It’s the beginning of high school for me, and I’m kinda glad. I’m not like everyone else. I’m not in a clique. I’m not a Bully, or a Jock, or a Nerd. I’m me. Which is horrifying… I don’t like me… Sometimes, I see things, definitely out of the ordinary. It’s not any mystical beings or anything, it’s objects. Objects that look like demons, and that are shaped perfectly for murder. I’ve seen people step under these objects, and they fall on top of them, giving them numerous cuts and bruises, often death… I can tell when the Grim Reaper is in the room… But anyway, back to high school. I was loving it here. The environment was just amazing, the classes were simply amazing. I mean, what could go wrong… Right? It was moments before my fourth period when someone ran up to me. He was out of breath. “There’s somethin’ wrong with this school man. It just doesn’t feel right.” I didn’t say anything after that. He caught his breath, and kept running, looking for an exit that would be in the school… But the thing is… All the exits were blocked… By unknown objects. Immovable, unknown objects. The kid that was running away had just been murdered, by the metal rail that had fallen from the top of the stairs. And yes, he was MURDERED. Not killed. This time I saw a shadowy being kick the rail off, and just disappear in a cloud of black mist. Scared for my life, I backed away, I was yelling for somebody. But nobody was there. I was all alone in this haunted school thinking “How did they escape?…”, when a being, similar to the devil, popped up in front of me. “James….. I believe you can see me. Can you? Good. God gave you this power. To see me, try and stop me. But I won’t let you” “But, I haven’t done anything to try and stop you! I don’t even know what’s going on! What powers am I capable of?!” I replied to this demon. To which the demon replied “Oh, you are capable of many things, James. This is because you are a human… Sadly, you are not capable of Immortality” He said as everything started to slowly cave in on me. “But…. What about everyone else?! I swear, I didn’t do anything!” I asked, drowning in fear. “There IS no everyone else. Everyone in this school, is ME. Giving you a warning about what would happen if you tried to stop me. There is no way out James. You… are dead” The school started to fall on top of me. But that’s when I woke up… “Oh, thank God this was all just a dream.” “God?” The devil smiled “The only God here, is me” Then I realized, I was in Hell.

Credit To: GinoJay

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