As we all know the Nintendo GameCube has a nice start up screen. and of course you can mess with the controller. But I did something new. I used to love the game cube as a kid but, I sold it. I was waiting for Christmas with my family, so I needed something to pass the time. I got on Ebay and searched for a GameCube. I found one for only 99 cents so I checked the description and it said it was in good shape, so I bought it. after 3 day I got it, it came with super mario sunshine and super smash bros melee. I was so excited and I put in Melee first but I did not realize I put it in upside down. It did that thing where it goes to the options but instead of a blue cube it was red. I decided to look at what the old memory card had and it was only Melee. but instead of the Melee icon it was a tomb stone. I cliked on it and deleted it but instead of deleting it turned my screen red and my TV started makeing this so fucking awful annoying sound then it stopped. I got up to pull the plug but when I got up the noise came back. Then a picture of a dead child came up on my screen. I yanked my game cube out of the wall and smashed it with my hammer. to this day i hate video games.
Credit To – Cooper Griffith
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