A long time ago, in an infamous town called Lavender Town, little children are tucked into their beds for the night. Some of them easily fall into their sleep, but then there are the children that cannot sleep. They are afraid to be alone at night, as most children are at this age. They are also afraid of “monsters” that will try to enter their rooms from their closets or under the beds. But these monsters are not like the monsters that other normal children would be afraid of.
You see, dear reader, Lavender Town has been known only for their special burial ground. This burial ground doesn’t keep the bodies of deceased humans, no; this particular burial ground holds a service for the dead bodies of Pokémon. Every day, a few Pokémon trainers would come here to bury or honor their dead fighters, or to most, their dead companions. These trainers would leave behind their Pokémon’s favorite food or an item that the Pokémon were mostly associated with, like a collar or a bow. But, in some cases, the Pokémon’s spirit might return from the land of the dead and roam the town at night, crying out for their trainers’ return or even frightening anyone who dares to leave their homes at night. The spirits of the deceased Pokémon would scare these children.
The cries of the dead would make the scared children cry along with the Pokémon and they would be unable to sleep through their mourning. But, in a few incidents, the Pokémon's spirit would go through walls and enter the poor children's room, making them scream so loudly an entire neighborhood would rudely awaken. The parents of these children would at first try to comfort their children until they went sleep, only to wake back up from their children screaming in their nightmares. Eventually, the parents would either let their children sleep with them or they would sound-proof the rooms so that the children's cries wouldn't be heard by parents or neighbors. These children would still be haunted by the dead Pokémon and never learn how to fight their fear of this. Then, something happened…
One morning, the parents of the scared children didn't look tired from last night. They asked the children how they slept and the children replied that they slept pretty well. The parents were at first shocked by this but later felt relieved because their children weren't having nightmares or screaming at floating Pokémon entering in their rooms. Still, some of them were curious about what made their children sleep soundlessly at night asked what made them sleep well.
"I don't remember," One child replied. "But something soothing would lull me to sleep."
The parents were somewhat satisfied with this answer. They returned to their daily routine and were pleased when the children would still be asleep when the sun would rise. The children's mood also changed, they wouldn't be cranky and started to become obedient to their parents. They would even become more active in their chores and enjoy being around their family. All was well for the families in Lavender Town. If only they knew what would come next.
A month after the so-called "blessing," the children were tucked into bed, as usual. They waited to hear the same soothing, honeyed voice that would lull them to sleep every night. But, this time, the voice decided to sing a different song to them. One that would give someone the chills if they heard it to this very day:
“Come little children, come with me,
Safe and happy you shall be,
Away from your homes, now let us run,
With Hypno, you'll have a lot of fun!”
Now, as soon as the children heard this verse, they immediately hopped out of their beds and out of their houses. Some crept out through the door; others would climb out of their bedroom windows, even though a few of their windows were on the second story. Only one of them fell to their death while the rest fell on to soft shrubs and leave piles. They all ran up to a hill, towards a rock tunnel that their parents would tell their children to never go near. The children remembered their parents’ orders and stopped at a certain distance like little good and obedient children. One of the younger children started to cry in fear and hugged her stuffed Jigglypuff.
But then something appeared from the cave, swinging a pendulum left and right in a steady rhythm. It was the Pokémon Hypno standing outside of the entrance. His yellow skin and white ruffled neck-fur showed dimly under the moon's light. His sleepy eyes were locked on to the children's eyes, hypnotizing them with his gaze. His small lips started to move and the voice the children heard earlier sung a different verse:
“Oh, little children, please don't cry,
Hypno wouldn't hurt a fly,
Be free to frolic, be free to play,
Come down to my cave with me to stay!”
The children obeyed Hypno and moved towards the cave. Hypno then tricked their minds with promises of eating rare candies and playing with toys so that his victims would walk faster towards the cave. Inside, the cave was colder than the outside air with an occasional dripping from the overhead stalactites. The only light source was a fire at the end of the long and crowded tunnel. There, ropes were scattered around the fire place. The Hypno then commanded the kids to stop along one of the walls. The children, still under Hypno's trance, calmly waited for something to happen. Hypno then snapped his fingers and the ropes twisted themselves around the children.
Some of the children immediately snapped out of Hypno's trance when they realized what was going on. They wiggled and squirmed in vain, trying to release themselves from their captors. Then they started to cry out and scream for their parents. The Hypno just stood near the fire, enjoying the children’s fear and sounds of defeat. He later began to swing his pendulum left and right and lock his eyes on the children's. His small lips moved again and the honeyed voice sang another verse:
“Oh, little children, please don't squirm,
These ropes, for sure, will hold you firm,
Now look at me, the pendulum calls,
Back and forth, your eyelids fall!”
All of the children, including the ones that cried before, fell into a deep slumber. Some of them dreamed of dancing in a beautiful meadow, while others dreamt of Pokémon coming back to life as zombies and chased them endlessly. Those children later realized that they were dreaming and tried to find ways to exit the dream. But the Hypno knew what would happened if the children woke back up. So when he made sure that this wouldn't happen and the hypnosis that was previously performed made sure that the children's dreams were endless. Soon, the children all started to cry in their sleep, which just made the Hypno more amused. His lips started to move again and its soothing voice whispered a verse in their ears:
“Oh, little children, you must not leave,
Your families, for you will grieve,
Allowing their minds to unravel in the seams,
Allowing me to haunt them in their dreams!”
What most people don't know, dear reader, is that Hypno is a Pokémon that likes to feast on people's dreams. The Hypno considers nightmare to be quite a delicacy. He hatched up this entire plan so that he could experience something that almost all other Hypnos would never be close to, a great feast of dreams. This particular Hypno was not only going to feed on the children's dreams but also on the grieving parents. The parents, the next morning didn't know about their children's departure until they found the bed empty. What shocked them more was finding the body of a three-year old child that fell from their second-story window; his blood completely soaked his blue Squirtle pjs. All the parents mourned and began search parties that would find no clue to the mass kidnapping. They would have heart-breaking dreams of being with their children and then waking up crying for them to come. All while the Hypno continuously fed upon their dreams.
After a long period time, the heavy-set Hypno was finally tired of just feasting everyday on the same dreams from the same children and parents. He decided to pack up and leave for the next town, maybe to find different dreams to feed on. Just before he left the rock tunnel, he remembered the children that he kept captive. The Hypno didn't think this far in to his plan and didn't know what to do with them. He knew that if he left them there, there would be a chance that they would wake up and scream out for their parents. The parents would then come and the children would revel about what the Hypno did to them. He didn't want anyone to know of his feast.
The Hypno thought for a minute of what he should do to them. All he wanted to do was silence them and make sure no one else would know about this. He then made up his mind and walked back to the children. He searched his sack for a certain tool and his voice slithered into the ears of the children for one last time:
“Surely, all of you must know,
That it's time that you go,
Oh, little children, you weren’t clever,
Now you'll stay in here forever!”
Credit To – Brieya and the guy that wrote the original "Hypno's Lullaby" song
Credit Link – http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Hypno's_Lullaby

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