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Banned Adventure Time cover


One day the creators of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network made a cover unsuitable for kids.The cover showed Finn the human holding a knife and pointing it at Jake the dog.Jake the dog was laying on a table and freaking out from Finn the human.The people that created Adventure Time said that the cover was too inappropriate for children.The episode was labeled ”The Enchirideon”.The episode was still aired but the cover was forced to be changed.The new cover for the episode ”The Enchirideon” was changed to a book with a skull, A bird, and grapes on the book.As of we know we don’t know what went on with the creators of Adventure Time!Why would they think about this?Do they not care about children?

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  • Nozomi

    Oh goodness. Won’t someone please come protect me from the horrible unused cover art for a children’s cartoon?!?!?!

  • The Operator

    Ahh. I am afraid.

  • blazekom


  • Yossarian

    This is the image from the Adventure Time Wiki. Yes, the show’s artists really did make it. However, rather than being sinister, I believe it’s one of those things show creators will do to get certain questionable material let into an episode. They put something so horrible in that the censors reject it and are more likely to leave whatever the other material was in the show.

    Wow, this is as bad as that Adventure Time “theory” pasta that said the show took place after a huge world war, which has been pretty much confirmed in the show’s canon.

  • Hamster

    Please find something else to occupy your time author of this story. This was an obvious troll and it wasn’t even a tad bit humorous.

  • UndKeineEier

    This story needed more spaces. Preferably one big large space where the story had been before the author received a brief moment of clarity and deleted this garbage.

  • AssassinNumber7

    … I have nothing to say to you…

  • OMG!It’sBacon


  • Jacob

    this is creepy i just saw the picture but i’m sorry to tell you but that’s not the only banned episode. …… there is another just as horrible but the one you told is even horrible than the one i mention.

  • Becky

    “As of we know we don’t know what went on with the creators of Adventure Time!Why would they think about this?Do they not care about children?”

    Judging by the extreme trauma the fandom went through after the entire Simon and Marcy ordeal, probably not.

  • Ms.Not-So-Human

    I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to make Adventure Time scary, considering all the disturbing shit that happens in the show itself.

  • PastaPalooza

    That ending made me laugh. Won’t somebody please think of the children! I think a soccermom wrote this. ( And yes Iam aware that the picture actually exists )

  • Amy

    This was not even fun. •–•