It was raining and the day was quite dull. The only thing i could think of was to boot up my Xbox 360. However the time I tried out my new halo reach it turned out to be less original than said so then I started up matchmaking however the original music was replaced with just. Silence… I Clicked playlist to check out game modes and rather not play team slayer.
But the only things were team swat or team slayer. That was odd judging that when i read its back it said 16 new game modes i shuddered i clicked team slayer seeing i don’t like team swats title and then i went on to the button. START MATCHMAKING. I clicked it and my creeps started here was from this the players found were all high ranks with the names IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL,IKILL. And then me XxSpartanXrules Then my game froze and i took it out it was scratched and unreadable

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