It was Saturday morning. There was a snowstorm outside. I live alone in my deep empty house with nobody inside. I never met a friend because nobody wants me. So i was alone and i have a stupid job and a stupid life. The only thing that made me less alone was animal crossing on the wii. Please notice that i never play a older game of the franchise and animal crossing:city folk was the only animal crossing that i played in the entire franchise. So i put the disc on my wii and the game started. The first thing i notice is that several trees was cut and there was some holes on the ground.No NPC will cut or dig in the game strangely. And them i met someone. No not a new villager NPC but a real player. A chat box appear over him that says *hello*. So i use the chat to say *what are you and were you came form?* -*Im Brody* *i am alone.Can i be your friend please?* This was the chance of my life to have a friend,finally! But i never met him so i was a little bit suspicious.But i say *yes* anyways. So i was doing stuff me and Brody in the game (pick up apples,go to the city etc) but it was already 12:00 AM so i say to him *oh man i have to go because my job awaits me* then Brody says *do you promise me to visit me?* – *Yes i will!* So turn off my wii and i got to my work. After that i go back to my wii to play animal crossing and then things getting worst. First off when i spawned,my character face looks depressed. Then i got a mail. The mail reads *Your town looks better that my town. But now i take my revenge. Look you damn house and your town,you will be surprised -Brody* After i read this letter,i decide to go inside my house. My house interior was ruined. All my furniture was destroyed Everything looks grouse. Then i go outside of my house to check what happened. My town was empty. No NPC was there. And the worst,the house of the NPC was ruined. All the tree was cut. All.All the sings of my town read *No existence*.And then Brody appear. He says *im glad that you returned* Then i talk to him *what do you have do to my town why Brody WHY?* -*Come to my town,you will see why* So i came in his town to see that all his town is ruined and nobody was there (the npc) *now you see why i have destroyed your town. Your town is better than me but you don’t deserve it. Now your life comes to a end!!!* My game fade to black and my wii restarted. So i return to my game to see that my file was erased. Now today, i never touched animal crossing again. Then one day i received a letter (in real life) that reads *I will always watching you…-Brody* Then i realized that is the guy i have meet in animal crossing.This started to be creepy. I look on a window to see a strange man outside. He smile at me…

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