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Letum The Betrayed


In Late 2009 I lived in a small house on Street 999, I didn’t move there because I wanted to, I moved there because I needed to. It was cheap, I didn’t really have any money and was mostly broke, I always lived a simple life until I stepped foot on Street 999. I got worried the 3rd day I was living there because I realized the street was “999″ which backwards was “666″. I got curious, and asked some neighbors my house was #557 and two house lived to my right, #556 and #555. I asked the neighbor at #556 what is the history of Street 999, He said “There have been good stories of this place, but not one man or women has lived a good life..” I began to worry and felt butterflies in my stomach. I then asked “Why does house #555 look old and broken?” He then said “Those who follow their curiosity, are those who most likely die…” BAM! He then slammed the door in my face and I fell down, Great…now my nose was bleeding and I didn’t get any good news AT ALL. The next day I went to house #555, and knocked on the door. No answer, I then knocked again.. but Again.. No answer. I waited till midnight watching that house threw my window will colorful curtains, The windows at #555 were glowing blue! I then scratched my head saying “What the hell?” No one was at that house! The roof is broken, the door was locked, and the windows were blacked out! Who or what could possibly in there? I then got my shoes on and ran over there, but that could have been my worst mistake of my life. I ran to the house and the blue lights were also flashing in the backyard, so I ran back there and there stood a big tall man with black short gelled back hair and blue skin, levitating in a blue light, I asked the man “Hello?” He then turned the head and there stood two big blue glowing eyes at me with a mask covering only his mouth and nose with his eyes and whole top head and ears exposed. He then said in a faint disturbing voice.. “Tu dolebis!” and Poof! he just disappeared with grey smoke. I said to myself “Tu dolebis? is that even English?…no…it can’t be, I must find out, it sounds.. Spanish?…no…French?…no, Hmm.” I continued to think harder and harder then I ran home as fast as I could and looked up “Tu dolebis” and sure enough it was Latin for “You will Suffer!” I then shook in fear and locked my doors, windows and got out my old pistol that I kept in my bread box. I then called the neighbor #556 and asked him who lived at #555. He said “A man back in 1857 called Letum in A’ris” I searched that name and it was another Latin sentence, translated in English “Death in the Air” I was confused, I took some Ibuprofen and sat on my bed with my gun. I guess I fell asleep because I awoke laying on my bed with my gun in my hand and the morning sun shining down on my bed. I got up and went to that house again, waited for midnight and sure enough the blue lights were there again and the man “Letum in A’ris” standing there, I yelled “Hello Letum!” He turned back at me this time facing me face by face, He said “Laborantibus iam postulare?” He then pulled his mask down showing two large fangs and then black pupils appeared on his blue eyes, He then said “I’ve been betrayed by God, and so have you…” He finally said something in English this time! then the last thing I remember is me aiming at his head with him sprinting at me, and me pulling the trigger knocking out cold. Who am I you ask? Well funny story, I’m You.

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  1. I’m not exactly sure how to start here, but I suppose I’ll begin by pointing out all the plot holes and stuff I don’t like:
    999 backwards in 999. 999 INVERTED is 666.
    You must be a very superstitious person if that worries you.
    So neighbor man just has these random wizened and spooky-sounding things to say off of the top of his head? Has he been rehearsing? And what reason do we have for him to go from old paternal wizard type to give you a bloody nose?
    I’m just going to stop there because it gets very clichéd, moves too fast, and doesn’t hold my interest.
    I like the Pistol in a Breadbox thing, though. Keep that.

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    • May I just ask, what are you?

      In some comments you seem like a troll in others you seem reasonably intelligent.

      I agree with most of what you wrote. Being scared of 666 wouldn’t just make someone superstitious it also makes them rather ill informed.

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