Hello, I am Regina. I’m going to tell you all how to gain immortality. It’s quite simple really.
Step 1: There is a place you have to go to, but to find that place you have to go through a mirror. To get inside the mirror, you have to lose all fear, turn off the lights, face away from the mirror, and fall back. Your “reflection” will be facing you, you’ll fall into their arms, and you’ll be on the other side. Once you’re there you will have to travel to you’r birthplace, except it will be not your birthplace but your “reflection’s” birthplace.
Step 2: Take a small item from the location, now be careful because the other realm is very dangerous.
Step 3: As quickly as you can get back to the mirror you first used in Step1 and get the fuck out before it’s too late.
Step 4: Let’s hope you took an edible item from the mirror because guess what… you’re going to have to eat it! It doesn’t matter what it is, you have to eat it. Eat it on the floor (preferably wood) in a circle of blue candles.
Step 5: As soon as you eat it you’ll find yourself in a dark room, there are things, evil things, they will be all around you, you must kill them with the knife that can be found in your right hand.
Step 6: Once you kill them you must drink their blood.  If you don’t you’ll be stuck in that room forever.  Once you do there will be a door somewhere in the dark that wasn’t there before. Open it and you’ll be facing the mirror you used in Step1, look at yourself. You have pale white skin, long white fangs, and you have forever lasting darkness under your eyes.
Now if you choose do follow these steps, I must tell you, you will watch everyone you love die, every night you will go out and hunt humans for blood, the sun will hurt you so you won’t be able to go out in the day, you will be sad and lonely. You, will suffer like I am suffering, all alone in this dark little room, permenantly locked up so I won’t hurt anymore people.

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