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Halo reach gone wrong


It was raining and the day was quite dull. The only thing i could think of was to boot up my Xbox 360. However the time I tried out my new halo reach it turned out to be less original than said so then I started up matchmaking however the original music was replaced with just. Silence… I Clicked playlist to check out game modes and rather not play team slayer.
But the only things were team swat or team slayer. That was odd judging that when i read its back it said 16 new game modes i shuddered i clicked team slayer seeing i don’t like team swats title and then i went on to the button. START MATCHMAKING. I clicked it and my creeps started here was from this the players found were all high ranks with the names IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL. And then me XxSpartanXrules Then my game froze and i took it out it was scratched and unreadable

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  • Eyrion

    What the fuck? Am I stupid, or did that not make any sense?

  • Sylvie S.

    Well, you’re not stupid.

  • Dahlia

    No, Eyrion, you’re DEFINITELY not stupid.

  • Ryan

    Man, my head hurts after reading this. :(

  • Hamster

    How does this even have 2.5/10 stars?

  • Ariana z.

    If your gonna make a game creepypasta don’t make one about new-ish game.

  • DeadAces

    Wow. This was just. Wow. 1000Masks and I have mocked the hell out of this one. Watch and laugh if you’d like.

  • Shy

    Wut…? .-.

  • Aswerty

    I’m a girl. I love Halo. You just ruined it for me. Because of your noobishness. Noob.

  • bravo104

    tom slowly turned his Xbox on. h e hoped everything would be the same, but he knew deep down it would not. he slowly pressed the icon for halo 3, and waited. the Microsoft and Bungie logos showed up, as normal. but then tom saw 2 words, 2 words that made him scream in terror.
    and tom was stuck with noobs Armour locking,betraying for the sniper, betraying him in zombies, forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or a least until he changed the disk.

    • Bravo 104

      And in the sequel, Tom faces the terrifyingly bad…
      Halo 4! No! Not horrible characters, boring gameplay and false advertising! Noooo!

  • Elusive Soul

    LAME! Get a better idea! Not INTERESTING and BORING!

  • Pinkamina

    Next time do an older game, like an old pokemon or mario because those games can be hacked pretty easily and sometimes the hacks can create some messed up stuff.

  • Ian

    What the FUCK?Am I stupid are was that fuckking meast fuckking up

  • G

    Red Ring Of Dumb and THIS IS STUPID.

  • The Operator

    ‘halo reach gone wrong’ Halo Reach is already wrong enough. You don’t need to fuck it up more, thanks.

    ‘I clicked it and my creeps started here was from this the players found were all high ranks with the names IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL.’ Still better names then what you’ll generally find in Halo. Like ‘PussyDestroyer69’.

    ‘ And then me XxSpartanXrules’ See? Even you have a worse name then them. Note: Adding X’s to your name does not make you edgy.

    So…. let me get this straight. You play a game, the music is missing, the people ingame have (SPOOOOOKY!) different names. and then the disc turns out scratched? How is that even scary? At all?

    1/10. Downvote. Keter duty. Never write a vidya gaem pasta again… or I’ll see to it that you won’t.

    • VeryGoodName

      Why does everyone add an X or more to his name?
      It feels stupid, weird and just fucking wrong!

      • xXAlfred Frederick DinglebottomXx

        What’s wrong with using an “X” in your name. It makes me feel pretty.

        • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

          Well, someone had a humour bypass when they downvoted me.

      • BlueFof

        Yeah, I know. What’s up with that?

  • Sergeant Slaughter

    So kids, this is what happens from buying cheap, pirated copies of video games for your Xbox 360.