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did you stumble across herobrine?


i didn’t know about herobrine in 1.3 but the new update said removed herobrine i was relieved but somewhere inside i knew that there was something like an egg and inside was herobrine ready to hatch waiting for someone to stumble across him to be released into the game again now i’m scared to mine so i use too many items from time to time but that is all to it

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  • Dave Taylor

    My greatest regret is that I have but one downvote to give for my country.

    • The Operator

      I have about five, and believe me, I will use each. and. every. one. of. them.

      • ZERG RUSH

        how does one individual (you) have 5, and I only get one? im a zerg rush! AKA a huge amount of zerg rushing a target! well then again theres time like this where were just hanging around base instead of actually doing anything…

  • Yossarian

    God dammit, Herobrine WAS NEVER SCARY. Stop writing about him! What do we have to do to get you people to understand that?

    • I Consist Entirely of Lego Bricks

      I never really got the hype. It’s just a dude that stalks your game and blows your stuff up. I guess it would kind of suck if you had a megaproject or something, but it’s not scary.

    • Garrett

      I salute you sir.

    • Anonymous

      you are so right

    • Anonymous

      you are so right

  • Pie

    This is funny

  • Kitteh.

    This is so bad, that it’s scary…

  • A.I.

    WTF guys, if you’re gonna post minecraft stories, then at least be creative.No more Herobrine crap.

    • FlibbleLibble

      No, be survival!
      (I know, that was shit)

  • MopHead

    There is no plot. None. Not even a single plotline. It is so depressing that there are 94 in the “You Didn’t Even Try At All”. That number is scarier than this story. Go hang yourself.

    • The CupcakeCat

      Seriously? You’re going to tell a person to kill himself for writing a bad story. What has become of this country? -_-

      • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        Excuse me sir, did you realise that the internet is international. How do you know where the poster you replied to comes from?

        I happen to agree with him.

        I’m a great believer in natural selection.

        • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

          Do you know how hard it was for me to spell creepy in that way?

          I’m just going to phone my psychiatrist now.

          • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

            Woops, this should have been attached to my post further down!

    • KameKimmons

      That’s not funny.

  • The Operator (returned!)

    Alright, here’s my imitation of this person.

    ‘hay guys once apon a tiem i was playing MINCERAFT and suddenly horo brine scary RTITTTTE’

    Was that accurate? I think it was.

    • Jack

      That was the most accurate comment on anything I have ever read.

    • The Doctor

      My one regret is that you can’t get a 5.0. Only a 4.9.

    • Divemissle

      No Operator,you put more effort than the guy who made this pasta.

    • forgive but never forget

      You’re doing God’s work, son.

  • indoom

    bad thing is i use this as a comedy site..

    • Detective Derpmandou

      I thought I was the only one.

    • KameKimmons

      I came here looking for parodypastas. The sad thing was, I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t a parody site untill two weeks after i first got on!

      • Hamster

        I’m not sure where you got the idea that this was a parody site. If you go to the mini-FAQ link on the right side of the page you’ll see what this site was actually intended for. I suppose someone could think that this place is for parodies because so many of them end up here but that’s not really the point of crappypasta.

    • YouLose

      I don’t even like good creepypastas. I fell in love with the terrible ones right from the start, especially video game pastas. They’re just so much fun.

  • JojoBal0ney0

    one word.
    one word that might change the mindset of any reader who might come across this.
    one word that takes the time to be known across the world for not only an explative but an explanation.


  • Hi

    Uh, Herobrine doesn’t hatch from an egg…. Plus this is hard to follow. I don’t think it’s terribly easy to make any video game scary, much less Minecraft.

    • Rileyk64

      Uh, Herobrine was never in the game in the first place. He was just a community-made “monster” that nine year-olds started to believe in.

      • I Consist Entirely of Lego Bricks

        Or thirteen-year-olds.

        • Sirqster

          Your body strewn across the floor would be the ultimate home invasion defense.

          • M42

            I think that’s outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

  • ryan

    I found nether rack in a cave with red stone torches

    • Username?

      That’s nice, dear.

      Now go to bed, it’s past your bedtime and you’re too young to be on this website.

    • craphunter

      Oh, damn. I’m fresh out of fucks to give. Please don’t come back tomorrow.

    • KameKimmons

      That’s nice. Now get dressed and don’t be late for school.

  • UndKeineEier

    Red Ring of Dumb

  • warrior_chicken

    yeahhh, sure you did
    ive played minecraft and herobrine is just not scary

  • Castrius

    Ever heard of strange things called periods and sentences?…………….. Nope, didn’t think so.

    • Sage of Winds

      Don’t judge; perhaps the author of this crappypasta is someone who thinks that punctuation is from the Devil.

      • The CupcakeCat

        I’ve never heard such truer words. *sniff*

  • Travis

    I love minecraft creepy pastas but seriously too much herobrine!

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      Don’t encourage the minecraft pastas. I’ve never read a good one, it appears as though this game is played by children. Children writing a pasta and trying to pass it off as CrEePeH just doesn’t work.

  • The Operator

    Guys. Go look at and look at the ‘world’ or ‘character’ theories. There you go, all the scary minecraft theories, ideas, etc. without using the shitty pile of crap that is herobrine! (You can’t use ‘The bedrock level is a seal devised to keep caged a terrible eldritch abomination and is keeping it from causing the end of the world’ theory though, because I am using that for my adventure map.)

    • Scout

      An adventure map based on eldritch abomination beneath the bedrock level, you say? That sounds quite interesting.

    • I Consist Entirely of Lego Bricks

      Please tell me where this map is so I can play it.

    • KameKimmons


  • Aswerty

    Why does everyone fantasize about Herobrine? Does nobody understand that all of this could be so VERY offensive and distressing for Notch? I feel sorry for you, Notch, for having to read all this Herobrine crap.

    • DarkKyurem123

      Ugh.. Doesn’t anyone know that NOTCH DOES NOT FREAKING HAVE A DEAD BROTHER! He has a half brother who is very much alive. Period.

      • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        Your American usage of the term period always humours me.

        Listen to me proving my point. Menstrual cycle.

        • Ahriannah


          Sorry, but I am American and even I think that when people say it. SOrry, it s really late and I took my meds but I have to comment on this before I lose it tomorrow.

  • BelladonnaB

    lolwut? Really? Not only is this a Herobrine story, but it’s a single run-on sentence. No. Just no. Please go dig yourself a hole. Six feet should be enough.

    • The CupcakeCat

      Seriously. Enough with the telling the poor guy to kill himself, no matter how terrible that story was -.-

      • Callie Ohpeee

        As lame as the You Didn’t Even Try at All section of this site is, I agree with you wholeheartedly. You never know what could actually hurt someone.

  • Curcle

    Did you really think this was good enough to be a creepypasta?

    • DerpyHooves

      This isn’t even good enough to be a crappypasta.

      • The CupcakeCat

        Lol true

  • Ryan

    This makes me die inside a little

    • Frenchy

      It made me die more than a little

  • DonBro

    Well I will say I have stumbled across some odd things while I played a 1.3 minecraft addition when I first download it the menu had herobrine with bleeding eyes crying bloody tears with a slight sob in the background when I played on a file that said “DO NOT OPEN” so I was curious and opened it. When I did I was spawned in a small room of bedrock then it starts breaking down slowly block by block I obiusly could not go in creative or I would have but I heard a whisper and i instantly turn around and there is herobrine my computer gets very static like and there is a sign that said “herobrines curse”to this day I still don’t play mine craft.

    • The Operator

      Open to LAN, cheats on.

      You can now go into creative mode.

      You, sir, fail logic forever.

    • Rustic Melon

      Worst comment NA.

    • Hamster

      Cool story bro.

    • Nintenbro1

      This is much more scarier than “Did you stumble across Herobrine”,

    • craphunter1018


      • ScaredFox

        endermen were based off of Slenderman

    • The Doctor

      Dammit, I’m looking for my wallet, but I think I’m all out of fucks to give.

      Seriously. Fuck off.

    • YouLose


  • Donna

    How is this scary?

  • Poodleinacan

    … “Removed Herobrine” was just a joke.
    You are about 2 years (maybe 3) too late, for the Herobrine things.

  • Herobrine

    Where’s your god now?

    • Mr Centurium

      Did I stumble across Herobrine?

      • someone


    • A Zerg Hydralisk

      who needs god when you have a swarm of zerglings within the first 10 minutes of the round…

  • Ms. Not-So-Human

    This pasta has 69 votes. Nobody ruin it!