I was strolling through the woods like usual. I had taken my dog with me. Me and my dog were the only living things in sight. There was a slight fog and an owl hooted behind me somewhere. There were multiple reports of missing children lately and all of them unsolved. The police were baffled. So far eight children were reported missing. The fog was getting thicker. Suddenly my dog stopped and sniffed the air. Then he turned east and started barking like mad. I had never seen him like this before. I finally gave in and my dog ran off barking. Now the fog was so thick I couldn’t see three feet in front of me. Then I heard my dog yip as if he was struck. Then silence. And silence. And silence. Then rushing footsteps approached rapidly, braking twigs and branches along the way. I spun on my heel and ran west. I didn’t want to know what was chasing me. My breathing started to get faster and my legs strayed to hurt. I stumbled and fell on my face. A rock jamming into my leg as I cry out in pain. I look up expecting a hideous monster beyond comparision to show up but is was only my dog. He had a several long thin scarpes about fingers breadth apart. In the distance I thought I saw a figure standing there,just watching us, staring and not moving. But when I blinked it was gone. I figured it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. A couple minutes after I saw the figure I headed sounds. Not natural sounds, but whispering. Whispering in a foreign tongue. It was hard to tell. Greek,Latin,Roman, I didn’t know. But all I could think of was why could I hear whispering in the middle of the woods. I turned around and was terrified with the sight I beheld. The man, no monster, I saw in the distance was right behind me. It had lengthy arms and legs, and an unnatural slim body. But probably most disturbing, was its lack of a face. I couldn’t see no eyes, but could tell it was staring at me. The next thing I saw next was it unfold hidden tentacles with a scream and blackness,from the thing in the distance.
Credit To – noisyacorns

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