This was so weird I was freaking out about this!
Some is twisted to fit a creepy pasta but based on a true story
So I was bored and I was playing on my wii…
You know the nintendo console that is pretty old?
But anyway I decided to go to the mii plaza to change the look of my mii( and the name knowing it was “stinky”)
As I was looking through the miis I spotted a mii with glasses, a white t-shirt and a confused face. But he was lying on the floor.
With only half a body
He was bleeding like mad but before I could point it out the creepy character scrambled away…

Soon enough I was back on the wii, thinking I had been seeing things until I went back on the mii plaza and saw the same thing but this time with a speech bubble saying “I’m coming for you, just wait”

This has creeped me out and all I can see is that in my head while playing creepy music.

Here are the real parts of it
If you want to be scared don’t read this part

1) I DID see the mii
2) it was bleeding
3) it was only half a body
4) it didn’t have the speech bubble, I haven’t seen the mii since
Credit To – ME
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