hahaha my name is Liam Kilman but most call me mister jokester you see I’m 23 years old and I will be until the day someone figures out how to kill me for good.
I’m not that bad a guy haha you see everytime I’m killed haha I’m made into a spirit and I go and find myself a new host to hold my soul until my body can regrow and then they are my mate I mark them and all hahahe the only way you can figure out I’m not human anymore is my smile that the main reason to why my name is mister jokester …
you want to know how I became this way

It was mid november of 1999 in a small town in maryland at a carnival I was young and fresh out of college looking for a girl cause I thought girls liked carnivals so I’m walking around and then I meet cindy a cute blonde who looked as innocent as can be …
what I didn’t know was cindy was a a pyscho killer who eats her victims bodies … my soul was the only thing left after she ate my body and put my bones in acid I didn’t know how I did it but somehow I went inside her …
being inside her I took some of her pyscho with me which is why I have a joker smile.
A week after my body was ready and I tore my way out of her to my misfortune I had killed her oh what a sad day that was but she left me with a smile on my face so I can’t complain …
after about five years I died from a car crashing into me and I put my spirit in another woman she took longer to process my body in it took a month and it usually takes a week or two for my body to grow back, …
I always die and come back I can’t stop it haha just like the random laughter ….

Hahahahaha but you can’t keep the beast in for long hahahahahahahahahaha … I die like a human but ill kill like a skilled ninja or some motherfuckin shit hahahahahahahaahaahahahahhahahahahahahahhhh thanks for listening to my sad life and maybe if you’re lucky ill come inside you and make you my mate hahahahahahahahaah

Credit To – Deana Eibell

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