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Jeff was a normal 18 year old boy. Lived with his mom, dad, and brother. But one day, he doesnt find himself normal anymore. He feels that his family hates him. That they cant except him anymore…for the being he is. Although Jeff is very close to his brother, Liu, he feels that Liu is acting fake around him. Treating him nicely and loving, etc. Jeff doesnt want his family anymore. “I cant just leave” is the same thought that has been haunting his mind for the past week or so. Jeff feels that his family needs to disapear. Their existence would be nuisance to others. He wants to exterminate them. Jeff starts planning ideas. He comes to the conclusion of brutally murdering them at night.
Jeff waits until his family is sound asleep. He slowly enters the kitchen from the living room, and opens the knife drawer. He pulls out the largest knife he could find. He then puts the knife in his white sweatshirt pocket, and makes his way to Liu’s room. The worst is always first, right?
Jeff slowly creaked Liu’s door open and saw his brother sound asleep. Jeff leaned over Liu, sleeping like a baby. Tears roll down Jeff’s face, but he smiles evily. He then stabs through Liu’s stomach. The pain awakens Liu, and he cries out in pain.
“I love you Liu… Go to sleep…”
Liu’s face flushed and he cried. With Jeff’s words, “Go to sleep” he watched Liu slowly bleed and fall to a sound sleep once more…but this time…to never wake up. Jeff storms to his parents room, and this time bursts down the door. His parents jolt up and are petrified to the sight of the bloody knife, and Jeff’s blood splattered sweatshirt.
“JEFF WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” His mother cried.
“Go to sleep! NOW.” Jeff’s father demanded.
“NO! YOU GO TO SLEEP!” Jeff slashed his fathers face, and turns to his now histerical mother.
“I don’t love you.” Jeff stated, and slowly pushed the knife in his mothers chest. His parents breathing slowed, and their eyes fluttered shut.
“Now you can be asleep forever…”
Jeff ran out and sat on the couch crying. “I loved them.” Jeff laughed. But switched the devilish laughter to crying,then back and forth. His bright blue eyes flickered from red to blue to red to blue. He whiped the tears from his face, and then cut his cheeks open and made his face turn into a bloody smile. So this permanent smile can hide the tears and emotion. He then took some matches from a side table, and did the best he could to burn his eyelids. Jeff did this so he could never sleep again…
Jeff’s eyes now turned bloodshot red. From no sleep, and the insanity that took over him.
Jeff was no normal 18 year old now. He carries the same knife he killed his family and cut his face with to this day and wears the same white hoodie. With old bloodstains and tears.
Jeff is insane. One of the most criminal insane beings on Earth. They say that once your mind leads into the world of insanity…You never.return.

Credit To: Christie Bogner

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  • Poodleinacan

    "[…]and turns to his now histerical mother.
    “I LOVE YOU JEFF!!!”"
    Because we all know a mother would say that to her murderous son that is about to kill her…

    • ann

      Funny, that’s exactly what I thought.

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      I think I’d do that. Showing compassion can often bring someone down a level or two. It’s a good way to negotiate and plead. If the last thing some one says before you kill them is “I love you” those words will etched into your head. They will be accompanied by a monumental sense of guilt.

      I know this is supposed to be JTK and he probably doesn’t show empathy or remorse but his Mother wasn’t to know that.

      I’m not trying to defend the story at all. I hate JTK and the “his rael” fanfic fuckwits.

  • Yossarian

    I like that his eyes flash red and blue. He could get part-time work as police lights!

    • Reader


    • Emo derp

      Mind blown

  • The Operator

    Dramatic… Use of… Full stops.

    • http://Crappypasta.con Jeff’s pasta writer


  • Madison

    It was pretty good, but you almost jumped right into the action to the point where you don’t understand what’s going on at first. But, like I said, it’s pretty good. :)

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      No it’s not, you little fibber! :-)

  • JojoBal0ney0

    “He wants to exterminate them”






    • craphunter

      Why would he be humanoid, though? Explain! EXPLAIN! EXPLAAAAAAAIN!!!

  • Andrew

    I think this will be a successful crappypasta soon YAY!! (:

    • bravo104

      even the author has the decency to admit it was crap. while it is definitely not the worst thing on the site, It certainly won’t win any originality prizes, it’s just a poor rehash of Jeff the killer, the most overrated pasta ever.

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      Andrew, I dislike you.

  • Christie Bogner

    Well. Did someone steal this or something? And lmfao, I am in fact the writer, and I just realized how crappy this is xD Well, i could agree with almost all the comments xD I got a kick out of them. But i could care less what anyone thinks.
    Its a total piece of shit

  • Christie Bogner

    Was this stolen or something? Well anyways, I am, in fact, the writer of this story. And I honestly have to say, I died of laughter from the comments. I know its a total piece of shit, but I’m suprised about the rating. xD Welp, I guess I don’t own the story anymore? I’m quite confused about how it works.

    • Catfish

      I doubt you are the creator of the original story.

  • sjonniesjaak

    how doe sjeff the killer look like in normal and when he cut himself and everything

  • sjonniesjaak

    how does jeff the killer look like when he whas normal and when he whas all messed up and he cutt himself and stuff

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      He looks like a combination Dame Judy Dench and Richard Nixon before he cuts himself.

      Hopefully that will put the fanfic fuckwits off writing Jefferotica.

  • Icewall42

    Besides the numerous other problems in this story, what about Jeff did his family find so disagreeable? Was he doing weird things with himself at night? Torturing small animals? You’re telling us, not showing us, what’s going on here.

  • Hannah The Killer

    Mom: “Jeff I love you!”
    Jeff: “I DON’T LOVE YOU!!”
    *A few sentences later…*
    “Jeff: “I LOVED THEM!!”

    • CleverGEEK

      And then his eyes flashed from red to blue to red to blue to red to blue to red to blue…


  • http://!!! xXJonodXx

    I can tell this is not the original because it is not on creepy pasta. rehashes never (with the exception of the crappy and stupid slenderman) make it on creepypasta, but if they do they are tortured and mest with for 2 years. sad to say, THIS WAS GOOD!!!! other than being to short. it sounds good but is not original! lack of general creativity, originality, and an all together plot ha-ha, you basically described and summarized the original. i can tell you didn’t try to copy because you got the age wrong and why he decides to kill wrong, BUT if you were really trying to get a 100% genius copy. you would of put the picture or pictures of him.

  • The Chesire

    The story wasn’t bad. It is missing that impact of the whole thing. And I am sorry to say that some of the facts aren’t straight. It was close. Keep working on your writing. I know you can do much better.


  • cronus

    eyes flashing blue and red? *coughs* ….sollux….

    [homestuck reference]

  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    An address to all those that thought, “this was quite good.”

    It wasn’t. Read proper pastas from the Creepypasta site, then tell me that this is as good as any of them. You might notice some fairly fundemental differences.


    Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

  • Aetos Dimitriou

    Technically, you can be inside that madness and return.. I have, Several times, but that was because the person I loved the most returned into my life and stopped me from doing anything I might’ve regretted…. but the thing is… that person I loved died three years ago.

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      That’s delightful…

    • ZeroTimesCookie

      James? James Sunderland? Is that you?

    • BlueFox

      Why do you think we care?

  • AssassinNumber7

    Dude, this is awesome! The originality, the dedication! The grandeur! …Nah, I’m just messing with ya! Haha, seems like something Tara Gillespie would write!

  • Me

    “I loved them”
    The why the fuck did you kill them?

  • bigdickmcgee

    joker wannabe

  • Staring at walls = Fun

    Silly Author. This is Crappy, not Creepy.