For those pastas that are smelling less than fresh…



soft and sweet the killer weeps,
through the shadows she dose creep.
through the mirrors and the floor, she isn’t human any more.

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  • C4KE

    This took you like what…. 4 seconds to write? Plus I’m not even sure you even have the title right…. Guilt maybe??? Not sure what Gilt is… but even if it was guilt, the title would not even fit……..

  • Yossarian

    “Gilt” actually refers to something that has been covered in gold. So, we must ask, is three-line poem about that girl from Goldfinger?

  • Poodleinacan

    Badly seperated lines.
    “dose creep” … Yea, she dose off.

  • Fuhrerious


  • Ripper

    Nice story. Thee sentences and I can still count 3 fucking spelling and grammar errors.

  • bravo104

    Kill the killers might apply, but the story is so fucking short I can’t tell.

  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    Poe-try again.

  • BlueFox

    OMG Poetry is sooo easy guys.

  • oHaiThur

    Man, this pasta is so short, l can’t even select it properly on my phone screen :c