UPDATE 9/19: The automatic upgrade didn’t work, so I ended up having to export the comments in small batches. At the time of this update, the upgrade is 99% complete. Only a few comments should be missing, and hopefully they will show up soon enough. By and large, though, the import and upgrade to the new comment system is complete.

Benefits of this new comment system:

  • I will be able to appoint moderators for the comment section without needing to give them access to the back end of the site (much safer for the site security)
  • You can create profiles to easily follow conversations or other people; this profile will work on ALL sites that run Disqus, not just here (this should also help with some of the attempted impersonations that I’ve seen popping up in the comment queue here)
  • For those of you who resisted using Gravatar because you didn’t want your email address tied to one avatar across the entire web, this will allow you to add an avatar and profile information that is used only for Disqus
  • Having the comments hosted elsewhere should help with site load
  • You can set up your Disqus profile to notify you when people reply to or up/downvote your comments as well as subscribe to a specific post’s comments
  • Clicking the ‘Crappypasta’ tab on the comment form will now show you names/profiles for the top commenters on the site as well as the current active discussion threads
  • Those of you who get really annoyed by long comments, take heart: they will appear minimized until you personally choose to expand them
  • You can easily insert images into your comments without needing to mess with html code
  • …and other benefits that will become apparent the more we use the system 🙂

So enjoy, feel free to play around and see what this comment system can offer. I’ll be contacting just a couple people to see if they’re interested in moderating; for now I don’t feel like we need absolute tons of mods here, just a few more people to cover other time zones or days when I get super busy.

More visual changes should be incoming, as the theme that we’re currently using is beginning to show its age. I’m aiming for something a bit sleeker and quicker to load.

After we’ve used Disqus for awhile, I’d be interested to hear any feedback – particularly if you guys believe that this would be a beneficial upgrade for the main site, as well.

Have fun and thanks for your patience!

I’m putting the original post behind a read more, just to de-clutter the front page.


Just a quick note to let you guys know that no, you aren’t crazy, the comments will probably be slowly changing appearance over the next day.

As there are over 30k comments on this site, it may take up to a full day before everything upgrades and settles, so please don’t panic if anything looks funky or glitchy in the comments section. Even if this totally goes wrong and we as a community decide we’d rather not use the new comment system, at worst we’d lose any comments made during the upgrade (but ONLY comments made during the upgrade).

At best, we’ll have a comment system that allows for me to actually appoint moderators for the comment sections, as well as a few other fun features (profile pages, notifications when people reply to your comment, etc and so forth). Sit tight and we’ll see how things work out!

I am working on some overall layout improvements as well, but those may take a bit more time as I’m still finishing up the last batch of submissions.

Thanks for your understanding!

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