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Humming in the Darkness


I was awake one night in my room due to a nightmare. As I kid, I got them frequently, and I was usually scared of them. After the nightmare, I was unable to fall back to sleep. Afraid of the dark, I was underneath my covers, just hoping that there was nothing to hurt me. After being under the covers for a while, I became hot and decided it would be best to remove the covers. Once I did, I saw nothing but blackness in the room. My eyes began to adjust to the blackness of the room after a while and all I saw was my normal room. There was nothing in odd in it, nothing to hurt me, and nothing to fear. For a while, I was not able to hear anything, but my own breathing. That silence was interrupted when I heard a low humming sound coming from outside my door. I was unsure what to make of it at the time. I figured that I was hearing things, or I was half asleep. I figured that I was not going back to bed anytime soon, so why not see what it is. The humming persisted as I went out my room in fear. I was walking through darkness and bumping into things. I had no flashlight, nor did I want to wake up my parents by turning on any lights. They would not believe me if I told them that I was hearing a humming sound. After walking aimlessly in the darkness, the humming seemed to have gotten louder and louder by each step. I did not understand why no one else in the house was a wake by this humming. As my eyes once more began to adjust to the darkness, I saw a tall, pale, woman, with grey eyes, staring back at me. She was the one who was humming her song. I froze in fear while staring at this woman. She gave me a quick smile and stopped humming. She asked me, “Are you still afraid of the dark?” Before even uttering a single word, she opened the door to the backyard, and left.
To this day, I am no longer afraid of the dark, but seeing her, was what scared me the most. I do not know if she was a ghost, or a human being, but I am scared to see her again. Her intentions are unknown to me, but I can still hear the humming at night while no one else can.

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  • derpbutt

    I feel like this could be a prompt for a really nice longer pasta if the idea is developed a bit more.

  • Ann

    Thank you sir! That means a lot that you say that. I will make a re-written, longer, and more thought out version of this.

  • Jewinator

    Needs lots of work. Now it seems that this ghost-woman thing is haunting you for teh lulz. 5/10, might become 7.4/10.

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