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Draven The Killer (Nightmare)


this was no ordinary dream…it must have been real…i was too scared to write this down because it disturbed me so much…this took me a large amount of courage! so…lets begin with how i told it to my friends…"i was sleeping at my friends house, when he heard demonic laughter coming from upstairs…he told me to listen closely…the laugh was…very familiar…the more i listened, the more i got curious…i started walking upstairs to his parents room with a feeling of sudden madness…not some ordinary madness…it was like i was going to go insane…i could not exactly shrug it off as nothing so i continued upstairs… as i reached for the doorknob the feeling began to become more of a burning kind of feel…i grasped the doorknob, it was cold to the touch! i started sweating from my forehead…i opened the door and saw…the most horrible face ever…it made me vomit! it was me but with long brown hair, glowing red eyes, long smile, white bloody long sleeved shirt, and black dress pants…" they all would ask me to stop there…that was when i decided to come home and write this down… it was just so…disturbing…i had to tell…i roamed around the internet, finding nothing but the famous Jeff the killer…i have found evidence shortly after that the man i saw was Jeff's friend or fellow killer…he played a big part in Jeff's story in fact…it all started when Jeff got bullied by those kids…the man i saw never learned their names but he could care less since he killed one of them while trying to save Jeff…this man had a nickname, they called him Dave since they did not like his real name…when Draven saw the kids walk up to Jeff, he started wanting to go back home…but he knew he could not leave Jeff behind…Draven started to grab his pocket knife and started to think about the kids… would it be better to just call the police? Draven watched in terror as Jeff snapped one of their wrists…He started to run home and once he got there he called the police…that is how everything went downhill…Jeff's brother got arrested because of Draven…when He saw the police taking Jeff's brother away he started feeling bad for Jeff…Draven opened his window and yelled at the cops to stop but they could not hear him…Draven cried, knowing he could not help Jeff…the next day when Jeff was invited to the party, they both walked to the house not saying a word…Draven sat and watched Jeff play with the kids…he soon began laughing at the idiocy of it but Draven was having fun there…then the kids came over the fence…Draven slowly stood up and saw them speaking to Jeff…Draven started screaming "hey Leave him alone!" and all he got was "no one interrupts or guts will fly! so Draven ran to the fence and jumped over it, ran to his house and up to his dads room and grabbed his dads shotgun and began running back to the house…this was a long delay so by now Jeff would be getting his face lit…Draven broke a window only to see Jeff with his face on fire, Draven quickly ran upstairs to one of the kids…the kid stood up as Draven pointed the shotgun at him…"you have a lot of nerves kid, you point your shotgun down or end up like your friend" says the kid…"okay i gave you a choice…ready to–" the kid is interrupted by Draven's gunshot…a few weeks later, Jeff was released from the hospital…after Jeff murdered his mom and his brother, he went to Draven's house…only to find him cutting open his moms stomach…he looks at Jeff and says "…She chose the path…" with his terrifying face…they then vanished into the night…continuing their killing spree until the day they die…and now they will come for me…and you…protect yourself…

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  1. so…many… ellipses….

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  2. Amazing story. Absolutely beautiful, one of the very best things I’ve ever read. I wonder where you got your inspiration from…Jeff? Oh.

    1/10 and a downvote.

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