For those pastas that are smelling less than fresh…

Fear is Everywhere


“Fear,an emotional response to consciously recognized external sources of danger such as those often associated with loud noises, threatening gestures, strange people and thunderstorms; it is manifested in animals by flight, by attack or by cringing.”
…………….What a textbook grade of bullshit, Fear is not simply an emotion, it is a tool, a device, it is my preffered weapon.  It is like a mighty hammer in which i can destroy or dismantle ones hopes and dreams. It allows me to bend the will of humanity itself to my whims. For those of you who laughed at my theories, called me crazy, a lunatic even, know this, fear is everywhere, and due to this you cannot escape me or my wrath, for I AM FEAR!!!!
-prof John. Crane.

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  • derpbutt

    Hey there, Scarecrow.


    Really, dude?

  • Hamster

    This would have been better if it had ended for I AM PHONE! It would have made more sense that way.

  • 1000Masks

    Just needs more fear gas.

  • Mrguy

    “Alright John, what do you wanna be when you grow up?”


  • undeadmuffins

    Yeah, YOUR FEAR. until batman kicks your ass.

  • DarkShadows

    … Please. Do not shit on my fandoms.

    Do not shit on the Slenderman Mythos, and do not shit on the Batman Mythos.

    Especially not on one of my favorite Batman villains.

    Please. It hurts.

  • killer croc

    nope! *pulls you into sewers*

  • RinkydinkCurdlesnoot

    “It is like a mighty hammer in which i can destroy or dismantle ones hopes and dreams.”

    Calm down there, Thor.

  • bravo104

    this isn’t even a story. It’s just a batman villain ranting about the definition of fear. Half of it is just the dictionary definition of the word fear.

    because we all know how terrifying dictionaries are.