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Deadly encounter in a dark forest



It was a normal day,i was walking around school when i heard some noise from a class room i entered and i saw my friends Mike Eddy and my brother Leon,
i went in and said hi and we talked for a while and since this class room had
one of those projectors we thought about watching a movie since class was canceled, mike and eddy thought it would be great since we would have almost 2 hours of spare time, me and leon thought it may have a risk but eventually we said ok to the idea, we were trying to turn on the main computer to watch the film but suddenly the computer started having glitches and after a while it went up in smoke and almost exploded we ran out of the class room when suddenly the teacher was standing there we looked at her and then she went in class, she looked at us with an angry stare and yelled at us
WHAT DID YOU DO !?! we told her it was an accident but she wouldn’t listen so me and leon said we are sorry eddy as well but mike said no. he said its not his fault and she doesn’t need to act like a bitch. she looked at him with suprise and grabbed his hand and told us to follow,


we followed the teacher to the principals office and she told us to sit, We all looked at mike and eddy told him ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID ??? she almost let us go but then u had to act like a tough guy me and leon tried to calm him down but he wouldn’t eddy kept saying you are dumber then a rock im blaming you i don’t deserve to be here this we told him its everyone’s fault and we calmed down, the principal went in and looked at us and told us in a calm way just tell me what happened you don’t need to be scared we wont have
to expel you from school we told him what happend and he told us fine you wont be expelled,we all felt relief but then he said although you have two options you can either pay for the projector and computer for 3000$ or you can do community service we obviously picked community service, then the principal told us to go to the police station and hand them the note we did as he told and they told us that a nearby forest was set on fire and we need to go at night with escort we all agreed to the officers terms and went to our homes to prepare.


at sunset me and leon were at the police station we saw eddy running towards us from the distance and we waved at him we talked a bit then mike showed up as well we all waited at the entrance to the police station just waiting to end this punishment when an officer came to us with a pistol and car keys and asked, are you the kids that need to do the work at the forest ?, we all nodded and he said follow me we walked with him to the police car and entered he told me to sit shotgun while leon and everyone else was on the back side of the car we drove for around 2 hours when we saw someone in a stained white hoodie run across the road the officer almost hit him and yelled watch when you’r walking moron !,the man looked at us with a terrifying stare and stood there for a moment as if he was memorizing our faces i felt like i need to yell at the officer the start driving but as soon as i looked at the window the man was gone, we kept driving but no one said a word we arrived shortly after to the area the cop dropped us at the spot and told us to open the trunk of the car,we did as he said and saw 4 shovels 4 small bags of acorns and other kind of seeds, and 4 bags of 1 kilogram of fertilizer we each took a shovel and a bag of each and stood next to the officer he told us to not go in over 100 meters because this forest is dangerous he placed a big lamp that lighted up almost 60 meters away he then told us to just plant the seeds around while he goes to get some food from a nearby mcdonald’s we passed by
he left and mike said lets just get it over with and go home.


we started planting for around 2 hours it was already 11:00 PM and we used up all of the seeds and fertilizer the area smelled like crap but we didn’t mind at all but suddenly we saw a white figure wearing all black just watching us at the edge of the light the lamp made we thought it was the officer and we waved at him but the figure didn’t move he just stood there watching us mike said ill go and check who it is eddy agreed to the idea but me and leon told him not to leave but he did anyway he grabbed a shovel and started walking towards the man and stopped walking around 10 meters away from him he froze in place, we yelled MIKE WHO IS HE !?! but he didn’t reply he just looked back at us in terror when he was suddenly grabbed by multiple tentacles and dragged to the darkness, we all watched in terror as the tall man walked away while he walked away leon froze in spot when the man disappeared leon started saying tentacles !!!!! we told him what about them he yelled THEY CAME OUT OF HIS BACK !!!, shortly after we heard mike scream his lungs out,
eddy grabbed his shovel and ran towards the place we heard the yell from and disappear’d in the darkness i stood there and told leon it will be alright when we saw eddy walking back towards us and he had blood all over his jacket and for some reason he had cuts around his face and arms we asked him what happened but he dropped to the ground and didn’t move shortly after a white figure appeared behind his dead body holding a bloody knife he looked at us and i recognized that stare,


that stare. that horrifying stare was the same as the man we saw on the road he walked towards us while removing his hoodie top i got a glance at his face
he had dark eyes and no eyelids and his mouth was cut and shaped into an horrific smile both me and leon looked at him and almost passed out of fear but then i got some guts to ask him a question… i said WHAT DO YOU TWO WANT ?!? he looked as me as if he didn’t understand what i meant by you two he said with a hoarse voice Who is the other one ?… i started feeling cold sweat on my back when suddenly i heard Leon Scream behind me when i saw the tall man grabbing him with the tentacles i grabbed my shovel and started running at him swinging it hitting the man in the head body and everywhere else i thought i might kill him but the hits didn’t affect him. he took leon and face him in front of me in an X position leon starting screaming in pain as the man starting pulling back his tentacles leon cried and yelled HELP ME PLEASE !!! and shortly after it was all over the man looked at me while leon lost his arms and legs, i tried looking at his face but all i saw was a white face with no eyes or mouth i yelled at the man i will get you ! i will fucking gut you for what u did to mike and leon ! i looked back and the man in the hoodie was there being angry i yelled at him as well i will get u as well you son of a bitch ! i took leon’s shovel and charged at the man the man ducked as i swung the shovel towards his head and quickly stabbed me 5 times in my stomach and legs the pain was unbearable he held me as i fell and whispered in my ear in a calm but horrible way, Go to sleep my friend you saw enough he probably thought he killed me because i guess one of his stabs were in a old surgery scar while i was watching from the side struggling for my life i heard him say to the tall man you… you took my kills before and i remember you from before.


The man in the hoodie charged in rage towards the tall man and the lashed at each other the tall man tried to grab the man and he manged to grab his left arm and starting mashing it with his tentacles the man yelled DO YOU THINK THAT CRAP WILL WORK ON ME ?!? he quickly swung his knife and chopped down the mans tentacle with no effort he tossed the tentacle to the side and kept lashing the knife towards the other tentacle with surprise i saw he succeeded
he removed two more and suddenly the tall man pulled back his last tentacle and charged towards the hooded man he grabbed his knife and threw it away the knife got stuck on a tree the hooded man became enraged and he grabbed the tall man and they started to fight bare handed when suddenly gun shots were heard from nearby the tall man suddenly disappeared while the hooded man climbed the tree grabbed his knife jumped down and looked towards the shooter.


i struggled to turn my head but when i succeeded to turn my head i saw it was the officer he was shocked to the sight of leon amputated and mikes dead body he looked at me and he saw me coughing out blood and apparently the hooded man did as well the officer looked at the hooded man and yelled out.. ARE YOU THE MAN THEY CALL JEFF THE KILLER ?!?, the hooded man said calmly what gave it away ?? i looked in shock when jeff looked at me and said ill help you go to sleep later on my friend from those words i went into shock and passed out.


i woke up in a hospital when i saw needles in my arm and bandages over my stomach and legs i saw a nurse coming in and she looked at me in surprise
she called in the doctor and he shortly after came in the room he told my lucky to even wake up with my wounds he told me the officer shot jeff and grabbed me threw me in the back of the car and drove as fast as possible to the hospital the officer came in and told me that nobody survived not mike eddy or leon, i knew about leon and eddy but i asked how he knew about mike he told me that 50 meters away from the main area they found him hanged from his own intestinals,i started to vomit and cry at the same time the officer stood aside as the nurse wiped my vomit off and calmed me down she told me my parents are on the way and the office told me ill be guarded 24/7 until my complete recovery the doctor told them all i need my sleep and walked them out and closed my room door i closed my eyes but i heard glass breaking,the officers tried opening the door but the doctor locked it i suddenly saw him.. looking at me with his smile and he said with his hoarse voice.. I..I told you ill hell you sleep.

Credit To – CreepyPasta for jeff the killer and for Victor Surge for slender man And another credit to creepy for the last encounter between slenderman&jeff the killer
Credit Link –

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  1. 2x worse than usual, multiplied by 10 for causing me a minor brain damage and here you go:


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  3. Kill the Killers.

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