The man looked down at the clock in his car. 3:43, and still no sign of his son. He tutted audibly. Where was that boy? He’d give him a right talking to once he showed up. School finished at 3:00 every day, yet there was no sign of the kid. Still, it was hard to stay mad at him, with that little smile of his. He was such a beautiful boy.

His wife never saw it, certainly. But the man didn’t like to think about that. Back then… it was a hard time in his life. He’d said and done some things that he probably regretted, but that was the past now. All that mattered now was looking after his son. His beautiful son.

The man glanced down at this phone. Hah, that was strange. Browsing through his messages, the only texts that he’d sent for the past two months were to his son. The man remembered when he’d taken his son to the store to buy him his first phone. How the salesman had looked at them when he saw them together, laughing, talking about phones. His boy was a little young to have a phone he explained to the man, but he was such an independent child, making his way in the world. The man smiled fondly at the memory, and looked down at the conversations they’d had.

14:19, 18 Aug

‘Hey son, I was just wondering if you wanted to go for some ice-cream after school, I hear there’s this new place on Spencer St. Text me back if you’re interested.’

20:48, 21 Aug

‘Hey, where are you kiddo? I know you said you wanted to go to that party, but we did agree that you’d have to be back by eight thirty. Call me.’

23:12, 21 Aug

‘Son, I’m worried sick, where are you? You haven’t called since I sent you the last text, so I’m just assuming that you’ve crashed at your friend’s house or something. If you need a ride, just call me, alright? But I NEED to hear from you soon. Dad x’

His son had forgotten to text him for a while then. It was so frustrating when his son forgot to text him. Didn’t he know that his daddy loved him? His son hadn’t texted him at all throughout that three week period or so. Dammit, if that kid would just text him more, let him know how he was going. The man loved him so much.

There had been a gap after those texts. That was a rough patch for them. The man had been furious at his son for staying out so late. Turns out the kid had got involved with the wrong crowd. He went over to some of the houses that the bad kids his son had been hanging out with, and let them have a piece of his mind. They claimed that they didn’t know his son. Huh. Typical punks. Still, his son promised never to hang out with them again. The man scrolled down some more, back to happier times.

16:43, 28 Oct

‘Hey kiddo, just checking in. Hope you’re having fun at your friend’s house. Oh, and by the way, what do you want for dinner? Dad x’

16:45, 28 Oct

‘Hey son, since you haven’t texted me, I’ll assume that means you’re having heaps of fun! But I don’t want to get something you don’t feel like for dinner, so please text back soon. Dad x’

16:46, 28 Oct

‘Hey boy! Haven’t checked up on you in a while. Macaroni cheese sound good for dinner?’

16:46, 28 Oct

‘Macaroni cheese it is! I’ll get it ready for when you get home.’

Hmm, that was odd. His son hadn’t texted him back there, either. What was wrong? Oh, that’s right. The man remembered that his son was trying out his friend’s new trampoline. He’d told him all about it when he got home, and the man had laughed and laughed when his son had told him about the backflip that he could now do. What a talented kid!

And to think, his wife… Ugh, that disgusting woman. He could rip her head off for what she’d try to do. How could you rob the life of a sweet little boy? The man remembered that day vividly. She’d been so hell-bent on getting rid of their child. For what? She said she couldn’t handle a child. She wanted to kill him. What the hell was wrong with her? She was sick, the man knew it then.

And when the man had received the call from the hospital that the abortion was completed successfully, he knew that she’d gone and done it behind his back. That bitch.

For a while, the man couldn’t come to terms with what had happened. But then, one day, his son had walked right in to his apartment. Just like that! The man had left the door open, and his son had walked right in. He was so overcome with joy to see his little boy. And from that day, they’d spent most of their time together, exchanging thoughts about the world, and going through everything a father and son should. No need for that whore of a mother. She was off screwing some other guy. It didn’t matter. The man had his son.

Oh, there he was, back from school! The man smiled, and got out to open the door for his child. He opened it, waited three seconds, and closed it, before walking around to the driver’s seat, and buckled up the seatbelt in the passenger seat. The boy was late, and for a moment the man was angry. But then the boy smiled his little smile, and the man’s heart melted. It was hard to stay angry at him for long.
Credit To – WriterWolf

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