When you sleep you close your eyes, when you walk you open them,  could we live longer if it was the other way around? or should we  cut our eyelids off… it was 9:46 pm, i went to put my daughters to sleep after a nice meal my wife had cooked us. i tucked my youngest in first, thats when i realized my oldest daughter was missing. I went down stairs to the kitchen, thats where i heard rumbling. I didn’t see her but i did see the fridge slightly open, you could see the light from it spliting the darkness, i went to close it… but it wouldn’t close, something was in the way. I opened the fridge… my legs gave out when i saw my daughters head twisted around. BANG* ” dad its mr.tim he’s at the door wake up!” i opened my eyes ” uh hold on sweetie im coming” i went to get up but i felt something watching me, i turned around… oh of course ” Tim! i thought you had the day off Monty! what is Tim doing here!” my wife Judy  scalded me. Her hair was so frazzeld i couldn’t take her seriously.” i’ll go see” kiss*
Credit To – 2209panda1

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