Hetalia. Known as an anime which the countries are actual people. It’s like history, but in anime form, and a lot more interesting. But, what if all of the sweet, innocent stuff you see in Hetalia, is just one, twisted dream?

All the characters, they are actually real but have the human name that they were given. They all live in there own country(Alfred, America. Arthur, Britain,etc.). But somehow there all connected as one mentally. They can telepathically speak to each other. And all there personalities in the show are the opposite in real life. Feliciano(Italy), you would think of him as, a happy, easy-going, and not very bright person. Well, in reality, he’s not nice at all. He does not like anybody. And he’s actually really smart. Ludwig(Germany), soldier, not very easy-going, strict. Wrong. He actually hates fighting and has a lot of friends. He’s more layback and not very clean or organized either. Kiku(Japan), not very emotional, hates to be touched and affectionate, and is very peaceful, calm. But in reality, he’s very emotional, he actual is pervert, and is very distraught and worked up. As well as the Allies, they also have different personalities. Alfred(America), he’s very easy-going, happy, funny, “heroic” as he would say, and is usually hungry. But actually, he does not have any friends. He has depression and has no self-esteem. And he usually starves himself cause of his depression. Arthur(Britain), not easy-going, a gentleman, swears a lot more than often, and is “magical”, referring to his black magic methods and him having magical creatures as his imaginary friends. Not in reality. He actually has a ton of friends and is not clean or nice at all. He doesn’t really swear though. And he does not believe in magic. And has no imagination. Since he has real friends he has no need for imaginary ones. Francis(France), quite perverted, romantic, and a bit classy. In reality he actually hates the thought of sex, not very romantic, which means he has never had girlfriend before. And he is dirty and unclean, not classy. Wao(China), patriotic, wiling to do what’s right if he has too, and only likes to hear himself think. In reality he hates his country. And will not stick up for anybody, not even himself. He’ll just be a by-stander doing nothing but watching. And does not want to hear his own ideas, thinking that there horrible and everyone else’s is so much better. Matthew(Canada), shy, quiet, nice, and is not noticed. But, in reality he’s actually easy-going, he’s very loud but a bit at the same time. And everyone knows who he is, and no one can forget him. And, last but not least, Ivan(Russia). His is very interesting cause he actually exists in both worlds as the same person. Cause of his “split” personality in the anime, he is the exact same in reality. He actually telepathically talked to all the other countries and made it so this dream would seem like reality. They all in wanted to see what they would be like if they were the exact opposite. Right now, the story seems to have been pretty okay right? Well, unfortunately because of their dreaming, they have been stuck in the dream ever since the start. They have been trying to wake up ever since, but I forever trapped. And the person who can wake them is Ivan. But he won’t. That’s also why he’s the same in both worlds. He controls what’s next. What will happen. He controls their future.He decides whether someone dies or lives. And even how they act and what they do in the show. Everyone but Ivan, has lost the ability to control, dream, everything. The only thing left is there forever sleeping body. Even their souls are captives of Ivan. And he’ll let them go, when his dream is finally over. Their nightmare, is his dream. The show is also based on history cause Ivan knew, much of history was bloodshed or horrible events, which made his dream more like-able to him. The only reason it’s showed in a comedy sort of way is because for a little while, Matthew had control of the dream. And he wanted it to be a happy showing of history. But Ivan could not change it after it was done. Everyone’s character, is a figment of imagination. What they wanted to be, for a limited time, is now a permanent reality they’ll never escape from. One big happy family of dreams.

One big nightmare, concealed by the history and a dream.

Credit To: Hidekaz Himaruya the creator of Hetalia

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