This is a journal I’ve been keeping; a few months ago I had an odd experience with my two best friends. I apologize for the way it has been wrote, but to keep it authentic I’m copying it straight from the journal, word for word

Day 1, Friday, July 31st

July 31st 2012 – 6:28 PM – It’s been a long day, I’ve spent most of my day with, Joe and Jacob. The day was filled with mundane and uninteresting tasks, from playing “Call of Duty” to watching videos on “YouTube”, nothing special. I think we’re going to go out to an old abandoned graveyard later that should make this day much more interesting. Joe seems rather nervous, he’s been very paranoid lately, it’s strange, and I asked him what was wrong he didn’t respond very well, I don’t think he wants to talk about it.
‘Game over!’ The TV projected with a roaring volume, another round of Call of duty was over and Jacob was the victor yet again, Joe seemed rather out of place today, not very with it to say the least. I figured I should do what best friends are supposed to do and find out what’s up.

“You alright Joe?”

I inquired patting him on the back, he seemed rather upset today, quite unusual for him.

“Yeah, I’m fine”

He replied pushing my hand away and throwing his controller aside

“Just have had some trouble sleeping, that’s all”

I shrugged and accepted his answer, probably the best I would get.


I said in an attempt to further the conversation

“What’s this?”

I inquired as I picked up an odd drawing off the floor, it was very simple, just an x through a circle. Suddenly, Joe began to shake his head violently and twitch nervously and in a single movement he ripped the paper from my hand, tearing it apart in the process.

“It’s nothing!”

He replied, he was almost screaming.

Jacob and I gave him an odd look and went back to discussing our plans for later; it was probably for the best we didn’t inquire any further. I figured it might’ve just been nerves or relationship problems, something I shouldn’t mettle in.


July 31st 2012 – 12:39 PM – The graveyard held up to its description, abandoned and creepy as hell, at the end of the night we were being followed by god knows what. I don’t have much time to write, I’ve been having a hard time sleeping and I’ve also developed an odd cough on occasion, I’m going to go get some rest and try to get this night out of my head and attempt to avoid getting sick.
The graveyard was daunting, not that large but, just something about going into a graveyard at night makes me uneasy, and as I’m sure it does to every remotely sane person.

The gates were open and the area was barely lit, it was what had been advertised.

“Abandoned, eh?”

I remarked pushing on the gate a slight bit, it creaked back and forth before returning to its resting place against the stones. It looked like it was broken long ago.

“It’s abandoned… abandoned indeed”

Jacob said in reply to my statement, looking back to check on Joe whom was lagging behind, back near the car.

“You coming?”

He asked with a slight bit of condescending sarcasm, it was obvious this was the last place Joe wanted to be. And I felt sorry for bringing him here, with his paranoia and being in a dark place full of death and disdain I can’t blame him. But he picked up the pace and caught up with Jake and I, halfway down the broken path.

Soon, the path came to an end, shattered and roughly hewn graves were strewn throughout the distance, many had been vandalized.

“Damned teenagers, can’t help but destroy graves.”

I commented out loud as I studied the various markings and messages in spray paint, one of them stood out to me, and I think Joe as well. The same markings I had found on the paper In Joes house were spray painted on a few graves.

“I don’t like this, let’s go”

Joe commented from behind us as he began to walk away in a hurried pace, something seemed really odd about how he was acting. But I dared not to question him yet, I decided I would wait until later to ask him about all of this; still it bothered me quite a bit.

Turning to Jake I simply shrugged and began to follow Joe down the broken path; we kept silent throughout the time it took us to reach the car. The atmosphere had begun to really sink in, frequent chills ran down my spine and I felt as if I was being watched, repeatedly I jumped at shadows and small noises.  The walk took about 15 minutes, enough for me to want to leave that place as badly as Joe seemingly wanted to.

We all loaded into the car still in silence, it seemed that was going to be the theme of this evening, Joe repeatedly shook and jumped at about anything he saw or heard and Jake sat stalwart, transfixing his gaze out the window. I wonder what he was looking at; He’s secretive so I don’t think I’ll ever know.

I turned the key and looked in my rear view mirror, a man in a full suit with a tie stood about 10 feet away illuminated by my cars tail lights. He was abnormally tall and his face seemed obscured… even non-existent perhaps, anyway who the hell goes out in a graveyard at night in a full suit?

“Guys… do you see that too?”

I inquired hoping neither of them had noticed it and it was just my imagination, Jacob turned and looked back, Joe had already curled himself into a ball in the back seat.

“What the…”

Jacob responded as he looked back upon the figure

“He… has no face”

With those words I shifted into drive and slammed my foot on the gas pedal, taking off and leaving whatever the hell that was behind us. We said nothing the remainder of the drive; I was still in quite a bit of shock. I’m guessing Jacob was as well, Joe on the other hand was mumbling to himself in a maddened state, I’m starting to worry about him.

I dropped them off and exchanged goodbyes, no one wanted to talk about what we had seen, especially Joe. Also I seem to have picked up a nasty cough, quite odd because I was fine earlier… but I’ve had enough of tonight, I’m not going to ask questions that might get me answers I don’t want.

Day 2, Wednesday, August 1st

August 1st 2012 – 6:23 AM – This morning I was scared awake by a call, Joe was missing and no one had any clue where he was.  I was asked to come when I was available and join in the search for him. I was up and going within 20 minutes, though I didn’t sleep well I kept having dreams of the man in the suit, standing off in the distance watching me, faceless and horrid.  I don’t know how well I’ll function today, but I’m going to go try to help find Joe and maybe then do some research to find out what the hell that thing was.

My dreams, or rather I say nightmares were filled with that man I had seen last night, repeatedly I awoke with cold sweat dripping down my face, though around 6:20 this morning I received a panicked call from Jake.  His brother had gone missing and no one knew where he had disappeared to.


Jacob said quite loud, almost yelling in fact

“Joe’s gone missing! We can’t find him anywhere; there is no trace of him even leaving the house last night.”

I sighed in response, my voice was slightly shaken

“Alright, I’ll be right over”

Quickly as I could manage this early in the morning, I got myself dressed and ready to leave, as I left I gazed into the mirror, damn I looked tired.

“Lookin’ good”

I remarked sarcastically to myself, with a little chuckle I grabbed my keys and went out to my car making sure to lock the house tightly as I always do. Something seemed off, or maybe it was the fact I was up before dawn had fully struck, whichever one of those it was I decided I should check my back seat to see if Joe had left anything that might help me find him.

Nothing of real interest seemed to be back there, my car was a mess though so finding anything in that back seat would take a miracle. I gave up my search and headed over to Joe’s house, Jacob was standing outside waiting for me; it looked like he hadn’t slept much either last night. And Joe’s car was still parked in his spot in the driveway, how odd… where would he have gone without his car?

“Hey Jake, you okay there man? “

I inquired as I shook his hand, I wondered if he was having odd dreams like I was, but I decided not to ask. Joe’s safety was the primary concern, everything else could be taken care of later, especially my questions.

He replied with a brisk nod, shrugging his shoulders

“I’ve been better, I can tell you that for sure”

We both chuckled and headed inside to grab flashlights, the house seemed normal, nothing was out of place that I could tell. And it seemed Jacob had already scoured most of it looking for some kind of evidence of Joe leaving in the night, to no avail.

“Where the hell could he have gone this early in the morning?”

I asked looking over to Jacob as he slid batteries into both of the flashlights, handing me one he replied

“Hell if I know, I honestly don’t think I want to know.”

I nodded in response; I was a bit reluctant to find out as well, though I wanted to know Joe was alive and well more than I cared for my fears or doubts

“Did you check his computer?”

I asked as Jacob grabbed himself some breakfast and sat down; he merely shook his head in response and pointed over to it as if motioning for me to check it out.

I nodded and sat down at Joe’s desk chair, running my hand down to feel for the power button on the tower… when the monitor flashed on making me jump backwards as a loud screeching sound emitted from the speakers. Quickly I turned down the volume and watched the screen continue to flash on and off, until finally stopping and revealing his desktop. Something was written on the notepad which had been left open, nothing large in size, just three words.

‘He’s always watching’

Those words sunk in all too quickly and I felt as if I was in danger, obviously Joe had left that message for us.  With all the commotion I hadn’t even noticed Jacob had run in behind me and had witnessed what I had, I turned and noticed him, raising my hand I pointed at the screen.

“That’s a bit foreboding don’t you think?”

My sarcastic inquiry was met with a nod and a sarcastic reply

“Yeah, the message? Or his computer having a seizure?”

Jacob said with a small smirk planted on his face, though I could tell it was a guise holding the fear that ran through him back


I replied pushing the chair back in, a slight bit of paranoia had overcome me due to the previous events and I continually looked around and over my shoulder.

“Where the hell should we even start to look for him?”

Jacob asked, as he began to look over his shoulder as well, the paranoia seemed to be rubbing off on him. That was an excellent question though, I had no idea where Joe could have or even would have gone, especially without his car.

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