I have never been a trusting person, so why I didn’t doubt this girl I don’t know. She seemed nice, had a really good body and it was a long while since id “gotten some”. This was the first time I’d ever met a girl while out fishing alone, and I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity, and therefore followed her back to her tent. The moon was rising, but there was still a dark, eerie feeling down by the lake where her tent was. I asked her if she had matches or if I should run back to my own tent and fetch some. Before I finished my sentence she tossed me a lighter and smilingly told me to make the fire small and cozy, so that nobody would catch us being together. I figured she probably had a boyfriend and wanted to make sure he didn’t bust in on us.
While I was lighting the fire, she leaned into her tent to fetch some food, exposing her lower back to me. Usually a nice lower back really turns me on, but hers had weird spider-leg like hairs. I only saw them for a split second before she covered up with her sweater, but they kinda shook me up. That feeling quickly disappeared when she turned around and smiled a broad, white smile at me though. After a short while we started heating up some hot dogs on the fire, and even though she had been complaining about being hungry she didn’t eat anything. When I asked her about it, she just shrugged and said she wasn’t hungry any more.
After a while we started cuddling. At first her skin was like the softest rose petals, but as the moonlight hit her something changed. At first I couldn’t really put my finger on it, so we kept going. This led to that, and we both ended up inside her sleeping bag. It was a really tight fit, but we made it work, making out like crazy, caressing each other all over. While we were doing this, I noticed something stinging my hands the way beard stubble does if you don’t shave. She quickly grabbed my hands and put them on her thighs instead and smiled. I smiled back the best I could, but it was obviously false because this girl started kinda creeping me out. One thing was seeing her spider-leg hairs, but touching them was completely different. Now that the making out died down a little, I started noticing her skin. Most of her body was beautiful, she wasn’t tan, but her skin still looked really healthy and nice. At the parts of her body where the moonlight didn’t hit that was.
She must have noticed that I was acting different and told me in a sexual voice that it might be best if we move into her tent. By this time I wasn’t the least turned on anymore, and began making up some kind of excuse for why I should return to my own tent. But then she got naked, and I felt a drawing towards her so strong I couldn’t deny her and into the tent we went. This time it was really on, and we started satisfying each other in every way possible. After a short while I noticed that she never had her back to me. This got me thinking about how freaked out I was, but I couldn’t focus on that, her draw was just too strong.
When we started having sex I knew something was wrong. At first she was sensual and sexy, but the second intercourse started she began acting hostile. Not physically, there was just something wrong with how she acted, what she said and how she moved. It reminded me of how a female spider moves during sex, getting ready to kill the male. How that is, is hard to describe. She wasn’t growing extra arms or fangs, but she was extremely disturbing to me now. Still I couldn’t make myself stop having sex with her. After a long while we both finished up. I was lying beside her, white-faced and scared shitless. I couldn’t really put my finger on why I was scared, which scared me even more. I must have fallen asleep at one point, cause when I opened my eyes she was sitting on top of me spewing some kind of fluid onto my hand. It smelled like stomach acid times ten. I tried getting her off me, but my body was weak and all I accomplished was halfway opening the tent flaps. As the moonlight hit her body I could see that she was covered in tiny moving insectoid-looking creatures. The shock jolted me so hard she fell off screeching. I rolled out of the tent, ripping at my skin convinced I was covered in the same filth she was. I headed straight into the small lake, trying to wash what-ever-that-was off of my body. She never came out of her tent. She didn’t answer when I shouted at her, asking what the hell was going on. If anything this scared me even more. I ran naked back to my tent, grabbed my most essential belongings and ran all the way back to my car. Luckily she didn’t follow me.
A few days after this strange occurrence I started feeling ill, and ended up in the hospital. The doctors ran all kinds of tests on me, but couldn’t tell me anything conclusive, just that there was something wrong with my blood work. After a few days a doctor I’d never seen before showed up telling me he was a specialist on blood deceases, but that he had no idea what was wrong with my blood. He rambled off a lot of forgettable facts, but ended with showing me an enlarged picture of my blood cells. I screamed in horror as I saw them in there, looking exactly like they had on her. Small insectoid creatures, devouring my cells.
It’s a day since he showed me the pictures now. My body is shutting down, and I can no longer speak. Luckily the hospital had one of those Steven Hawking-machines, and that is what I’m using to write this now. I don’t have much time left, and I’m hoping that getting this out on the internet might help find the girl I met in the woods. She might be the only person able to help me now, and that terrifies me.
She terrifies me.

Credit To: Eivind

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