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Fourth of July


Ezabraeo hugged Alice goodnight, it was past midnight, and Eza wasn’t much of a night person.

“G’night Ali,” he smiled.

“Night, night, Ezzles~” Alice grinned.

When Eza was far out of sight, Alice went up to bed. A smile spread across her face as she thought about this night. It was the 4th of July and Eza had taken her out to see the fireworks.

“He’s such a good friend…” she muttered.

The smile started to fade, lowering into a frown.She was already missing him… She was already missing her best friend… Alice stretched over and turned on the radio. As classical music began to play, she thought of Ven. Him and her, just dancing.As if she could banish the thought, she change the radio station. It was now country music. She regretted it instantly, moving to rock music. This only made her think of Troi… His firey red hair, his dark smile. The way he’d chuckle… Giving up with a sigh, Alice unplugged the radio, rolling on her side in efforts to fall asleep. Tossing and turning, she started to cry.

“Uglyyyy…” a voice cooed.

“FAT…” another one spat.

“Retarded,” one laughed.

“Will never be lov–”


“Can’t even–”

“Your Father–” The voices started overlapping each other, teasing, laughing, they were ripping her apart. Taking her where she was weakest.She was now sweating, curling up in a ball on the sheets as she started to pull her hair.

“S…STOP!!!” she yelled out, crying.”STOP IT NOW!!!” she begged, tears now streaming off her face at great speed.

Another voice seemed to chill her to the bone, it said one thing.


It wasn’t a cruel voice, but a soothing one. Taking her hand-mirror she ran down the stairs of her room, stumbling though because of her tears. After many near-death falls, she made it out of the house. She ran as if she were being chased, her feet hit the cold ground so hard it echoed throughout the road. Finally, she made it to the forest. Alice was still sobbing, slipping and knocking the wind out of her. The mirror in her hand broke, slicing her fingers. Clenching the glass hard in her hand, she got up and ran to the river. Padding her way to a stone nearby, she slowly uncurled her fingers, revealing a bloody mess. Her flesh was cut in so deep, it almost made her stomach turn.

The chilling voice came back, silencing the others as it spoke.

“Hurry!” it snapped.

Her hand were trembling so hard, but she managed to slowly slit her wrist.

“MORE!” The voice slithered. The voice was now ice-cold, as if…

As the blood started to well up, a small smile erupted from her face.

“How can you sleep when the people you love most are on your mind?” She chuckled, giving another vicious, brutal swipe to her wrist.

The blood slowly rose out of her, almost crawling. It had a life of it’s own, dripping down her arms, her fingers, even her leg. She could almost feel the voice inside her smile. After a few more deep cuts, she flung the shards of glass into the river — never to be seen again. She knew Eza had told her to stop but…

She still had one more thing to do… It was for ‘him’… Not Eza, but… But another guy entirely…

Ramming her fingers down her throat she began to gag, deeper, and deeper, she’d ram her hand down. When she pulled it own, she could feel her mouth water. Slowly following after, her throat started to burn. The rancid, sour smell of stomach acid filled the air as she began to vomit in the stream. She could tell her body was almost done, but she wasn’t. She kept forcing it to go out. Minute after minute her throat burnt more. When she saw a bit of blood, she stopped. Wiping her mouth and wrist, she tugged down her sleeves, starting to walk home.By the corner of her eye, she could see him, Ezabraeo walking from the house, to her. Casually looking away, she leaned in on the rock behind her, pretending to be gazing at the stars.

“YOU SAID YOU’D STOP!!!” He growled, shaking a stuffed animal in his hand. Slinging the stuffed elephant to the ground, he clenched and unclenched his fists.

“There’s your damned stuffed Elephant you left back…”

Getting on her knees, she went in the muddy puddle to get it. “Stop what?” she asked softly, trying to wipe off the mud.

Snatching up her arm, and dropping the elephant back to the ground, he roughly rolled up her sleeve — exposing bloody flesh. Narrowing his eyes, he dropped her arm. He seemed half tempted to sling it like he did the elephant.

Alice laughed. “It’s an old one, Ezzy~! Don’t worry!!!”

Ezabraeo turned away, you could almost feel the harshness in his tone.”You gonna lie to me again??”

“…” She said nothing, only looking at him blankly.

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  • Odo

    Some emo garbage, not creepy.

  • Lurker of shadows

    sooo, her elephant was telling her to cut herself and her friend she was crushing on was yelling at her like a douchebag? and she’s cutting herself…. some 13 year old goth kid must have written this (and yes, just as described by pasta mod..)

  • Lucy

    this is more like a 13 year old story written for tumblr than a creepypasta.

  • Cariaian

    “He’s such a good friend…” This line made me immediately think “FRIEND ZONE”

  • Juush

    It was disturbing near the end, that’s about it. I’m not losing any sleep tonight.

  • Starkey

    Can I get an explanation? I’m sorry for sounding like an idiot here, but what?

  • The Operator

    Pasta Poseur, much? Just some more whiny emo garbage, nothing to see here.

  • toba122

    Good writing, but the story makes no sense.

  • Jay212127

    I agree with the post above. the writing was good after the initial flood of irrelevant names. up until the ending i thought it had some promise from evolving from emo drama to a pasta, but sadly i was wrong.

    If the cutting could have been a mirror for anorexics starving for “anna” and when she stopped after the current ending the cutting spirit demands tribute. may have been a better read.

  • Phoenix

    Very unclear and elephants? Honestly. It was well-written and unique but I can’t say I enjoyed reading it. Also the bit about the vomit was just disgusting. It had a nice story to go with it but it was hard to comprehend to be completely honest.

  • pissbaby

    This is really disgusting. I hope by the time the author turns 12 they realize that.