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Creepy Logos


Ok so one day i went to my cousins house and we were just hanging out.So i decided to take out my ipod touch and started playing logos quiz game . My cousin then said “oh i have that game ,i looked up the answers of alot of logos.” so i gave him my ipod so he could put the answers. After a while the thing froze and went blank , then it switched to a screen with weird logos that looked like a bunch of scrambled pixels. He tried to click on them but nothing happened so he kept scrolling to the right and the 2 images that were in that last page scared us shitless . They were (the all seeing eye) and the (devil’s pentagram ) or whatever its called. So i told him restart it ,so he did . He opened up the app again and it was all normal again.

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  • TheOminousFeeling

    Yeah it’s scary when your iPod freezes. You might have to reset it. Or even.. *gasp* Press the power button! :O Dude, ”haunted iPod” could be a good topic if the iPod camera was possessed or if you kept receiving haunted texts or something, but this, my friend, is a dead fail.

  • An0nym0us_Br0

    @TheOminousFeeling- I couldn’t agree more.

    Oh, and it sucked in general

  • Poodleinacan

    "RESTART THE IPOD! RESTART THE IPOD!"*starts crying* "RESTART THE IPOD!!! Waaaaaaa! I want my momy!"
    … That is how I imagined what happened.

  • The Primordial

    It’s funny how this was written by some socially deprived child who was probably raised by parents who were so religious that they implanted in his young, feeble mind the idea that the devil is terrifying and that the Illuminati are terrifying.

  • Alfred Frederick Dingelbottom

    This isn’t scary, creepy, interesting, or thrilling, it’s just shit.