I love bubsy 3d it’s one of my favorite games ever. i lov bubsy he is sooo muh better than sonic and mario!! but when i went to a garage sale i found bubsy 3d a game i haven’t played since i was about nine NINE! so i went to bye the game and then the garage seller said dont buy this game its relly bad and then after bying it i punched him then ran off home! i then got out my dusty old playstation and thenm played the dawm game. the game started off fine as i watched the intro but then when bubsy started taking instead of saying “i knew i should of tooken that left turn up uranus what is soemthing i said ? what could possibly go wrong?” he said “STOP LAYING THIS SHIT NOW!!!!” i was like “what the fuck” so whn i went to the title screen and then seletced level one i noticed after loading the game was different. the music was pinkie pie’s do the pony pokey but backwards in g major i was like “what brony put this fuckn shit on!” . the graphics were disported and bubsy was splattered in blood and everywhere had loads of blood splattered everywhere. I was like “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!” then i kept on playing. when i ran into a red floating quenstion mark bubsy said “stop playing this now or i will fucking kill you dont you ever play this again…” i was like why the fuck would he say that then i kept on playing. i relised that playing on was the worst mistake of my fucking life because when i got the fucking second rocket it faded into a cutscene with a black background with bubsys fur started to melt off nd when bubsys eyes started to go zalgoed, when this happened i was like “man fuck this game” and i then took out this game from my ps1 and broke the damn disk and never wanted to play it ever again.
Credit To – The Great And Powerful Trixie

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