Crappy vs. Creepy

Sometimes, I make mistakes and may judge pastas too harshly. That’s why I’ve implemented the upvote/downvote system here – if you read something here on crappypasta that you think actually deserves to be on the creepypasta main site instead, you can let me know with your vote!

At the bottom of every post, you’ll see something like this:

The first part, with the shiny stars, is just your place to give a general rating to the pasta. 1 star being the worst, 10 being the best. This is mostly just for the author to be able to get a general barometer of how the community is responding to their work.

The second part, with the thumbs, is your chance to play Caesar.

Hit the thumbs up to vote for the pasta in question to get published, AS-IS, on the creepypasta site – this means that you think we made a huge mistake in calling it crappypasta and that it doesn’t need ANY improvements whatsoever. Hitting the thumbs up means that you think it deserves to be posted on the main site without any further rewrites or editing – if you like the idea but think that it needs more work, DO NOT HIT THUMBS UP. Leave a comment telling the writer how they can improve the work!

Hit the thumbs down if you think that I was right, and the pasta in question should NOT be considered for the creepypasta main site in its current state. This doesn’t mean that you unilaterally hate the pasta; it just means that you think it needs more work. Please comment and tell the writer what, if anything, you think can be done to improve their pasta.

If a pasta gets a significantly higher ratio of thumbs up over thumbs down, I’ll eat some humble pie and post it on the main site. You can find stories that have been successfully upvoted/rewritten in the ADMIN FAIL category! See, receipts. We do listen to you guys sometimes!

Simple as that!

Crappy vs. Creepy, 7.2 out of 10 based on 10 ratings