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I guess this all started about three weeks ago. If you want me to tell this story, that’s where im going to start. It was about three weeks ago when Henry Grylls told us that he was going camping with some friends up in the Ochechee park forest over the weekend. By us, I mean pretty much everyone that was in the office at the time of his announcement. He made sure to inform us the exact timeframe he hoped to arrive and leave, and which of his friends planned to make this trip with him.

Henry was a really organized guy, You didn’t have to know him that well to pick that up. It showed in almost everything he did. He always alphabetically organized his papers, His clothing was always perfectly pressed and his tie always perfectly straight. I don’t know if he had OCD, but I wouldn’t have been surprised. That was a Thursday, on Friday he made an quiet exit and left the office.

That weekend was a fairly normal one for me. I went home, spent a lot of the day watching baseball and taking naps. My wife and I went out to dinner at Gracianos. On Sunday I bitched about going back to work. Things were as they always were. Until Monday. As my morning drowsiness wore off, I observed the office, and it didn’t take me long to notice that Henry was not present. This was strange, as He always came in before me, and pretty much everyone else. As the day went on we concluded that he was probably just sick. That was an uncomfortable day for me. Sure, it wasn’t exactly doomsday for a co worker to be out for a day, But something at the back of my mind nagged at me for the duration of the day. I couldn’t tell you what it was, but I went through that day with something like caution. It wore off when I Got home and I slept it off.

Tuesday. Everything changed on Tuesday. Once again we all noticed that Henry wasn’t there, and everyone went about business as usual. Until he came in. The door to our office was slowly pushed open and henry stepped into the room. Everyone looked up and greeted him as he entered and sat at his desk. I simply stared as he turned on his computer, rapidly rapping his fingers on the table. Something was wrong, I picked that up as soon as I laid eyes on him. He seemed finicky, anxious, as if anticipating something. He looked like There was a big joke that only he knew about, and we were all about to befall it. What came next is still burned into my head, And I fear it always will be. Henry looked up from his monitor and noticed Me staring at him. He seemed to see the concern in my eyes, and he turned his head to face me. A wide belated Grin broke across his face and his eyes narrowed to slits. His grin…. Could People grin like that? Something about it was very wrong… It had an almost… distorted quality… I don’t know how no one else could see it. In an instant a horrible feeling crept into me, a feeling I couldn’t shrug off. I cant really describe it but… well the uncomfortable feeling I had the day before was just the tip of the iceberg. I should have told someone. I made such a horrible mistake, I knew something was wrong and I was too scared to speak my mind. When someone asked him where he had been, he spoke softly, not looking up from his screen. “I Forgot where I worked”. This caused laughter from The people within earshot, Bringing another grin to his face.

As the day dragged on he cracked a few smart ass jokes here and there, and Everyone seemed to enjoy it but me. Because as he told the joke about the two priests, and he worked studiously like a little office angel, and he made my co workers laugh, I couldn’t help but notice his crooked tie.

He approached me at the end of the day, when most of the office was void of its workers. I was preparing to leave when he strode over to me. I recall the conversation as clearly as the day we had it. “what’s wrong buddy”? He asked, in that strange ever happy tone. “Nothings wrong henry, Im fine” I replied.
“You seemed a bit uneasy today. I hope your not worried about me, Im great. I just know Im gonna have a lot of fun here” he said.
“Well…Im glad that your so.. enthused about it” I told him, My stomach turning to lead. Im gonna have a lot of fun here? What the hell did that mean? I swear those were his words.
“well I just wanted to make sure you knew I was ok, Don’t want you to worry anyone else with your silly assumptions do you?” He said, That horrid Grin returning for his next words. “You wouldn’t want to spoil my fun would you”?

I simply nodded and moved past him, Eager to leave his presence. I arrived home, and tried to sleep it off once again. My attempt was fruitless, as I awoke in a cold sweat, that indescribable feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was almost like… having a ball of ice placed in my gut, But I could feel it all throughout my body. That’s the only way I can think to describe it.

It was always worse at work, and it was almost unbearable when Henry came into my proximity. The days went on like this until the Thursday of the next week. Once again I was unfortunate enough to be one of the last at the office, as was henry. After a while, only Henry, My friend Jack and I remained in the building. The sun had gone down two hours before, and I practically threw my hands in the air when I finished my report. I left the office relieved, Waving a goodbye to Henry and Jack. I exited the building, and walked out into the lot, approaching my car and fishing in my pocket for my keys. As I drew them out and begin to unlock My car I was struck with a  sudden uneasy feeling. I didn’t have to turn around to know that I was being watched. As I looked up to my work floor, I saw Henry Staring blankly down at me from one of the large windows. A grin crossed his lips as I unlocked my car and jumped in, driving back home in a state of near hysteria. I didn’t even try to sleep that night, As I knew it would be a useless attempt. I spent that night laying awake, trying to calm myself. Trying to tell myself that I was being paranoid, that there was plenty of explanations for Henrys sudden change.

The next day I was pleased to see That Henry was Gone as I walked into the office, But I hadn’t let my guard down… that feeling was still there. My day faired quite normal until Amy walked in with her six year old son. As they entered everyone brought their attention to the adorable pair while Amy explained that her son Jeremy wasn’t feeling well, since he couldn’t go to school, and she didn’t want to leave him home alone, she had brought him here. The kid hadn’t taken five steps into the office when his eyes fell on Jack, and he began to scream uncontrollably. Tears streamed down his face as he stared in horror, his cries continuing to pierce the air. The cold feeling hit me with a vengeance as my eyes fell on Jack. “Its ok little guy” He said softly, a sick Grin spreading over his face. “I wont hurt you”. Amy swept the shrieking kid off his feet and tried to calm him, before taking him back to her cubicle at the back of the office. After about 10 minutes the crying fell to whimpers, and eventually ceased all together. At that point I barley noticed, I was focused on trying to control the fresh fear that had crept over me. That Grin had been unmistakable. Suddenly henry being gone no longer comforted me.

Amy exited her office to apologize to everyone for the disturbance, and tell us that she was very surprised at Her son’s sudden breakdown, informing us that it was just a side affect of his fever and lack of sleep. “He’s just a bit cranky” She explained. Her apology was cut short as Jeremy called out to her. Amy gave us all a smile and returned to her child. Everyone was content with this now, as they went back to work. I knew better. I needed to tell someone… I needed to tell someone but it was almost… like I couldn’t. Like something was stopping me. Even if I could work up the nerve to tell someone, who would it be? What would they think? As I looked around the office, I noticed Jeremy peeking out from His mothers cubicle. He cast me a nervous Glance, before emerging and walking over to me, holding a folded piece of drawing paper he must have torn from his mothers sketchbook. Amy was an artist after all. He approached me and set the folded piece of paper on my desk, His eyes full of quite desperation, before running back to his mothers office space. This little display drew some amusement from a few of my co workers, But they simply returned to their work.

I unfolded and looked over the paper, a bit reluctantly. What he had drawn… it was crude obviously, I mean the kid was 6… but it didn’t change what was on that paper. He had drawn a dark figure sitting at a desk, A hauntingly clear smile sketched across its face. He had written the words “hes a liar” above its left side. My eyes shot up to Jack as he took a sip of coffee from his West Virginia mountaineers mug, and you know what? I hadn’t a hint of doubt. I looked down at this drawing that could have been a six year olds fever scrawlings, and I knew. I knew that whatever was sitting in jacks cubicle, Wasn’t jack. I don’t know how, But the kid saw Jack for what he was. Maybe all kids can? Maybe that’s why he chose a place he knew would be void of children…  I know you guys think Im crazy, But it wasn’t human and he knew it, just like I did. I can never know exactly what happened over that camping trip, But I know that something found Henry and his friends. Something found them, and It took henry. It took his form. When I left Jack alone with it, it took Jack too. I guess he can only pose as one person at a time… God knows what he did with henry.

I had quickly folded the picture and put it in my briefcase. I took it home, and I spent hours looking it over. I thought about it all the time, And I couldn’t sleep. I lay awake at Night thinking about it. I didn’t have to think about it too long to know That I had to do it. It had taken Henry and Jack, And it would take more people. Who knows how many its taken already? It was Wednesday of this week when I walked into my building with a glock in my briefcase. I shot it. I shot it eight times, I counted.
It wasn’t Jack. It wasn’t even a person! It was a fucking HIM. Everyone reacted with such horror! How they screamed! They had no idea that I had Just saved them! Saved them all! It had to be done…. And I don’t deny or regret what I did. You think im insane. I can see it, see it in the way your both looking at me. I don’t care what you think! A couple of backwoods cops in a shitty town. Your probably pissed that you have to stay at the station and talk to this nut case.

Im not crazy, I know what I did. I shot him down, and it took no time at all for everyone to flee the office, screaming. You know, for a second I thought I had made a mistake. I looked down at the man I had known for almost two years as he laid face down in a pool of blood…and I thought I had made a huge mistake. I thought that Maybe I should have just found another way to go about this. I almost wish that it had been a mistake….

I saw it. As I sat and looked down at Jacks body, a mass of small black tendrils burst from his skin and proceeded to tear him apart… To tear the body open. The process took a matter of seconds as the walls of the office were painted with sprays of Jacks blood. The body was torn to shreds and then absorbed into the writhing mass of black tendrils, as it began to form into a more refined shape. The mass slowly formed into a figure…. Into him. He had the body of a man, But there were sunken in holes were his eyes should have been, and his body was free of any hair or genitals.  His skin was black as pitch, and on his head sat two dark stubby horns that matched his head, and his fingers ended in needle point claws. The tendrils all receded into his body, and he turned to face me. He stood a good foot and a half over me, so he must have been at least seven feet tall. I simply stood frozen in fear, wanting to scream but finding no noise escaped my throat. The cold feeling in my stomach became a sharp pain, and I doubled over, dropping the gun on the floor. Not that it would have been any use… what came next…. I see it every time I close my eyes… I cant get it out of my head no matter how hard I try. A sickening inhuman Grin split his jet black face, reaching ear to ear. I don’t recall how long he looked at me like that before……. I just remember it ending when the police sirens came. That’s what happened. Im not lying, im telling you the truth, and you have to believe me. I know hes still out there, and I know hes gonna kill more people. The horrible things he does to people… Its like a joke to him. He likes to take people… to become them, to know what they know, to toy with everyone around him. Its all a big cycle. You have to believe me. You HAVE TO!

Officer Larson stared at the wreck of man that sat handcuffed in the seat across from him. “That’s enough. I’ve heard enough!” he said harshly. He glanced to his right to catch the look on his partners face. The look that let him know his partner thought this man was insane. “Get him out of here would you?” He said. “Gladly” Officer Grey responded, getting to his feet. This was the strangest story He had ever heard… The ramblings of a mad man. He had asked this man where the body of Jack Derlin was, and He had received THIS.

He had 14 eye witness accounts that said This man had murdered him, and Now there were suspicions to the whereabouts of Henry Grylls.

Officer Grey approached the Rambling man and grabbed him roughly by the shoulder, directing him out the door. Officer Larson let out a sigh and decided to follow them. As they escorted the man down the hall way, He noticed all of the other officers, giving this man that look. The same look his partner had given this man. They all knew he was insane, and so did he. Right? He questioned as he walked along side his partner and the wreck of man. He questioned because an indescribable feeling had crept into his gut, and he wanted to lock this guy in a cell so he could go home. His thoughts were interrupted as the man spoke to him. “You have to put me alone… please. He could be anybody… He could have followed me here. Please put me in a cell alone” He pleaded. Officer Grey gave Larson a wicked smile as he directed the man towards a cell holding another man, and opened the it. Larson watched as his partner threw the man in the cell and swung the barred door shut, despite his pleading. “Look, if you tell us where Jack Derlins Body is, we’ll put you in a cell alone ok?” Officer Grey said. The man seemed very upset, before letting out a wimper, and motioning for Officer Grey to come closer.

Larson watched as the man whispered something in his ear. When he was finished, His partner gave him a disappointed look, and began to walk away. Larson quickly caught up with him. “Did he tell you where the body was?” he asked. “No. The nutjob probably doesn’t even remember.” Said his partner. “well what did he say?” Larson asked, pausing as he heard a rapping of fingers on the cell wall. “I Just know im gonna have a lot of fun here” What a wacko.” Officer Grey said as Larson slowly turned to the man they had just thrown in the cell, who was giving him a wide belated grin.

Credit To: Isaac Mckinnon

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