I live in a small, quiet apartment in the city. Although I like how uneventful the area is, the apartment itself is quite rundown and requires a lot of maintenance. I would rent a better one, but it seems that I’m nineteen and right in the middle of the period of my life where I’m switching from not having any money to not having any time. One of the rundown aspects of the place is the shower.
The shower isn’t much short of poor and the same can be said about the amount of hot water I can afford. Its walls and floor are made of white, granite tiles which extend to the ceiling. Some of these tiles are partially torn off and others are just gone altogether. Moreover, there are a couple tiny holes in the shower including one which connects to my kitchen and another which connects to a neighboring apartment which has been vacant for the entirety of my stay. Because of these holes, I often get chills during my showers and limit their time.
Despite all this, a mundane shower can feel great after a particularly soul-crushing day of work. This is what I had in mind when I came home a few nights ago. So, I slipped off my clothes and entered the shower with a strange sensation of uneasiness. Regardless of this feeling, I turned on the shower head and was covered with warm water. I remained still as the water glided along my body for a long time before starting to clean myself.
Nearing the end of my shower, I heard something at one of the holes. It sounded like breathing. After hearing this, a cold sweat fell upon me. Filled with nervousness and curiosity, I slowly lowered my head to inspect the hole. Upon doing so, I was peered back at by another eye on the opposite side of the hole! Instantly, I screamed and fell backwards in a horrified shuffle. I ascended to my feet and tore open the shower curtain to reach for my phone.
After dialing 911, the police arrived to the apartment building and found nothing in the vacant room adjacent to mine. It was as if the man on the other end had just vanished as there wasn’t even a trace of squatting or any remanence of food. The police told me that they thought he bolted and didn’t think it was likely he would return. To ensure my safety and comfort, they still left a couple of officers in the building in case anything was to happen.
Since this event, I’ve started to reflect on what has occurred. I’ve recently been running out of food more quickly than usual and it sometimes just goes missing. I also remember hearing strange noises in the bathroom and throughout the apartment on other occasions now that I think about it. Moreover, the eye that I saw was to the left of me while I was facing forward. That would mean it was coming from the hole which connects to my kitchen.

Credit: Tyler Beatty

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