I love Pokémon, in fact I love lot of DS games. I have Mario, animal crossing, Pokémon pearl, soul silver, and black. I love my games. So, after along semester of college and putting away the DS naturally, I rewarded myself for passing all my classes by getting hooked again. Starting with Soul silver again it was really fun, I had forgotten that you can transfer Pokémon from your Pokémon advance game boy games to the DS. I cleaned my room and I couldn’t find them. Turns out it was still in some of the boxes I was still too lazy to unpack fully under my bed. Anyway, I found my Pokémon sapphire and leafy green and shoved the rest right back were it was.

After transferring almost all my Pokémon that leaf green and sapphire had to offer to my soul silver game I thought would just have to restart the game and enjoy playing them again, since it was quite some time since I played them it would be kind of like a new game to me. I started with Leafy green. I restarted it and it was just like how I remember it. Except, when I left my character’s home I see this cute blonde haired little sprite with a pink dress facing my character. I didn’t remember her but I just assume that she was just another resident of Pallet Town in the game. I just simply forgot about her simply because it’s been awhile since I played. I had my character walk up to her and try to talk to her to see what she does.
I must pressed the A button ten times. She didn’t do or say anything. At first thought maybe my button was broken but I was able to talk to the other residents with no trouble. It was weird that the blonde haired spirited followed my character while I did this. It did not have a walking animation. When I walked away from her it glided or floated direction that I was going holding perfectly still. In fact the only time she stayed in place is when I first tried to get her to communicate with me.

Since then, that sprite would not let me get near her and she would follow me where ever I go, only staying a small distance away from my game character. I was kind of weirded out to be it honest. I tried turning the DS off and on. She was still there. I even restarted the game from the beginning again and there she was. Soon after trying every trick I can think of to get rid of her “thinking she’s just game glitch” eventually I just shrugged it off said to myself internally “Oh well”. I mean besides the blonde sprite following me around the game worked perfectly fine and I did not want fork over the time and money to replace it. Not gonna lie it was still kind of annoying but I played the game through even all the way to the elite four.

Now I thought, it’s going be nice to start sapphire and not have the same glitch. Now here is where things get a little bit weirder. Naturally my character gets out of the truck and I see a sprite staring at my character. The same exact sprite. I started to get a little nervous and turn off the game. While eating lunch with my roommate I was trying to rationalize what I saw in my head. Was it that after playing my game boy advance games after a long period of time it would cause one the sprites from the game to glitch out and followed me? And was it just coincidence that it was the same sprite in both games? Then, again I remember that while the sprite look like it belong in the Pokémon games yet I never saw another one like her when playing the leafy green version.

Still obsessing a bit of what happened I went online after work to see if anyone had a similar experience me. I guess I was hoping someone would agree with me or say it was virus or something that would put me on ease. I got nowhere. So I just tried to take break from it for awhile and see if either it would go away or I would just forget it and see as no big deal.
After week or so, I thought about it and it just seems like weird coincidence but coincidence. When I told my friends at work it was an interesting weird thing that we all got a chuckle from. And sometime pass some more and eventually I played the DS again.

This time I was just playing my DS Pokémon games. I put one in and started game and there she was again. I turn off the game and put another DS game, turn on and there she was. Even in my Pokémon black game. At this moment I started to feel more curious than scared .
I popped in my Mario game and there she was following my Mario character through the levels staring at my character and she still looked like she belonged in my Pokémon game than Mario. I put in my animal crossing game and as soon as my character leaves its cottage home there she is staring at my character and gliding where ever I went in the game and she was still that 2D
pixel sprite even surrounded by big headed 3D animals.

I tried to just turn off the DS. It would not turn off this time. I tried moving my character the game completely froze. I wanted to believe my game was just acting up, but… the blonde haired sprite flashed for second. She was no longer facing my character. She was facing me directly. I was mesmerized. I had this feeling, this urge. I turned on my roommate’s Xbox 360 put on some on some random game and exit title menu and there she was, that pixel sprite. I tried turn off the Xbox and just like the DS it would not shut off. After trying to do it from the controller and the console directly the last thing to do was to unplug the Xbox. I unplugged it. It would not shut off. I nearly gave up. Then I notice something… Was that sprite getting bigger? I tried to turn off the TV. It would not shut off. I unplug the TV itself. My jaw dropped. The image was still there and again the lady in pink sprite staring at me. In fact… she seem even bigger to me. I quickly grabbed my car keys and head over to my parents’ house. At first I just said to them that me and my roommate had fight and I was looking for new place to stay. I didn’t think they would believe me if I told the truth and I did not want relive my experience by talking about it. Naturally my folks didn’t buy my story but eventually let the issue go. I responded back forth with my roommate in text regarding me bailing out of our apartment and working something out due to the fact the apartment was a lease that was not yet up and I did agree to pay my fair share. He even asked when I was going pick up my things. I ask him to drop things at my folks place and offer him a little bit extra financially for his troubles. I did not want to go back in case that sprite was just haunting me at that apartment.

He came by, dropped off my things in garbage bags and we started hangout talking about this and that. Eventually I got some courage. I asked did he notice anything weird the day I left? He gave me strange look said no, why? I just said forget it. Then he said “Wait, now that you mention it, the TV was unplugged but that was it.” I took a breath said okay, grab more of my stuff from the trunk of his car and that was the end of it. As I went through my things in my old room I found my DS green light was still on. I thought the battery should have died by now unless my roommate charged it. I open it. The green light turn red on the DS then it shut off. I was relieved. I never saw the sprite again. Even as I eventually went back to playing my DS the sprite in pink was no longer in any of my games. However, over the course of a year I notice my shadow had a strange bump to it. I thought it was my imagination or just the way the light ended up hitting me.

The bump in my shadow over time started to form and take shape of another women holding perfectly still facing my shadow. My family and friends notice it as well. They couldn’t make heads or tails out of it. One day while my folks were out of town during the summer I offered to watch over their house. One day I heard a knock on the door, I look through window next to the door. Nobody was there. I stepped outside hoping some little kids pranking me but nothing was there. Not even a rustle in the bushes. I close the door, locked it, turn around… I swear I don’t know how, she got in but this woman was in my house staring at me. I said “how did you get in? Who are you?” She did not say anything. I shouted get out of my house. Again, no response.

As I stared at her I started to notice some things. She had big beautiful sky blue eyes that felt like she was piercing my mind. Her skin was soft and white but not pale exactly. Her cheeks were a rosy pink and she had pink lips the kind pink you’d find on doll. My eyes started to tear up as she started to seem familiar to me. Her blonde hair and pink dress. .. …. That’s all I can think. I move backward slowly she glided towards me staying a 2 or 3 feet at a distance. Not walking but floating, not moving, and not even blinking. I took breathe, decided to take risk. I walk towards her attempting to reach out to her she got further backwards from my reach. I started to walk away from her and of course she followed. I yelled what did you want?! Tell me why are you following me this whole time? What do you want from me? She slowly opens her mouth.

My eyes open wide. Her jaw slowly stretched to the floor as of her right eye ball rolled all to the back of her head until you couldn’t see the pupil in her eye anymore. It was like her skin and jaw were meant to stretch to such proportions. I couldn’t even utter a sound. When the bottom of her jaw touch the floor the most horrible sound came out of her. It wasn’t a scream but a distorted mutated slowed down version of the Pokémon theme song from Pokémon Leafy green. Along with a sharp beeping sound in every two beats that gave me the most horrible migraine. My vision blurred and darkness started to seep in as fell to the ground. I look up I see her blurry form looking down at me, her jaw looking like it was coming back towards her face from the floor still with the horrible techno music playing. Everything was black. The ground then felt soft, wet and kind of prickly. I still hear game music but this time it was much different and better terms of rhythm and pace. My mirgane slowly vanish. I open my eyes, I see a beautiful clear blue sky and birds flying in the distance.

I got up from the grass I look around and see these beautiful and lovely cottages. There were people in farming and simple looking clothing all around me as well but there behavior was strange. Some held perfectly still, others would walk back and forth repeatedly. There was even one man turning around in a constant circle with couple chickens. I look behind me, I see a garden full of flowers that were these beautiful bright orchids swaying back and forth despite the fact there was no wind. I wanted to explore, to find out where I am and how to get back home. I tried move forward. My foot would not move from the ground. It kind of felt like heavy hands were holding my ankles in the ground. I look down. I did not see anything that should stop me from walking. I shouted for help. No response. I asked where am I? No one answer. Not even a reaction to me. Not even a blink. I felt alone and scared. I don’t know how long it has been, it felt like days or months since I have arrived here. It was hard to tell since the sky has never changed from day time, the leaves were always green, and the weather was always the same. Nothing changed at all. What was interesting was overtime I notice I didn’t need sleep, I was never hungry, I never needed to use the restroom and wasn’t even physically tired from standing so long. I just felt alone with nobody to talk to except for my own thoughts. One day one of the cottage doors across from me open. Already this blew my mind since no one has left the cottage homes at all since I got there. What came out was a boy with wild hair, shiny goggles, and huge looking boots. He walked up to me. His pupils in his eyes were solid black and soulless looking. I tried talk to him but it was like he couldn’t hear me.

He turned around and got close to the other villagers. I was angry. Tears ran down my face. The villagers who ignore me for, “ I don’t know how long” giving their words, attention, their help, their guidance and support to this boy who doesn’t speak a word to them. Angrily I followed him, then a sudden realization. I’m following him. I can move. I look at him as he continued to walk away and I smiled. It was a smile that I have not have had on my face since I arrived. As I continue followed him I said to myself, “I think I know way to get out of here.”

Credit To – Jesenia Saldivar

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