the screen stayed on Tom Nooks door for about 30 seconds before going to black.

Just as I was about to get up to reset the game (me now being curious about what was going on with the game) Tom Nooks face appeared on the screen. Puzzled, I got back onto my bed and found the controller. I pressed A, and the chat box came up, the only thing that came up was “Thanks for waiting.”. I was starting to get scared, but the more scared I got, the more curious I became. I pressed the A button again and it cut to black, I was in a house, and this was not the character I was assigned. A loud static sound of rain was making it sound like the speakers in my television were blown, I had turned the sound down a little and continued to venture into the game.
I walked outside finding out I was in a different home then the one I had chosen. There was no sound except that of the rain, which seemed a black-ish color, I open my mailbox to find a note from mom, it read “I’ll miss you.”, with a music note at the bottom. I closed the letter and continued walking in the town, which I had realized had been infested with weeds, like I haven’t visited in a while. I found where Tom Nook worked thinking that the map I saw was a clue, and discovered all the towns people, more pale shades then what they were before, crowded around the store, as I came up to them they all looked at me, there eyes were now white. I talked to Bob, one of the townspeople, but all he would say was “Thanks for waiting.” As I read that over and over again a chill ran down my spine, wondering; what could possibly be happening?
I walk to Tom Nooks door and just as I was about to go in, the game resets itself. I have had enough at this point, I turn it off completely and lay down for bed.

It was around 4 am at this point and I still haven’t been able to get to sleep, tossing and turning thinking about what I had just saw. When all of the sudden the “Nintendo” Insignia appears on my screen. I jolted up from my bed horrified as I realized the game started up, I slowly put my hand down to get the controller to try and just play the game out, as it wanted me too. The animal crossing Sign comes up with Tom Nook in my basic home, with the lights off, looking at the camera. I press start with my shaking hands and it freezes, then goes to black. I am back on the train from the beginning of the game. Nook, instead of the cat, walks up to me. “Mind if I take a seat?” I pressed A expecting to be able to have a reply, but it only just let him take his seat, which there was no animation to, he just snapped into the seat in front of me.
He stared at me for about a minute before saying “Thanks for waiting.” The turnip salesperson was still in the back of the train, but instead of sleeping and waking up, she appeared lifeless. With her head back she laid still. I press A, and Tom nook goes to use the phone, the gray lettering is just a series of “…”’s.

The game has becoming terrifying, I just wanted it to end. I shut off the gamecube, afraid to unplug it because I feared for my own life at this point. I go look outside to see if my parents had come back but the car is still not there. Anxiously walking back to my room, I come back to a black screen with the words in a chat box below. it read; “Thanks for waiting.” I was mortified. I had no choice anymore but to unplug the system. I slowly creep to the middle of my bedroom where my Gamecube sat idle. I slowly but surely kneeled down to shut unplug the back. Right as I do a loud “Nintendo” game opener showed up. This time it was different. It was more violent, with a blown speaker effect coming from my Television. The game was finally shut off, for good. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it was over, I rolled onto my bed and went to sleep.

I awoke at around 6 am with a ringing in my ear. I layed and stared at the sealing when after a few minutes i noticed something.

The Gamecube was on…

A heatwave of fear rushed over me as now i knew this was paranomal, something was in the game that I couldn’t explain. I dont think anyone could’ve explained. The Television, almost noticing I had awoken turned on. It was the title screen of Animal Crossing. The sound was distorted majorly and playing backwards, and the screen was of all the townspleople surrounding Tom Nook.
Freaking out and using instincts I rushed to grab my phone, then to where the game itself was plugged in, and yanked it out.
Everything went black and silent for a moment. I turn my television off and go to call my girlfriend to tell her i’m coming over when I see I have a text message.

6:47 am
Thanks for waiting.

I hear my bedroom door close behind me.

Credit To: Andrew Schueneman
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