One day this boy gets bored and decides to go game shopping for a new game to play. He comes across an old game called pikmin for only 2.50$ he decides to buy it. When he gets home to play the game he notices that on the front of it it had marks on it that kind of spelled out do not play of course the boy was foolish enough to put it inside his gamecube. But when he did it popped up nintendo on the screen like normal but then the pikmin came down like normal… sort of. The pikmin had blood on their bodies. The boy was horrified by it but he tried to continue playing. When the game had gotten to the  start up screen it didn't say pikmin on it. It deadmin… the boy horrified of what he just read quickly ejects the game and chucks it in the garbage. The next day he got up and wanted to play an old game that he hadn't played in a while so he opens up the tray and goes to put the game in but he notices that his pikmin game was in it he thinks that throwing the game in the trash was just a dream so he takes the pikmin game out and chucks it in the trash puts the other game in and starts. But when it starts it shows nintendo and then pikmin fall on top of the word nintendo and now they are holding knives in their hands and covered with blood. The boy quickly turns the game off and opens up the tray but the other game wasn't in their it was the pikmin game. The boy grabs the case to the other game opens it and saw that the game was in it. The boy thought he was going crazy. He takes the game pikmin and brakes it in to many pieces the next day he opens up the tray to the gamecube and the game pikmin was in it. The boy quickly grabs the phone and calls his friend to come over. His friends said that he had experienced this before and all the boy had to do was beat the game. It took the boy along time but he finally beat it he took the game out and saw that the game disc didn't say do not play anymore but it did say pass it on…?
Credit To – Chris Chandler

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