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I woke up on the Floor


Note: This happened in my dreams, beyond that i cannot prove anything.
3/11/2013 02:17 A.M.
I had the most horrifying nightmare this sleep cycle. It started as any dream; I
would “wake up” on the cold floor, with no idea how I had got there. I then proceeded to
find the “Key” location that would get me out of this room. I remember what happened
next. I walked through the door and I was standing on a Street somewhere in what
seemed to be New York City. I had no idea how these transitions happen, I just know that
I have no control over my location or my surroundings, I just know I am not suppose to
be here…

I began to walk down the pitch-black street and the only glow was that of a neon
orange sign saying “Beta Testers Needed”. I had no idea what I was getting myself into
but I saw my Best Friend since 6th grade Ben walk in, so it had to be fine. Or so I though.

After I walked through what seemed to be a Revolving Door, I realized I was in
an old arcade, the only people here were Me, the Ticket Booth “Mascot”, I couldn’t tell if
it was a he or she, it didn’t speak, and Ben. Ben was playing Golden Axe, one of my all
time favorite side-scrollers. He asked me if I could take the game for him and I obliged. I
hadn’t managed to get much farther in the game when I heard a monotone voice behind
me… it said “You idiot, why do you trust me?” I turned around and Ben’s features were
distorted and pale. It was like one of those horribly crafted pokemon rom hacks. His eyes
glowed a neon teal and his voice sounded like shattering glass. It was becoming

His voice grew in loudness and sharpness as the game-screens began to crack and
the “Boxes” began to float. I had never seen Ben this angry before, I knew it was a
mistake but I ran. I ran as fast as I could but I could never run fast enough. He was
always faster, but before he caught me, I felt a burning pain in my calf and hit the ground
face first. I had a Huge ice spike, like the ones from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but this
one felt real… As I saw “Ben” close in on me I heard one last sentence in his original
voice. “I’m so glad we’re friends…” Then everything went to black as I felt the cold and
sharpness of the glass and ice ripping my mortal body to shreds…
I woke up on the Floor.

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  1. This is your dream, therefore I have no reason to read about it.

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  2. Can we know anything about the main character? Male or female, or their name?

    And when Ben’s face gets messed up and he tries to kill you, why do you still think it’s really him?

    If the dream involves someone from your life, then we need to know what relationship they have with you. When you say best friend from 3rd grade, we need to know how old you are now, or it is irrelevant.

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  3. This was kinda dumb. Dreams really don’t work for this kind of thing.

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  4. And once again, another dream entry. If you really found this scary, I am quite disappointed. I have had nightmares far worse than this. And I am with everything Bravo said. We need to know more about the main character so we can relate and have a general idea of how long the friendship was. Now, I am not going to give it a grade as I usually do as I do not judge dreams.

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  5. Scary dreams are not scary to people who aren’t in them. Maybe, if the dream had real-life consequences, it could potentially be scary, but not a weird nightmare that causes no real problems.

    Bottom line is that, while dreams can be incorporated into a story and add creepiness, they cannot make a good story themselves, because there’s no real conflict.

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  6. Every morning, I wake up to sound of David Crosby belting out a classic. When I get out of bed I go and have a shower. I then dry my hair and put on my work uniform. Once this is done I go down stairs for some breakfast and to make my lunch. I often have toast for breakfast but if I’m feeling really adventurous I’ll have some weetabix with loads of beautifully cold milk. I then put on my shoes and leave my house. I head to the bus stop which is about a five minute walk away.

    I couldn’t care less about your dream. In the same way that you probably didn’t give a toss about my morning routine.

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  7. Seriously.. Stop comparing everything to a video game.

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