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Hulk: World of Destruction


Well, you might already know about hacked games? I once had a hacked game. It all started 2 years after my Hulk game called, Hulk: Ultimate destruction was scratched up and useless (not playable). I thought about the game and wanted to buy a new or used (whatever). I search store to store, but couldn’t find the game. I fed up and ” to the flea market I go!”
I went to every flea market I knew, until I found it! It was in a small case, like the cases of pirated copies, but I asked The Seller,”Is this pirated?” I said, ” The game is not pirated, but it’s hacked.” he replied. Well, like all desperate people I bought it! Went home thinking about the hacked game!
I got home and I was ready to play my game. Opened the case and the disc marked with marker said, “Hulk: World of Destruction” which I thought that could be the main title as well. I put the Disc into my console and the opening of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was there, nothing fishy! When the opening was over he title, as expected said, “Hulk: world of Destruction.”At the main menu the background was about a completely destroyed city, then the background of also showed people crushed, slamed, and many other kins of deaths were shown, blood was leaking out of peoples bodies lots of gore like intestines and many other body parts shown. I wonder who would of caused this? I said.
I found out that there was a continue icon showing, like if someone has played this before me. I pressed it and after loading, I saw the same city  from the background of the main menu appeared and as well as Hulk. Hulk’s body was splashed with blood from the people who haved died and layed like, if Hulk did this the innocent people. Hulk was playable and I explored the gruesome destroyed city, I found The Abondination standing there with two people in his hands, when I came closer The screen was cut to black!
After a few seconds the screen was recovered and The Hulk and The Abondination appeared in a black and crimson red wasteland which looked like the wasteland that The Hulk and The Abondination (complete form) fight for the second time. The Abondination told the Hulk, ” I’ve Destroyed a city, I killed the innocent people, this place is what I called the World of Destruction! This world is where I’ll destroy you! Hahahaha!” The screen faded to black for a few seconds.
The Hulk appeared in the same place and screen popped with an objective that said,  “Kill the enemie!” The fight started and I was almost overwhelled by the Abondination, But I knew how to play and Hulk also aqquired all of his move! ” Let’s kill this mofo!” I said. Some how it took time, but he was defeated, sorry killed! A little cutscene appeared with the monster all compressed into ball and bust with blood and The Abondination said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hulk was covered with a lot of blood, but he seemed sastifyed about the fact that he defeated his ultimate rival. The screen cut to black and went to main menu with same background, but the continue icon dissapeared.
This should be a lesson to General Ross, that his true enemies are his soldiers including himself! NOTICE!: Kids, if any of you are frighted  for any weird way, don’t worry, it’s fake :)!

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  • derpbutt

    …Really, dude?

    • tytiger10

      Wait I’m confused! A bunch of story’s say by derpbutt?

      • derpbutt

        Because my admin account is the one that posted them. Don’t think too hard on it.

  • Star Kindler

    This cannot be saved. You would have to totally and radically re-write this plot for it to be remotely scary (or funny) at which point you realized you’ve just written a brand new story.

    And, seriously, narrator dude, you didn’t find it odd that a game that requires a save file saved to a memory card (Hulk Ultimate Destruction being a PS2 game, thank the almighty Google for telling me) and not on the game disc itself would have a continue option the first time you popped it in your system? I’d cut narrator dude some slack and assume it was one of his old save files but the thought never occurs to him. /nerdyrant

    To be funny or scary you have to take time to set the scene, especially for people who have no idea what you are talking about. I know who the Hulk is, but I had no idea what this game was. I have no frame of reference of what should be odd and what shouldn’t.

  • The Operator

    I’d say something witty, but I’ve run out of witty things to say about haunted pastas save death threats and angry ranting.

    ….Don’t write haunted game pastas.

  • Yossarian

    This story is an “Abondination.”

  • Amnestey

    This new mobile layout sucks more than this story. For the love of god PLEASE change the color scheme. What the fuck.

    • derpbutt

      The color scheme is very close to the way it’s always been. Brown background, lighter text, gold accents. It’s CRAPPYpasta. If it’s displaying as something else for you, can you take a screenshot and show me?

      There’s actually no new mobile layout, though. The overall theme was changed, because the previous one drove me crazy and looked terrible in any newer resolutions. Mobile themes for both sites are still being worked on.


        Personally I’m in love with this new layout. I wanted to support your previous Crappypasta renovation but it just seemed off. This one, however, is spot on.

      • shogunfish

        The new layout looks awesome on Desktop, but my phone displays it with a white background for some reason making it a pain to read. Not to mention the recent comments are all the way at the bottom of the page on mobile.

        • derpbutt

          The color thing is really odd… I’ll see if I can figure out where that’s coming from. Thought I’d gotten rid of all those (this layout has the ability to have background color only change when it’s resized, and I’d gone and ctrl+f’ed for all the points where white was even mentioned… so at this point, it makes no sense whatsoever for it to still be doing it unless you’ve cached from before I found the last #fff).

          I’ll clear the wp cache as well, hopefully that will clear it up.

          As for the comment thing, as said before, it’s not a proper mobile layout. That is still being worked on.

          • shogunfish

            it’s fixed now, so whatever you did it worked.

      • wxyz

        I have a request I think it would be just fantastic if the newer rather than older comments appeared first. Sorry if this was a former issue, but my mobile can only show the oldest comments with no hope of loading any further additions…

        • derpbutt

          It’s doable, but it’s a site-wide change and would also probably vastly increase the amount of repeat comments we get (because common questions and things that have already been said or answered would now be at the bottom of the comments).

          Also, comments are set to turn into a new comment page every 25 comments – though to be frank, posts on Crappypasta don’t really get THAT many comments. There’s probably only one or two pages where that even comes into play.

  • http://NUwebsite Lolhai

    ”Kids, if any of you are frighted for any weird way, don’t worry, it’s fake
    Read more at ” Does this mean you are under-aged for Creepypasta?

  • UndKeineEier

    Seriously? A hacked video game? That’s worse than a haunted video game. I mean haunted video games at least have a suggestion of danger. This is like if I had just wrote a pasta about playing a normal game of Amnesia. It might be scary for me while playing, but there’s no actual danger, and nothing in it that would make any reader scared. A scary story needs danger, video games don’t have danger. If you die you just restart at a checkpoint. There’s no stakes, nothing to lose. That’s not just a problem with this story it’s a problem with all the video game stories on this site. Most of them, especially those Pokemon, never manage to pull the horror out of the video game. When the horror only exists in the video game, there’s always going to be the option of just turning the game off. There need to be real world consequences. It’s funny how many people try to write video game pastas, when really video game pastas are more difficult than just writing an original pasta.

    I ended up saying a lot more than I thought I would.

  • Cats:Meow

    Way to many exclamation points in the first paragraph. And as Star Kindler.said about it being a PS2/Gamecube game the only way there would be saved file would be from the user’s memory card, not the game itself. You should have done more research. The pasta can’t be saved to many errors.

  • Steph

    That last note telling is not to be scared because it’s fake is just insulting.

  • zapcorns

    “Then the background of also showed people crushed, slamed, and many other kins of deaths”

    Man, I hate it when I get “slamed.”

  • Moggil

    My eyes are bleeding. This is normal, right?

  • poodleinacan

    Cut your damn hands off.

  • Capitalization

    That notice was worthless, even a 3 year old wouldn’t be scared by this.

  • Jillian

    No I thought this was real.

  • DerpyHooves

    The fact you had to tell us that is was fake as if we didn’t know that. It’s on crappypasta. That alone should tell you it’s fake.

  • tacobrain2

    just…… that sucked

  • MeganHeartz

    I love the ending how has he tells us it’s fake, then proceeds to put a smiley face at the end. Creepypastas should never have emoticons, if you do have one in your Creepypasta, you will be the one scared.

  • Detective Derpmandou

    I want to find whoever wrote this and stab him/her in the thigh with a mechanical pencil, then push out all the lead.

  • Mockingbird

    Gee, thanks for clearing everything up at the end. I think we were all having a hard time deciding whether the story was real or not. If you didn’t clear everything up at the end I think most of us would be having nightmares at night being chased by the “Abondination”.

  • BlueFox

    I had trouble figuring out whether this was about the wrestler or the comic book character. From what I can tell it makes more sense to be the former but I’m still not 100% sure. Also, the extent of this guy’s childishness is god damn enraging.

  • Jaff

    Abondination? Is that The Abomination but now he’s into bondage? That really does make this kind of creepy. Good thing it’s all fake or I’d be worried.