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Cheshire Woods


‘Journal Entry 8/13/13′ I woke up early this morning to finish putting the boxes in my room to the U-Haul. We were moving to a new place again. The Cheshire Woods in Galena, Ohio. A house in the middle of them. I’ve heard so many rumors about Cheshire Woods… Like one there is this girl that lives there not in the house but in the woods. She used to live with her mother in that house before a serial killer killed her mother. The strange thing was that the killer didn’t kill her…. There were other parts of the story I just cannot remember it. I’ll look it up and tell you tomorrow Journal.
‘Journal Entry 8/14/13′ OK Journal I’m terrified now I don’t want to move I’m fine here!! I looked up the story and here’s how it goes… “Cheshire Woods- The Cheshire Woods are named after a girl that used to live in a little house in those same woods that went unnamed for hundreds of years. The woods are named after the girl Cheshire Woods. Her mother Diana Woods was murdered one day when a serial killer had escaped from jail and killed hundreds of people.. The girl Cheshire however was not harmed but went missing the next week along with the killer himself. No one knows what happened to this girl. But it is rumored that she still roams the woods. So far everyone that has lived in that house has moved, died, or have been severely injured within the first few weeks.
Here is an account of a Mr. and Mrs. Poppy who lived in the house for two months before moving with reasons of hearing loud crashes and high pitched screaming. Here is their story: “Well we lived in the house back in 2010 it was a cute little house other than needing a few tweaks here and there. But after a week of living in the house we started to here crying like a girl about 16. We had no children at the time so we had no idea what was happening…. We searched the woods for a few feet of the house but saw nothing.. The crying continued the whole rest of the week then just stopped. But the next week we started to hear humming about like a child’s lullaby. It was beautiful but again we had no idea where it was coming from.. Again it continued for a week then stopped for the next two weeks. But about one month of living there the scary things started to happen… One night I came home from work while Mrs. Poppy was still at work. I went to the kitchen and saw a girl around 16 sitting at the table…She had black tears rolling down her face and she was pale. Abnormally pale almost WHITE. Her eyes were pure silver. She looked like she came out of a black and white horror film.” So we asked Mr. Poppy for more details and asked if we could make a sketch… Well turns out he had a picture. “I don’t know how the girl left but I turned around to grab the phone and when I turned back around… She wasn’t there.. But there was a note that said ‘Cheshire Cheshire Cheshire Woods’ I immediately froze and the name came back to me.. I had remembered hearing on the radio about her but only her name.. How I got the picture one day I decided to walk through the woods. Trying to find her for whatever reason instead, she found me and stood there for a minute just smiling like a maniac. I brought my phone up just in time to take a picture before she disappeared.
I’ll never forget her face. Her eyes. She had deep, wide scars on her neck in places along the collar of her dress. The next week my wife was cleaning dishes while I was in the backyard. She and I heard this horrifying scream come from upstairs. We both ran up the stairs and saw Cheshire laying in our hallway screaming and crying her black tears.. My wife at the time had no idea who this girl was so she started to go towards her and here’s how our conversation went..
“Sweetie, are you OK?”
“What? Zach can’t you see this girl is hurt?!”
“I’m no demon…”
We both froze and looked at her.
“But….I am going to be your worst nightmare if you don’t get out.”
She then simply got up and just fizzled…Not a poof or a puff just a fizzle. The last thing I remember seeing was Cheshire in the window waving and smiling that maniac smile.

‘Journal entry 8/15/13′ We’ve moved to this new house and it doesn’t seem so bad. Those families must have been crazy!! The woods are a little creepy but all in all it’s really nice.. It’s almost 11:00 pm we’ve been unpacking and sorting all day since about 10:00 this morning. I’m feeling really tired I think I’ll go to bed I’ve got to get up early again and help unpack again. Goodnight.

“End of Journal for tonight” I said to myself I got up and changed into my pajamas and brushed my hair and teeth and pulled my hair up. I felt a sudden cold chill and shivered. My parents went to bed about half an hour ago. I laid down and felt my eyes close slowly..
I sat up with a jolt.
“Are y-you OK?”
I got up and grabbed my old bat. I went to go and check on my parents but they were still asleep. How? I have no idea.
I heard a high pitched scream but my parents still didn’t wake up. I walked in and tried to wake them up. But they didn’t wake up… they were still breathing thank God. I figured I was just hearing things and went back to bed. But as I walked in my room I felt another….presence? I felt around for my journal but it wasn’t there. I looked around the room and sitting there in the corner of the dark room was a girl about 16 with jet black hair and piercing silver eyes. She had something running down here face…black tears. Her outfit was a tattered, black, silk dress with boots covered in spikes, a black, frayed vest and a little choker necklace that had a little bell in the middle. I felt fear run through me. She was reading something.
My Journal!!!
She just looked up and smiled maniacally. She stood up and dropped my journal and a….pen? She fizzled she didn’t float she fizzled.. I picked up my journal and pen and was about to write in but written at the bottom of the page was a note in scratchy handwriting.’Cheshire Cheshire. Cheshire Woods. I’M VERY REAL.’ I dropped my journal and fell back onto my bed. I felt my breathing quicken and my heart about to beat out of my chest. Things started to blur and the next thing I knew I was out. I heard voices not my parent’s voices but…..voices. I tried to sit up but it felt like there was a force pushing me down. I started to hear something like a lullaby.

‘Come dear child to my home in the woods, let darkness lead the way,’
It was beautiful.
‘You’ll find comfort for the night, as your troubles fade away,’
I felt myself go into some kind of trance.
‘Let your weary eyes find their rest, as dreams they will convey,’
I felt myself slowly go just….out of it.
‘To a place you will never leave, we hope you enjoy your stay.’
I felt a sudden shock and screamed and when I woke up I was in my bed with my parents standing over me and a doctor rummaging through his bag.
“You blacked out sometime last night and you’re eyes have been open all night they were completely silver.”
I fell silent and felt myself pale. I got up and tried to go to the kitchen.
“Wait!” the doctor screamed “, you can’t get up”
He looked at me funny then looked at something behind me and went completely white and his eyes went silver… He fell over and got a look of ease on his face. Then a few seconds later he got a look of horror and screamed. Then everything went silent. The doctor looked dead. I put my ear against where his heart was. No heartbeat.
No answer. I ran upstairs and looked in my parent’s room. There they laid in the floor their faces were almost as white as the wall behind them. Their eyes were silver and looked like they had no tension whatsoever. I felt tears brim my eyes. I knew what was coming. The look of horror crossed my mom’s face first them my dad’s. Then here came the screams the bloodcurdling, spine chilling screams. Then it was silent once again. I listened once again for a heartbeat.
I sat on my parent’s bed and cried and cried and cried. Then I felt a cold chill. I looked up and saw Cheshire staring at me with her cold eyes.
I screamed at her. She was silent. But then she said something barely audible.
“You survived my lullaby. You are now a child of my woods.”
I felt a shock go through my entire body.
Then everything went black When I woke up I was in a hospital bed with needles attached to me and my entire body was wrapped except for my eyes.
“That’s all that I remember. And for all I know she’s still out there and expanding.”
I told the doctor and he looked at me questioningly.
“This is all of it?”
“All that I can remember”
“No age?”
“13″ I said with slight annoyance.
The psychiatrist looked at me, nodded, and wrote something down.
“That will be all for the day Ms. Leonard. Have a nice day”
The doctor left and all that was left to do was sit and stare at the wall for the rest of the day. Like every day. My relatives put me here in this straight jacket because they claimed I went crazy after my parents died. They claimed that it drove me to insanity and that I made these scars and burns on my body. It wasn’t my parent’s death. It wasn’t that house. It was what came with the house. I still have memories of what she called being a ‘Child of the Woods’.
All of the screams.
The faces of horrified children.
Her silver eyes scarring those images into my head when we would not help her.
Cheshire’s lullaby.
I’ll never forget that tune or the lyrics. And all because of Cheshire. Cheshire. Cheshire Woods..

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  1. I’m WHITE! Does that make me unnatural? Why do you go from journals to talking?

    There is so much wrong with this, I can’t even… I can’t even… gah…

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  2. Myeh, another story with typical ‘creepy evil young girl’ cliche. It seems to be resurfacing, and I don’t care for it at all.

    ‘Maybe I am. Cheshire is just a creepypasta. Creepypasta’s aren’t real.’ CREEPYPASTA RULE 2: NEVER MENTION CREEPYPASTA IN A CREEPYPASTA OH GOD

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