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It’s 11:08pm

Peacefully, yet lightly, your sound a sleep in your bed. It’s the kind of dream that is so good, you can’t tell if your awake or dreaming.
Right when it gets to the good part…

Someone whispers your name through the slight crack of your door.

Startled, you look around and try to to shake off your sleeping voice.

“Yeah?!”, you say with some anger.

“Can I come in honey?”

You slowly sit up in your bed, and with a sigh, you say, “Yeah sure.”

She slowly walks in, still having sleep in your eye, you barely make out your moms figure.

Concerned now, you say “What’s wrong mom?”, noticing some hesitation while she makes her way to your bed side. You go to turn on your lamp…

“No no no, don’t turn on the light. I don’t want to wake your little sister.”

She then sits on the chair between you and your sisters bed.
At ease, you then lay back and ask a relevant question pertaining to your last.

“What happened?”

“Well I couldn’t sleep thinking of what’s about to happen to your sister.”

Your expression changes and your heart skipped a beat.


She then says, “Don’t worry, you’ll be…” Something interrupts your mom. You can tell she’s no longer looking at you, but behind you, at your door.
You slowly turn to look at your door, only to see long hair and a feminine figure. It’s your mom, standing at your door.

“Who are you talking to honey?” says your mom at your door.

Your confused. You slowly turn your head back to look at your mom, still sitting in the chair between the beds. Silently.
You then reluctantly start to reach for your lamp. As you do, your supposed mom at your beside starts to growl, no longer sounding like your mom.

Your lamp turns on, only to reveal a creature, your worst nightmare, sitting at your beside.

Credit To: Nathaniel

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