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Artist of death


I’m just gonna put the basic idea of the story bc I can come back and edit it later. (right?)
A 16 yr. old girl named Emilie was kidnapped. Her kidnappers put her in a really small room, but she’s claustrophobic and started freaking out. The kidnappers came into the room and tried to kill her, but she managed to take one of their weapons away, and killed them all. She escaped into the forest, and found an abandoned house. She lives in the house, but goes out every other day to kill four people. only four, each night. ^.^ is it good? again, that’s just the basic idea.

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  • derpbutt


    The answer to both questions is “no.”

  • indoom

    the thing with this is that. When people make “evil” characters, and dont give them a well thought out story, Its like yo almost knew already she was gonna be a murderer, yet couldnt make up a good enough back story, Evil characters that are evil for the sake of being evil arent cool, THEY are boring as shit They have to have a reason, A belief .. Insanity is the easy way out think of something new, Does she have a new vendetta against humanity and the corruption of mankind? Also if they wanted to kill her, They’d have no reason at all to just take her to a small box, theyd end her right there at the spot. Also the first thing i do, when getting myself out of kidnappers grasp surely isnt to go find help but sleep in an abandoned house, whilst i am armed. :\..

  • Amnestey

    …why does she only kill four people?
    Why every night?
    Why did her escaping turn her into a murderous recluse?
    And how did a 16 year old overpower men with weapons?

  • Shogunfish

    Wow, what the fuck? Talk about not understanding how this website runs. If you don’t have a story don’t post a story! It’s not complicated.

    Also, this is one of the most cliche pasta ideas I’ve ever heard.

    • Shogunfish

      Oops, it told me this comment failed to post, but apparently it didn’t

  • Shogunfish

    Wow, what the hell? Talk about not understanding how this website runs. If you don’t have a story don’t post a story! It’s not complicated.

    Also, this is one of the most cliche pasta ideas I’ve ever heard.

  • Shogunfish

    Hey derpbutt, are the comments rejecting swearing now?

    • derpbutt

      No, but comments don’t officially go through until I approve them manually. You’ll see your comment for a moment, then it will disappear until I approve it.

      There are some words (mostly ones common in spam) and slurs that trigger autospam, but ‘fuck’ is definitely not one of them.

  • The Operator

    We are not your critique area or your testing grounds. Go home.

  • Nozomi

    You seem to have two different concepts here that don’t really fit with each other (they could with some work, but yeah…). Pick one and toss the other half.

    1. The kidnapping plot. Claustrophobia can be terrifying, and there’s various ways to make such a concept work (generally with a writer who’s good at descriptive prose). It could develop into a reasonably good psychological pasta if you spent a lot of work on it, but there’s no guarantees.

    2. Girl in an abandoned house who kills four people every night. This could be interesting if you can establish why she’s doing so, and add sufficient creepiness to her motives and/or execution. I feel like this might be more down your alley, but you’ll need to establish a clear setting, develop a sequence of events that can be followed, and end it off with something good.

  • Hamster

    Does anyone read the rules before submitting their story?

  • Hamster

    I love how you say she kills four, but only four, every night. Like five would have been excessive so she keeps it under control and only kills four. I think that would draw someone’s attention if four people were murdered every night.

  • Yossarian

    I honestly thought about ranting and raving on the stupid, bare-bones outline you posted, but I decided you aren’t worth it. You’ll have to put in the effort of writing a whole story before you get my hilariously callous response.

    • Tamilist

      Responses like yours Yossarian are the only reason I take the time to read these terrible pastas. Otherwise it just wouldn’t be worth it.

  • Alfred Frederick Dingelbottom

    This isn’t that kind of site. Your idea is poorly thought through. If you were to make this an actual story it would end up next to the pile of crap you’ve already submitted.

    Please don’t hurt me.

  • BlueFox

    Why would you think you could edit it later if you submitted the story via email? The fact that you weren’t asked to register an account on the website at any point during the submition process also should have been a clue.

    • derpbutt

      I think that a lot of people confuse us with the wiki.

      • The Operator

        Thank god we’re not the wiki. That place has horrible standards. As in, they’ll accept near anything.

        • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

          I’ve only visited the Wiki once. It was a dreadful place to be. It makes even the pathetic troll pastas on this site seem like effort was involved.

  • some dude on the internet

    The wiki has lower standards than crappypasta? Considering they accepted “Console me” I’m not having a hard time believing that, when will people get it though their heads that romance isn’t cruise-control for creepy. It was more like a gamers dream come true.

    • derpbutt

      Not trying to step into the quality debate (my original point was just that people can edit their wiki pastas and people confuse/conflate our two sites pretty often – I frequently get hate mail/requests for tech support/etc that’s meant for them and I assume vice versa), but… do you understand what Crappypasta is?

      This is where the rejected pastas go in order to receive feedback. You don’t get “accepted” for Crappypasta. Authors can choose to have their work posted here if it’s rejected from the main site.

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      Some dude on the internet. I wrote out an entire post explaining to you that this site is definitely better.

      I read your comment again and I think I got the wrong end of the stick. Are you agreeing that the wiki is bad? Your comment is a little bit confusing.