You’re father returns home from a medieval store. He has a chess board with pieces that was claimed to be owned by a witch. But stories are stories, you and him get a good laugh at the foolish story. He places it in his room and tells you not to touch it, as it is an antique and very expensive. You do as you are told.
A month passes, you do not really remember the board at all, it slipped your mind as it is not important to you. That is until in the middle of the night, you can hear the pieces being moved. You think its just your lonely father playing by himself. And whenever you look the next morning, it seems a game was started, and never finished. By why does that bother you? Perhaps it’s that when you see the board in the morning, it is exactly how you found it the night before, but the pieces are just moved around. So one night, the king is on Q-6 Then the next, a pawn on Q-6. You find it strange, but each morning. If you looked straight down on it. You can almost make out a word… it seems to say “die”.
Perhaps your father is playing a joke, perhaps he’s insane, or mearly just a coincidence? You won’t accept that…You must know what is happening. So one night, you hear it. So you get out of bed and start your way down the hallway to his room. You notice a red light illuminating from under the door crack.
You slow your pace, but you are determined to get find out what is going on. You head on. Your hand is on the door knob now. You can feel as if a thousand eyes are starring at you, a weird feeling you wish to go away. But it will not, you turn the handle and the door blast open. The room seemed to have red lights illuminating from the ceiling. A large figure is starring over your father, while the chess pieces move around by themselves.
You are stunned, you know not what to do. So, you do what you think is best, and pick up the chess board. Causing the pieces to fly all around the floor, you take the board and try your hardest to break it. The figure starring at your father turns his attention to you. Motionless he stands. You fall to your knees, begging for it to break, beating it on the floor, over your head, on the table. Nothing seems it to even make a dent. Then the figure disappears. You hear a sound behind you and turn around quickly-
The hand of the figure is now around your neck, picking you up to meet it face to face. It looks to be your father. But taller, darker…eviler… You just sit there, choking. Until he throws you into the wall. Everything goes black…
*RING RING RING* Your alarm clock rings, you are sweating and find a note on your nightstand. You think to yourself *it was only a dream* Until you read the note…
The note said “Don’t touch the chess board”

Credit To – The Hooded One

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