Hello, my name is Andrew. I recently became a fan of pokemon. I played all the games on ROM’s. I finally decided I would go pre-order Pokemon X, and also pick up a 3ds and a copy of Pokemon Black 2. I walked into my local GameStop, i pre-ordered Pokemon X, and got Pokemon Black 2 and a 3ds. I was so happy to play this game, I ran into my room un-boxed the 3ds and popped in Pokemon Black 2. Nothing looked out of the ordinary on the label, and the game started up normally. It all seemed normal until I got to Driftveil City. When I went into the cold storage area, team plasma was not there. At the time I did not know they were supposed to be there, since I was new to the game. So I walked in, and it seemed to be empty. I walked through, and did the ice puzzles. As I neared the end, the game stared to lag abit. After that came all the trainers that were supposed to be there finally came out say one of the three following phrases: “Run!”, “Get out while you still can!”, “I think it got one of my pokemon!”. I thought that this was really odd, but hey, who wouldn’t?  It seemed like I lost control of my ingame player, It kept walking foward. It came to a stop in-front of a very gross looking sprite. it was gray and so was so skinny, it outlined bone, it also looked like it’s nose was gone. To the right of the gross person was a trainer’s panour with a ice shard in its neck, with some blood tripping from it. The person walked to me, without any dialog a Battle started. as it initiated it said, ” So Cold would like to battle!” it threw out a cryogonal and i sent out my pignite thinking this would handle it easily. It used IceShard and it showed the icicle shooting into pignite’s body. There was blooding dripping out and the pignite was wide eyed. I was disgusted, it was not alot, but who would put this in a kids game? My ingame character picked up the dying pignite, and started to cry. He was forced to go on. I decided to send out my herdier, and the gross looking trainer sent out a whirlipede. It used Poison Sting. when my herdier was poisoned it started to have Spasms. As that was going on it started to puke and it died… I never tried running from a trainer battle, so I did and it worked. It turned into a cut-scene and a text box appeared saying, ” It was been so cold in here all these years… So alone… Please, stay with me…”, it sent out its cryogonal and froze the my character. Another text box showed saying “Mr.z was frozen solid!”. I got scared/ and turned off my game and set it down. I went to sleep, it was strangely cold that night… I returned it to gamestop the next day, I returned it and walked out. I went back home and put in  Super mario 3d land. The ds was cold to the touch…
Credit To – icrywhenifap

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