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Bubsy 3D 666


I love bubsy 3d it’s one of my favorite games ever. i lov bubsy he is sooo muh better than sonic and mario!! but when i went to a garage sale i found bubsy 3d a game i haven’t played since i was about nine NINE! so i went to bye the game and then the garage seller said dont buy this game its relly bad and then after bying it i punched him then ran off home! i then got out my dusty old playstation and thenm played the dawm game. the game started off fine as i watched the intro but then when bubsy started taking instead of saying “i knew i should of tooken that left turn up uranus what is soemthing i said ? what could possibly go wrong?” he said “STOP LAYING THIS SHIT NOW!!!!” i was like “what the fuck” so whn i went to the title screen and then seletced level one i noticed after loading the game was different. the music was pinkie pie’s do the pony pokey but backwards in g major i was like “what brony put this fuckn shit on!” . the graphics were disported and bubsy was splattered in blood and everywhere had loads of blood splattered everywhere. I was like “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!” then i kept on playing. when i ran into a red floating quenstion mark bubsy said “stop playing this now or i will fucking kill you dont you ever play this again…” i was like why the fuck would he say that then i kept on playing. i relised that playing on was the worst mistake of my fucking life because when i got the fucking second rocket it faded into a cutscene with a black background with bubsys fur started to melt off nd when bubsys eyes started to go zalgoed, when this happened i was like “man fuck this game” and i then took out this game from my ps1 and broke the damn disk and never wanted to play it ever again.
Credit To – The Great And Powerful Trixie

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  • Woah

    You should’ve broke that disk a LONG time before u played it.

  • Star Kindler

    Dude, you have poor taste in games. Don’t you see, Bubsy was just trying to keep you from playing a terrible game. He’s the real hero here!

    Ah, well, points for actually snapping the disc in half like I’m always wanting people to do in these stories.

  • Yossarian

    So we’re making Zalgo a verb now, huh?

  • Knight_Walrus

    Author, while I admire your efforts, trying to write after that accident left a railroad spike in your brain, (or something similar) I have to say that maybe, you should try something else. Maybe you’ll have better luck painting. I wish you luck with your future endeavors (unless it involves writing again).

    • Faith

      Phineas Gage style?


      Walrus, please kill me now… the low IQ of this story is just staggering.

      But no seriously, how can you fail at spelling the word “buy” when you had already spelled it correctly?

  • Ryan

    Pro tip: if the reader has to Google what the hell the game is, and if she or he has not the slightest idea what the game is, either you’re hipster scum or you have poor taste in games. I honestly had to Google the game, finding the wiki didn’t enhance this piece of crap one bit. Though I now, along with Yossarian, agree that this writer (I use that term loosely), has poor taste in games.

    • Gladostron

      I mostly agree with you, but I’m aware of quite a few people who know who and what Bubsy is, be it the failed games or the failed cartoon pilot.

  • Ben

    I lost suspension of disbelief as soon as he said Bubsy 3D was one of his favorite games.

  • thatderpmoment

    Wait a minute; You punched him?


    • JojoBal0ney0

      Naah, My thoughts are that he sissy slapped him with a girly “Meh” and the “Garage Seller” started running after him, and thats why he ran off.

  • Zero

    OMG GAIZ!! There was blood and i was all like AAAAHHHH WTF BROS THAT IS SO CRAY-CRAY!

  • Faith

    “so i went to BYE the game and then the garage seller said dont BUY this game its relly bad and then after BYING it i punched him then ran off home!”

    If you can spell it correctly once… you can spell it correctly again. Come on derpbutt. You are (maybe… possibly) better then this!

    • derpbutt


    • Servonator

      Didn’t you read the “credit to” part? Derpbutt didn’t write this; the Great and Powerful Trixie did (honestly I expected better from her).

  • Lena


  • pinkamina

    What’s wrong with ponies. Even murderous ponies have feeling. Jerk

  • Pax

    I’d suggest this go under the catagory “Pottymouth” as well, but that would mean somebody would have to care enough to do that. And I find it hard to believe anybody would care about… THIS.

    • JojoBal0ney0

      and possibly MLP filler? he mentions MLP twice, not even mentioning his name…

  • Diego Parada-Lopez

    Hey um what the fuck? and Bubsy? play minecraft and if you see blood take that shit out immediately or Different text or something…
    Rip it out
    (_o) (0_) (Mean eyes) And what the hell minecraft relaxes with music but is whole nether’ story at night. GET IT

    • JojoBal0ney0

      I think you got confused as to which pasta you were commenting on, and then you kind of went fanboy youtuber there at the end.

  • PanthEd

    Once upon a time there was a man called Jack he owned a very big house. The house was made of polystyrene and marshmallows. He had a wife. She lived in the shed. The shed was made out of his wife’s hair style. Jack also had a son, he was made out of his Dad’s sperm and one of his Mum’s eggs. He looked not too dissimilar to his parents. But he had fourteen arms and no trousers.

    Woops, did I just write a better story…..

  • pie

    what the pie

  • pie

    what the freaking pie

  • JojoBal0ney0

    Obvious troll is obvious. I read the first two sentences and it’s a;ready too obvious it stands out. Bubsy 3D is known to be one of the worst PS1 games out there. Need i say more? No. I hope not. Terrible pasta from a terrible brony from a terrible fan base.

  • I do things, you die

    You play a game called BUBSY…While you cuss throughout the entire story.
    ”i love bubsy 3d its my favorite game ever”
    A couple of words later…
    ”but when i went to a garage sale i saw a game bubsy 3d a game i havnt playd”
    Stop it RIGHT THERE. And throw this computer in a laptop you cliche eater.

  • http://crappypasta xxllvv

    ”I love bubsy he is sooo much better than sonic and mario”stopped reading afthat because his games SUCK BUTT

  • eboyblue3

    this troll

    is a troll

  • TeamSHT

    I actually feel like I’ve gotten dumber after reading this.

  • 20% cooler

    What. The. Heck.
    That was a really bad story.
    But nice references.

  • Zer0 The Assassin

    What the fucking hell/This writing is atrocious/You could do better.

  • ArmstrongFury

    honey boo boo could have written a better story than this peice of whale crap

    i really don’t know how much longer i can go on in life after reading this. Instead of trying to attempt make me creep-ed out in such a sloppy manner, you have successfully made me severely depressed as if humanity has given up on a cancer cure. really….. this. is. just. HORRIBLE.

  • PastaPalooza

    I can’t breathe! Oh my god! This is so bad it’s hilarious . Seriously give this guy an Emmy , an Oscar , please just take my awards! Holy shit! This is comedy gold! But seriously, when you made this, did you eat a load of scrabble words , and shit them out, just to type out what they said? Please, cut your arms off.