For those pastas that are smelling less than fresh…

How We Categorize

First off, here are the “good” categories. If your submission ends up in any of these tags, it means that you came very close to being approved for the main site OR that your pasta has received enough upvotes that it’s being moved to the main archive.

ADMIN FAIL: If a pasta is either upvoted enough or successfully rewritten & approved for the main site, we’ll put the original Crappypasta post into this category. I considered Crappypasta Success Stories, but considering that some of the stories end up in this category just due to, well, Admin Fail, you get this instead. Yay!

Just Needs Polishing: If you get this tag, we saw potential in your submission. Your pasta or idea wasn’t bad, just… well, not quite right. Something is wrong, whether it’s just a need for proofreading and editing, or just a bit more fleshing out and polishing overall. If you got this tag, treat it as us basically telling you to please rewrite and resubmit, preferably using any feedback you receive in the comments, because you were close to being approved.

Shows Promise: The positive tier directly below Just Needs Polishing. If you were tagged with this, it means that something in your story caught my eye. Maybe you’re clearly a good writer technically but you need a better topic; or perhaps you have a good core idea for your pasta, but it still needs considerable work and expansion. If you get this category, please continue writing, because you have potential that is plain to see – it’s just not quite blossoming at its fullest yet.

Moving on, here are the “bad” categories. If you earn one of these categories, you may have a bit more work ahead of you on the road to approval. You’ll most likely need to make some serious changes before any resubmits would be successful, so pay attention to any advice that you receive in the comments.

Lazy Writing: The most common, yet also the most easily avoided flaw. Terrible grammar, spelling, lazy writing, CAPS SPAMMING, wallsoftext, an absolute lack of proofreading/editing – these are all issues that can cause even the most creative pasta ideas to be completely unreadable and unenjoyable. You may have ideas to rival the classics, but when you express them via a giant, typo-heavy wall of text, nobody is going to read far enough to realize that, sorry. If something is marked as “lazy writing” and nothing else, there’s a good chance that the admin who processed the submission found it so messy that they couldn’t even read it long enough to pick any other categories!

  • Great Wall Of Pasta: A sub-category of Lazy Writing. Paragraphs are your friends.
  • Just Say No To Journal Entries: A sub-category of Lazy Writing. It’s all fine and dandy if you’re using the journal style for an important atmospheric purpose, but this category is for people who are using it as a crutch so that they don’t have to bother writing scene transitions. Unfortunately, this applies to almost every single journal style submission. JUST SAY NO.
  • Pottymouth: A sub-category of Lazy Writing. We don’t really care if you swear in your pastas, as long as you don’t take it to one of two extremes. If you scored this tag, you either used so much profanity that it became distracting, or you self-censored yourself (sh*t, F***, etc) and made your pasta seem more silly than scary. Category & name suggested by Shogunfish.
  • Crappy Cop-Outs: Sub-category of Lazy Writing. Sometimes it’s obvious that an author reached the end of their projected plot and didn’t feel like putting the effort into properly ending their pasta. This category houses all of the lazy, cliched, cop-out endings: “YOU’RE NEXT” and its ilk, pastas that end with the narrator committing suicide out of the blue, and/or any other ending that feels like the author just got bored with writing and decided to hamfist in whatever cliched ending that first came to mind. Category suggested by The Operator; name suggested by Sirqster.

Undercooked Pasta: Some pastas are just undercooked and a bit too bland – whether it’s because the pasta seems sort of unfinished and builds up to nothing much in particular happening, or because it just comes off as generally pointless somehow. If your pasta ends up with this tag, some important ingredient is missing to make it a really compelling creepypasta. If you got this tag, something about your story just made us feel more “meh” than creeped out. Name suggested by failol.

  • …And Then?: A sub-category of Undercooked Pasta. If a pasta just suddenly stops without any satisfying conclusion, it will most likely be tagged with this category. While it’s true that you generally want to leave your readers wanting more, skipping out on a proper ending isn’t the right way to go about accomplishing this!
  • Part Two – CANCELED: A sub-category of Undercooked Pasta. Closely related to the previous category, but somehow even more annoying. If you can’t be bothered to finish your pasta, maybe you also shouldn’t bother submitting it. Multiple part pastas are only accepted on the very rare occasion that there’s actually a point to having the story broken up into multiple episodes, and even then I won’t consider it unless you send me the ENTIRE THING. Scribbling down some half-assed nonsense and calling it “part one” because you cannot even make the effort to finish your story is a quick route to rejection. I can’t find the comment where this name was suggested, so if it was you, please let me know!
  • Failure To Launch: A sub-category of Undercooked Pasta. Stories that have such boring introductions that all anyone wants to do is to skip to the end and spoil the story. These stories could be great, but they obviously aren’t written by Captain Hook.  This category was suggested by La`Mont.
  • Crash & Burn: A sub-category of Undercooked Pasta. The inverse of Failure To Launch. For stories that start out strong, but deteriorate until the reader loses all interest. If you got this tag, you need to really rework your ending – and pay attention to the difference between your creepy beginning and lackluster ending, because you showed at least SOME promise initially or you wouldn’t have received this category.
  • Needs More Scary Sauce: A sub-category of Undercooked Pasta. On the main site, we publish stories with varying levels of creepiness – some are just vaguely spooky, while others are clearly chilling. This category, however, is for pastas that are not even remotely on the creepy scale. If you earned this category, we’re not sure why you submitted your story to a website called CREEPYpasta because it just wasn’t scary at all.
  • That’s Just Sad: Sometimes, people submit well-written and interesting stories – but the seasoning is a little off. Specifically, the stories that earn this tag seem to have conflated depressing plots with creepiness. While horror stories can absolutely have an aspect of sadness and vice versa, this tag is for the submissions where the author veered too far into the bleak and needs to temper it with a tad more scary sauce.
  • Poe-try Again: Poetrypasta is a funny thing. In the right hands, it can be wonderful, but even exceptional poempasta will be judged more harshly on the main site just by virtue of its format. This category is for poems that don’t quite make the cut. Suggested and named by bravo104.
  • Teeny Linguine: Micropastas are tricky. Aspiring writers may assume that they’re simple to write just because they’re short, but the exact opposite is true – when you’re limited to under 300 words, each one needs to be perfectly chosen for maximum impact. This category is for people who are intentionally attempting to write a super-short story but missed the mark somehow. If you received this tag, you need to take any feedback received in the comments and use it to rework your Micropasta until every word packs the biggest punch possible. Name suggested by madinverse.

Cliched Crap: Overuse of common “creepy” cliches without any additional fleshing out or unique and interesting twists. This is where instead of a creepy concept or any explanation, the author just uses stuff from other creepypastas or normal cliche monsters. For example, instead of saying,’It looked like a bizarre mixture of Slenderman and Frankenstein’s monster,’ (which could be acceptable) I said, ’Suddenly a ghost entered making wailing noises.’ This category is sort of the unwanted child of Lazy Writing and Copypasta – if you ended up labeled as Cliched Crap, you need to put in more effort and/or be more original. This category was suggested by failol.

  • Less Gore, More Creepy: A sub-category of Cliched Crap. Buckets of blood and mutilation are not cruise control for creepy, guys. Closely related to Cliched Crap, but it gets its own category because it’s such a common issue. Suggested by ILikePeas.

Copypasta: This category is home both to blatant plagiarism (submitting famous creepy stories or things already on the main site verbatim) as well as overdone creepy tropes. The most common offenders are Lost Episodes, Haunted Cartridges, and ‘THEM’ watching you. If your pasta feels like you just played a game of creepy Mad Libs with an already published pasta or famous urban legend, you’ll probably end up here. These are generally better written than Cliched Crap, but sorely lack originality. Name suggested by Cariaian.

  • Lost On Purpose: A sub-category of Copypasta. “Lost Episode” pastas are very rarely successful. The vast majority of them tend to reuse the same boring aspects (hyper-realistic images, mindless blood and gore, mysterious animators) without adding anything new and interesting to the recipe. Beyond that, most Lost Episodes simply aren’t that scary. It was a novel idea when Dead Bart and Squidward’s Suicide first started circulating around the internet; now the Lost Episode genre has been absolutely flooded with lazy, uninspired copypastas. If you got this tag, you reminded us that some things should stay lost. Category suggested by Derpula Stevens, name suggested by Yossarian.
  • Pointless Reheats: Sometimes an attempt to rewrite an already existing pasta just plain fails. Whether your intent was parody or a legitimate rewrite, if you got this tag, we felt that your version brought nothing new to the table and just felt pointless and stale. Time to throw out this leftover pasta!
  • Red Ring of Dumb: A sub-category of Copypasta. Another overdone style of pasta is the “Haunted Cartridge” – where the author takes their game of choice and describes “unusual” things happening when they try to play the game. When done well, this style of pasta can be quite good. Unfortunately, quality tends to be the exception rather than the rule. Failure to adequately bring the reader into the game’s world, overuse of cliches and a lack of any actual fear factor tend to plague these pastas. If you earn this tag, consider your console privileges revoked. Category suggested by Earthcub12, name suggested by Shogunfish.
  • Aaahh!!! Lame Monsters: A sub-category of Copypasta. If you were obviously attempting to create the next big meme bait Creepypasta monster and it didn’t quite work out, you’ll end up with this tag. We’re not opposed to new entities; by all means, something needs to dethrone Slenderman and Jeff. But to do so, they’ve got to be excellent. This tag is home to those attempts that are… not quite there yet. Category suggested by Shogunfish, name suggested by Stephan D. Harris.
  • Theory of a Dead Pasta: The first few times that someone did the “theory” pasta – where the author attempts to creepily explain mundane things about a popular show or game, usually by saying that everyone is actually dead – it was somewhat interesting. But we really, really don’t need a theory about every single cartoon, TV show, movie, video game, etcetera and so forth. We get it, everyone’s dead. Can it please be time for this cliche to die off, as well? Name suggested by godsband4life.
  • NOPE.AVI: Somehow pastas about haunted computer files have become yet another stale template for lazy would-be authors to abuse. Just like the video game and lost episode pastas, this was interesting back when the concept was new – but it’s been years now, and the steady stream of BAD.EXE and NOTSCARY.JPG and CANWEPLEASEJUSTSTOPALREADY.MP3 keep coming. If only anti-virus programs could defend against these pastas!
  • Derpbutt Despises Dollpastas: Murderous dolls that randomly slaughter families. Dolls that somehow trade places with the narrator and steal their life. Antique dolls that always end up haunted and/or possessed. Dolls that are actually dead bodies. Dolls that come to life and kill anyone who they see as a rival for their owner’s attention. If you’ve sent in anything remotely similar to any of these cliches, please stop. These pastas are so stale that they’ve gone far beyond moldy crappypasta – they’re downright rancid. Go find a fresher idea, please!

Pasta Poseur: For some inexplicable reason, some people seem to get confused about what sort of things are appropriate to submit to Creepypasta. Submitting a not-creepy-at-all ramble about your how misunderstood you are, sending in fanfictions about your favorite video game/cartoon/anime, even decently written stories that, while entertaining, aren’t creepy in any sense of the word –  doing this is utterly pointless because such things have no chance in hell at making it on the main site because they’re NOT CREEPYPASTA. Our site caters to a very specific niche; if you submit something that doesn’t fit into said genre, you will be rejected. After the Dec/Jan submission period is processed, this category will become dormant as such submissions will no longer be processed at all; it will only remain as an archive of examples of what NOT to submit.

  • We’re Not Your Dream Dictionary: Just as the name implies, the Creepypasta submission form is not the correct place to post the slightly-creepy-if-you-squint dream that you had the other night. It’s one thing to use a dream as inspiration and craft a truly fleshed out and creepy story from that jumping off point; it’s another thing entirely to simply retell a vague, fragmented dream and expect anyone other than yourself to find it interesting.

BUT WHO WAS PHONE?!?: Parodypastas are a classic element of the Creepypasta meme; they’ve been around since the very beginning and we have no qualms about continuing to post them on the main site. However, really low-effort parodypastas are no longer welcome. If your pasta was clearly a troll but wasn’t particularly funny, we’ll publish it here. Suggested by Sylvie.

  • Not Sure if Troll: A sub-category of BUT WHO WAS PHONE?!?. Sometimes, it’s really hard to tell if someone was attempting a parodypasta/trollpasta or if they really are just a terrible writer. This category is our acknowledgement that we really wanted to believe that it was intentional, but just couldn’t be sure. Suggested by 1000Masks and DeadAces.

Oh, Look. More Fanfiction: For whatever reason, sometimes a particular Creepypasta character turns into a super popular internet phenomenon. Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, and so forth – people have latched on to these characters in a big way. So it follows that we get a ridiculous number of submissions featuring them – unfortunately, to keep them from taking over the main Creepypasta site, we have to be a bit harsher on which ones we allow through. This category is where we’ll put the rejects.

  • Shameful Spin-Offs: A sub-category of Oh, Look. More Fanfiction. This tag is received when you’re clearly trying to create the next big monster meme, but you couldn’t even be bothered to put more than a second’s thought into doing so. This category is where you’ll find such gems as “Grin Cat” or “[Insert Name] the Killer” – incredibly obvious rip-offs of already established Creepypasta characters. If you’ve received this tag, you have brought shame upon your family. Go sit in the corner until you’ve learned to be a bit more creative.
  • AAAAND IN THIS CORNER!: A sub-category of Oh, Look. More Fanfiction. The world would be a better place without Jeff the Killer meeting Slenderman and then teaming up to fight The Rake and then adopting Smile Dog while they play Pokemon Black… and any other similarly crap-tastic crossovers aren’t necessary, either. Stop trying to make it happen. We do not, in fact, wish to get ready to rumble. You cannot make us. Name & category suggested by Shogunfish.
  • Kill The Killers: This category is the graveyard for the copious amounts of Jeff the Killer ripoffs that come through the submission queue. Consider it like this, we killed your killer. If you get this tag it means bury your bad pasta and try something new. And by “new” we mean something original, not yet another “X the Killer” story! Suggested and named by Aelius Cato.
  • MEepy Pasta: It’s okay to wonder what it would be like to meet your favorite Creepypasta characters. However, you do not need to share your fantasies with us. Self-inserts and Mary Sue/Gary Stu type characters are widely despised by internet writing communities, and for good reason: they tend to be annoying self-indulgent and mind-numbingly boring to anyone who isn’t the author. If you got this tag, please keep your Slendertwilights and your Jeff the Killer romances to yourself. Category name suggested by Yossarian.
  • The Holder of Crappypasta: In any city, in any country, there’s a mental institution or halfway house where someone is writing a Crappypasta based on ‘The Holders’ series. There were 2538 of these Objects, but 2000 were lost. This category is for the Holders entries that should remain lost for now – whether due to not enough editing, not quite matching the cadence and theme of the series, or simply being a bad idea. They must never come together… especially not these.

Stolen Ingredients: You earn this tag when your pasta uses elements from other bits and pieces of pop culture (anime, video games, comics, TV shows, etc) and fails to make them even remotely scary. The main culprit of this is Pokepasta, but it’s such a widespread issue that it needs another category to hold all the awful overflow. Name and category suggested by Shogunfish.

  • LET ME SHOW YOU MY POKEMANS: A sub-category of Stolen Ingredients. Except in the hands of a very exceptional author, Pokemon is not scary, guys. This category was created after one admin read ~20 Pokemon-themed submissions within a few hours and became thoroughly traumatized.
  • Less Creepers More Creepy: With the way that Minecraft pastas have been so thoroughly spammed lately – and it’s important to note that, as of this writing, a grand total of 0 of them have been deemed main site material – it’s earned its own category. We don’t care about your crappy Creepers or your horribly Herobrine fanfic. Stop.
  • Friendship Is Crappy: Don’t submit My Little Pony fanfic to, even if you think it’s a “darkfic” because you shoehorned (horseshoed?) a bunch of overdone gore and/or angst into the story. We are not interested.
  • Note: It’s likely that some pastas that deserve this tag won’t get it, because whatever they’re stealing isn’t something that the admin who processed it is actually familiar with. In cases like this, where it’s obvious to anyone who is familiar with the pasta’s ‘inspiration’, feel free to speak up and suggest the tag. However, do not go reaching and suggest it for every pasta that might kind of sort of maybe possible reference some other media. This category is for hit-over-the-head obviousness only.

What: Because sometimes, the only reaction we have to a submission is just… what.

  • THIS IS STUPID: I guess this is kind of related to What. But sometimes, my brain really does just become a gigantic flashing GIF of disdain after reading some submissions. Consider this my own personal rage fuel archive. If your subission ends up here, I  love you for being an active community member, but I hate you for what you made me read.
  • Stop: The final frontier of awful. Dave Taylor summed it up best – THIS IS STUPID is good for ones where, well, they’re stupid – but not irredeemable. Stop is perfect for the ones that make you want to soak the computer in gasoline and light it on fire. If you received this tag, just stop. Please.

You Didn’t Even Try At All: If you got this tag, it meant that the lack of effort was so obvious and ridiculous that you don’t even get the YOU TRIED gold star. Because clearly, you didn’t put any thought or effort into your pasta at all. Why did you even submit this?

The following categories are for organizational purposes only.

The following categories have been removed and are no longer functional.

  • SCP: Stupid Crappy Pasta: In order to easily cooperate with the SCP Wiki’s licensing policy, SCPastas are no longer eligible for Creepypasta/Crappypasta. I feel that the SCP Wiki is more than sufficient when it comes to supplying SCP stories, and given that they even have a subforum dedicated to feedback/editing prospective SCP entries, it seemed redundant and unneccessary to take the extra steps necessary to properly maintain this category. As such, this category and the stories within it have been removed.

Comments on this page are now closed due to people’s refusal to stop spamming the comment section with “suggestions” for categories that either already exist or are completely unnecessary. From now on whenever I need a new category named I’ll just put up a sticky post asking for ideas, so keep an eye on the announcements tag if you want to contribute. Thanks to everyone who suggested fresh and relevant categories in the past!

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How We Categorize, 9.3 out of 10 based on 52 ratings
  • La’Mont

    Failure to Launch

    Stories that have such boring introductions that all anyone wants to do is to skip to the end and spoil the story. These stories could be great, but they obviously aren’t written by Captain Hook.

    Ha. Hook. See what I did there?

  • imadoofus

    Here’s my idea:

    Prejudicial Writing

    If a pasta is just blantantly and purposefully offensive to a certain group of people, it may be placed here. “Offensive” means the pasta contains homophobia, religious prejudice, racism, sexism, or any other type of discrimination against certain people.

  • derpface

    Hmmm, I like Failure to Launch. I think we will use that. Thanks!

    Anything that’s blatantly offensive like imadoofus describes is usually also an obvious troll pasta, which we don’t really bother with – we’re not going to publish such pointless things, even here.

  • failol

    I have two categories to consider:
    1. Cliched Crap
    This is where instead of a creepy concept or any explanation, the author just uses stuff from other creepypastas or normal cliche monsters. What I mean by this is if instead of saying,’It looked like a bizarre mixture of Slenderman and Frankenstein’s monster,'(which could be acceptable) I said,’ Suddenly a ghost entered making wailing noises.’ That’s the sort of thing that would go into that category.
    2. Wall without bricks
    This is what I call a story without any build up ad just throws things at you without explaining any metaphors or identity, which is therefore like building a wall without bricks.

    I hope you consider my category ideas and I look forward to seeing your reply.

  • failol

    I also have another suggestion actually you know in case it helps categorise.
    Undercooked Pasta
    This is just those stories which are just unremarkable, not scary and just bland, undercooked pastas.

  • derpbutt

    I think we’ll use Cliched Crap, and I think I’ll renamed ‘But WHY tho?’ to Undercooked Pasta, since we tend to use it for the same reasons you describe. Nice suggestions, thanks!

  • failol

    Hey thanks a lot for using my ideas. Oh and this is gonna sound weird for anyone who hasn’t read the category but I agree with the unwanted child thing.

  • SilentDefiance

    Say Again?

    Its where a story is just so random and weird that you’re like, “Umm, what?” It’s pretty much the What category.

  • Shogunfish

    A few suggestions:

    Ripoff rituals:
    Instructions for a ritual where the cost and reward are completely mismatched in either direction.
    (examples: trading a thousand years of misery for the ability to tell time without a watch, or living forever as long as you never eat cabbage)

    Spoon feeding:
    The author doesn’t leave anything unsaid, every detail you could possibly need is thrust in your face with no need for any sort of interpretation. At the end you are left with nothing to think about because it was so overly explained.

    • godsband4life

      Ooh I like that Spoon Fed one.

  • derpbutt

    I like the idea of the Ripoff Rituals, though thus far we haven’t had any cause to use it. It seems that ritualpastas have fallen out of fashion – we’ve barely gotten any ritual submissions lately.

    Actually, almost everyone has been sticking to either the Beings/Entities or Dreams/Madness categories, usually paired with Murder/Death.

    Locations/Sites, Artifacts/Objects, and Rites/Rituals basically get no love anymore D=

  • Jerfy

    Suggestion for new category “Wait a sec…”
    This category is for Pastas that contradict themselves constantly or the way something works doesn’t make sense or why characters have motives for unexplained reasons.

  • Jerfy

    Or you could call “Wait a sec…” Pastas “Lack of Sauce”.

  • Dillon

    How about this:

    “Tastes funny”

    Stories that were good, but funny, not creepy. Put on the wrong site, you could say.
    Stories that were good, but not in the genre of “Scary”. Put on the wrong site, you could say.

    Whichever. 😛 Just an idea that crossed my mind when I read a story that actually made me laugh, since it looked deliberately dumb.

  • DawsonDalight3

    I have read a lot of really stupid Pastas about Ghosts and monsters, So here’s what i’ve got:
    Ghosts and monsters :O
    Ghosts and Monsters aren’t scary, Unless you actually try >_>

    • Ms.Not-So-Human

      Ghosts and monsters. Harry when he was little had a dream that he…
      Hey wait a minute.

  • Sylvie

    I have an idea for a category. It’s called “WHO WAS PHONE?”, and it’s for pastas that are so bad that the author was clearly trying to write a horrible pasta. Let me know if you like it.

  • Cariaian

    I was thinking yesterday that if would be kind of funny if Rehashes/Copies was called Copypasta

  • derpbutt

    Excellent idea, Cariaian. Thanks!

  • derpbutt

    Oh, and Sylvie, we’re using your suggestion as well =)

  • Stephan D. Harris

    Suggestion for new category: “I’m Still Hungry”
    Description: When a story is just too damn short. Sometimes a good pasta can be summed up in a small paragraph, but other times one will end while more could have been said. It doesn’t need more polishing, because frankly, there isn’t a whole lot to polish.

    • godsband4life

      I like that, too…

  • mrguy



  • Pandy

    What about Soggy Pastas? Just like when you over cook your pasta and it comes out all soggy, the story has too much detail and that detracts from the whole story. They give you every single detail, like my walls are blue, and I have exactly 5 pictures on the wall, three on the dresser. In one is when blah blah bluh…” Ect. Could be another word for spoon feeding?

  • Sylvie

    Oh, I had another idea. “CAPS LOCK FOR CRUISE CONTROL” (pretty self-explanatory; pastas that are told ENTIRELY IN CAPS LOCK.)

  • Über

    Just Hot Water

    Basically a story that keeps trying to add horror and fails, or an ending that is not scary or interesting. The framework for a story is there, but no pasta was added. Similar to Undercooked Pasta, only stories in this category are missing even more elements.

  • Sylvie

    I have a question. I have written this parody pasta that I would like to submit to crappypasta, not creepypasta, but how? Could someone tell me how to post a story on crappypasta?

    • Joez

      You can’t because CrappyPasta is for rejects. They don’t want people posting on it intentionally. If your parody is a good parody, it’ll be posted on CreepyPasta under the ParodyPasta section.

  • Sylvie

    Redundancy FTW