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Jigglypuff’s True Voice


It was a regular day in Kanto. Pikachu by my side. It was time for Jigglypuff’s nightly performance. It was over just as soon as it started. Everyone went home, but I decided to stick around, just to see what Jigglypuff does after her performances. She kinda just, stood there. Not moving. This went on for around 10 minutes. Then she walked off stage. Curiosty got the best of me, and I started to follow her. I knew I shouldn’t, but I did anyways. She walked into an abandoned house, and turned on the lights. I was almost noticed, but hid behind a dresser before she could see me.  She walked upstairs into what seemed to be a child’s room. Again, nothing happened for a few. Seeming clichéd, I was about to give up. Then, something happened. A ripple. I couldn’t tell what it was, but then I saw it again. Bigger this time. Then it ripped. A hole. A Demonic Hole. THE Demonic Hole. Out stepped this… Mass. It looked like a Pokemon, but my Pokedex wasn’t registering it as a valid Pokemon. Jigglypuff stepped into the Rip with the Mass. I tumbled in right before it closed and then they saw me. Jigglypuff opened its mouth, and I was expecting to hear the pleasant sound I usually hear, but this. This was not it. This sound was a demonic, ear- drum shattering screech. It pinned me down with its voice, and Jigglypuff smiled, almost pleased, as it again opened the Rip and dragged me out. My head was pounding, and the last thing I remember was seeing the Mass and Jigglypuff looming over me.

After a while, I woke up. My vision was foggy. I sat up, but heard the screech again. AGH! Jigglypuff was there, with tools. “Lay down,” she whispered. “This won’t hurt a bit.” I was injected with a blue liquid, and my whole body went numb. Then they started the procedure. It was very quick, though I was unaware to the passage of time. “All done!” The Mass yelled. I sat up and looked at myself. Nothing had changed. I was like normal still. “Time to go!” They said in unison, and kicked me out of the Rip. It was morning. Pikachu was asleep by my side. Instead of waking it up, I just put it on my shoulder to let it sleep. We walked for a while and when Pikachu woke up, it looked at me, confused about who I was. It used thunderbolt on me, and it really was shocking.
Confused for a second, I asked it, “Why?” But then I found out what they did to me. I had no voice. No wonder Pikachu was scared of me. He wasn’t used to me not talking, and liked to hear my voice. Damn it all! “Pikachu, it’s me!” It seemed like he understood what I was saying. Good. At least he still knew it was me. We decided to go back to the Pokemon center. There, we saw Jigglypuff. I went up to it and sat. It waved at me and continued singing. Horrid beast. It was almost sundown, so we decided to get some sleep.

Jigglypuff had done something. I could tell. I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. God no. I had no face. Strangely though, I could still see and breathe. Then it appeared behind me. The Mass. “Like the makeover?” It asked. “WHAT ARE YOU?!!?!?” I yelled? I had my voice back. “You know me very well.” Then I realized. Ghost. From the town, the horrid town. “You tortured me, put me in pain, and for that, you must feel how I did. Outcast, nothing but a thorn in the side.” “Stop it.” Then Jigglypuff came. “He was only defending himself and his Pokemon, nothing meaning to hurt you.” “SHUT IT, BLOB!” Ghost went to Jigglypuff, flew inside her body and… Poof! There went Jigglypuff. “Now that that annoying idiot is gone and I have her powers, now I can torture YOU!” He let out that awful screech. Pikachu was near as well. It went down in an instant. “NO!” I yelled. I went up and tried to punch it, but it disappeared. “Over here!” I heard from across the room. Then I stopped. I realized there was nothing I could do. Ghost stopped as well. “NO!” It yelled. “WHY HAVE YOU STOPPED!” “Because,” I whispered. “There is nothing to do. We are done. Finsished. And now we burn in Hell.” I figured it out. The Rip. It opened beneath us and we both fell in.

Down we fell. To our dooms. “FOOL!” It yelled. “THIS IS MY REALM! DON’T YOU SEE! I AM ALL POWERFUL!” “Yes. I do. My plan all along. You see, I have the power that you do not. The deepest power of all. The power to leave you behind.” I thought deep thoughts and reopened the Rip. I fell through, and sealed it. For good. No more Ghost. Out came Jigglypuff through the door.

“Thank you.”
Credit To – Whackerstacks

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  • madinverse

    It was over just as soon as it started.

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  • pseudonazi

    the first paragraph was actually almost well written, but it just ind of… spiraled. maybe writing isnt your cup of tea. you should try something else.

  • Faith

    I saw the word ‘demonic’ so I quit.

    • Elven Vegetable

      I saw the word “Jigglypuff” so I quit.

  • Brennan

    3/10, Good beginning. But the concept really takes out any flavor this Creepypasta could’ve had.

    It’s really tiring seeing “Cute and Cuddly Pokemon actually is evil” Creepypastas.

    I sort of disagree to the popular opinion, I think Pokemon can be plenty scary if people put actual effort into stories. (It’s a world where people capture gigantic animals and enslave. If the animals themselves decide to attack the humans, the humans could rarely ever defend themselves. Similar to great horror stories, or at least thrilling stories.)

    But there are over 500 Pokemon. What people should do is stop focusing on the adorable ones, or the humans that have been touched upon so many times. (Jenny and Joy for instance) Instead of following the same strategy of “Jigglypuff/Pikachu/*Insert Cute Thing Here*, go a different route. Tell “The life story of Electrode”, “Muk, The Silent Stalker” , “What would happen if Pokemon existed”?

    I don’t hate PokePastas. But for the love of SlenderGod, be somewhat original.

    • Operator Miles Edgeworth

      Yes. Honestly, pokemon has so much fucking room for horror.
      We have children being killed and turned into pokemon (Phantump), pokemon that are basically a mobile Chernobyl incident (Muk), pokemon that force endless nightmares and death onto anyone around them without wanting to do it (Darkrai, poor thing), LITERAL FUCKING GODS (Arceus)… Need I go on?

      But no, you have to write about a fucking evil Jigglypuff or Lavender Town or some shit.

      Now I’m tempted to try and do the impossible, and write the first good pokepasta in existence. (I won’t, of course, because I’m a lazy asshat that can never be bothered to finish anything.)

      • Pax

        …I’ll do it.

  • IReadCreepyPastasForALiving

    I need to remember next time I stop reading creepypasta’s on this site and on the Creepy Pasta Wiki. They keep coming and then you have to read more than 500 stories in a day. So yes Yossarian is back. JK. Anways. It not the worst thing I have read.

  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    Please can people start to use their imaginations. Let’s make 2014 the year where shitty fanfics are eliminated.

    This story is not good at all. Rubbish pokemon fanfic which didn’t leave me feeling scared or tense at any moment.

    1/10 and a downvote. It wasn’t terribly written, the errors were minor annoyances that would not exist if you had bothered to proof read. There is never any need to use ALL CAPS. It just makes the pasta look as though it’s been written by a child. Sit in a darkened room listen to good music (none of this Rihanna shite that won’t stir up a single emotion) and try and think of a good story. Anything is possible in your imagination, use it.

  • Jess

    “I thought deep thoughts.” This made me spit out my hyperrealistic tea.

  • Servonator

    Hold it, I think I’ve seen this somewhere before. Did somebody do a dramatic reading of this?